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QuickBooks Point of sale (POS)

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is devised by Intuit for retail businesses, online and in-stores. It offers a myriad of amazing features that can streamline your retail business operations. This solution is best suitable for small retail businesses, such as gift shops, shoe stores, sporting goods, cloth stores and more. The incredible features of QuickBooks Point Of Sale include inventory and customer management tools, merchandise planning, and various others.

You can access QuickBooks POS on your preferred devices, such as PC, and tablets. It is available for on-premise installation. Also, you can access its cloud-based version based on your convenience.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale offers standard point of sale features. These amazing features are all that the majority of retail and restaurant owners ask for. It is a user-friendly solution that offers an intelligible interface. Users can easily navigate through it to get to the desired section. The main features of the program include:

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

All the information can be seamlessly moved to QuickBooks Desktop from the POS version once the two are integrated. They can work together more efficiently. All the transactions from the Point of Sale solution can be synced with QuickBooks without needing you to enter them manually.

Thus, you can save your time and effort by integrating the QuickBooks POS with the accounting software. Furthermore, the data sync also eliminates the scope of the error, which is possible with the manual entry of sales data.

Robust Inventory Management

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale enables users to manage their inventory items. Whenever there is a sale, the system automatically updates the inventory. Thus, you always know what quantity you have in hand.

Moreover, by tracking your inventory efficiently, you know exactly what is selling and what is not. This insightful information about your inventory can help you grow your business. Offering the customers what they need can maximize your profitability.

Furthermore, users can move their current inventory data to the QuickBooks POS software with the utmost ease. This data transfer can be done using spreadsheets. 

Sales Transaction Management

QuickBooks Point of Sale software allows users to enter sales data. There are multiple ways to get it done. You can utilize the QuickBooks Barcode scanner to add the items. Alternatively, you may enter the data manually. 

Furthermore, you can offer discounts and add customer info directly to the program. Utilizing this feature, you can save a great deal of time in calculating discounts and other expenses. 

Credit Payment Processing 

QuickBooks POS is a great program when it comes to managing your cash, debit and credit card payments. It may include all the popular cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and several others. The payment processing system comes in handy with the Desktop system. 

Intuit claims the highest security protection for credit and debit card payments from within the POS program. There are millions of users who rely on the POS program, making this claim to be true. The program supports secured payment technologies such as EVM and several others. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to pay per transaction with QuickBooks Point of Sale. The fixed pricing prevents users from paying anything extra in the future. Besides, it can save a bundle for large firms. 

Customers and Reward Programs Management

Reward programs are a great way to engage your customers. You can offer a seamless experience to your customers using the QuickBooks POS program. The system enables you to manage credit customers and reward programs. Besides, you can get all the details of credit customers, such as due amount, credit limit available, and several others. 

Additionally, you can create and manage your loyalty programs using a POS system to reward and retain your loyal customers. Using POS, you can print discount coupons and manage them all through a comprehensive dashboard. 

Relevant Assistance For Customers 

Intuit offers relevant customer support for users who are having trouble with the program. The help can be accessed in the form of comprehensive videos, articles, and tutorials. Besides, you can also post your queries in the community section and get them answered by the other users. 

Furthermore, there is a dedicated assistance page on the website as well that can help users with their issues and queries. The telephonic help is available from 4 am to 8 pm PST on weekdays, whereas it is 7 am to 4 pm PST on Saturdays. 

However, there are millions of users who run the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale application and it is difficult for Intuit to deal with the requests coming to such a great volume. Therefore, there are several independent firms that help users with their queries related to QuickBooks POS. 

Standard System Requirements For QuickBooks POS

To run the program efficiently, you need to make sure that its standard system requirement is fulfilled. Check below: 

• The operating system should be only Windows. Also, the system is compatible with the MS Surface Pro tablet. 
• In hardware system requirements, you need a 2.8 GHz processor best suitable for single users and 3.5 GHz ideal for multiple users.
• The required Disk Space to run QuickBooks POS is a minimum of 1 GB. 
• In addition, 6-8 GB Ram is the standard requirement for a single workstation. 
• Moreover, the screen resolution for the program should be 1280*768 or higher.

Once the minimum system requirement is ensured, you can integrate POS with QuickBooks and utilize it for its excellent features. 

Pricing of QuickBooks Desktop POS

QuickBooks Point of Sale users don’t need to pay monthly software payments. However, the upfront pricing for the program is costly. The prices for the program vary based on different plans. Check below: 

1: POS Basic – $1200 

POS Basic is the most basic plan that offers some of the most basic features for retail businesses. The one-time fee for POS Basic is $1200. The features included in the basic version of the program are QuickBooks Desktop integration, employee access control, basic reporting plus customer reports and several others. 

2: POS Pro – $1700 

The QuickBooks Desktop POS Pro has all the basic plan features, plus some additional features. These features include Advanced inventory management, advanced reporting, work order and sales order tracking, loyalty program and various others. This plan is best suitable for users that need more features than the POS Basic plan. The one-time fee for POS Pro is $1700. 

3: POS Multi-Store – $1900

QuickBooks POS Multi-Store is the most advanced plan that includes all the features of QuickBooks POS Basic and Pro. In addition to these features, it offers some advanced features. You can manage multiple channels and stores using POS Multi-Store. Besides, it enables users to manage and transfer inventories between stores. Furthermore, Advanced Sales and Inventory reporting is also available. 

Need For QuickBooks Desktop POS Assistance 

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is one of the most preferred accounting solutions among stores and retail businesses. It is secure and can be scaled based on your growing business needs. However, using this program for your business accounting gives rise to issues in several instances. In such a case, you may need to contact a professional who knows the program well and can offer you the most suitable solutions based on your queries. 

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