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Refund policy at charges for the offered accounting/bookkeeping/payroll services once the services are delivered upon the client’s request. If you want to terminate our services, you can provide us with a notice period of one month.

If a client is not satisfied with the services delivered through our website, they can claim the refund amount, including the reason, within the first 15 days of purchase. However, we hold the right to make the final decision on whether we will initiate the refund or not based on the genuineness of your request.

All the Accounting and Point of Sale Desktop applications are authorized to be returned within 60 days from the date of purchase. On the contrary, QuickBooks Point of Sale Online solutions are eligible for a return within 45 days from the purchase, which offers you 35% of the restocking fee, or as defined in Intuit’s updated refund policy at the time of the subscription.

To find the most accurate and current refund policy:

  1. Visit the QuickBooks Online website: Go to the official QuickBooks website and navigate to the “Pricing” or “Plans & Pricing” section.
  2. Review terms and conditions: Look for information on the refund policy within the terms and conditions or the FAQs section. This information is usually outlined in detail to ensure customers understand the conditions under which refunds are provided.
  3. Contact customer support: If you’re unable to find the information on the website or have specific questions, it’s advisable to contact QuickBooks customer support. They can provide you with personalized assistance and clarify any queries you may have. We don’t accept return requests for Non-Intuit software and professional services, such as product training, shipping & insurance fees, and pre-paid time. However, if you notice that the shipment is damaged in transit, you must not throw the packaging, and you can reach out to claim a refund.

Shipping and insurance costs are non-refundable at In addition to this, you are not eligible to claim a refund for the items that are opened, used, or damaged or that you have purchased for more than 15 days.