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The agreement elaborates about the terms and conditions for utilizing the services mentioned on our website. The usage of this website and the services we offer are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Note:- In the below section, we have used “we”, “our” or “us” for the QuickBooksuppornet.com. Whereas you, your, is used for the third parties.


By visiting our website, you agree that you have gone through this agreement thoroughly and accept the conditions mentioned in it. If you don’t want to give your consent to this agreement, then you are free to leave this website right away. We only offer you the services if you accept the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement.

License For Utilizing This Website:-

The company gives us some crucial information by accessing our website/services. These details may include, but it is not restricted to, documentation, data, or information generated by the company which might guide you in using this website/service.

In accordance with this agreement, the company permits you with a limited, non-transferable, and non-executive license to utilize the company materials individually.

Usage Of This Website:-

By giving consent to this license agreement, you have promised not to use the services/website for any unlawful purposes prohibited under this clause. You cannot utilize this website for the following purposes.

  • To torture, abuse, or for giving threats to others.
  • To establish any unlawful use such as gambling, pyramid scheme, or sweepstakes.

Intellectual Property:-

By accessing this website, you are agreeing that the website/services are an integral part of the company’s property, consisting of trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc. Moreover, you also give the consent that the company holds powership/ownership of all the rights, title as well as interest. Apart from this, you are not allowed to utilize the Company IP for doing any unlawful work.

Privacy Details:-

We might prompt you to include your personal details when you use our website. By adding personal details, you give confirmation to the company to utilize your information.

The information that we have gathered from external applications or from you while operating the application is collected to give you with the best user experience.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services:-

At QuickBooksupportnet.com, we offer our clients with top-notch accounting and bookkeeping services. We don’t take any extra charges, we only charge for the services we deliver and payments for the same services. Payments done for the services rendered are subject to the return and refund policy, we covered in this website.