. QuickBooks Error 9999 (How to Fix - Easy and Simple Methods)

In recent years, QuickBooks has become one of the most trustworthy software that customers use for accounting. It is the best suitable program for small to medium-sized businesses. QuickBooks features cut short your work to the minimum. However, there are multi-faceted issues in the program that can hamper your workflow now and then. QuickBooks Error 9999 is a common issue in the program that needs to get resolved as soon as it occurs.

QuickBooks Error 9999 (Error Message)

If you are someone seeking help on how do I fix QuickBooks error 9999, then you have landed in the right place. Let us find out some simple and effective ways to solve this issue. But, before we directly move on to the solution, you must know what the error actually comes with. Let’s dig deeper!

What is QuickBooks Error 9999?

Well, Error 9999 in QuickBooks occurs when the customers try to refresh the bank details. Here are a few points that will make you understand what these errors actually look like:

  • You will find “Apologies” with some extended texts saying that the system can’t refresh the record.
  • Also, if the customers have installed the corrupted version of QuickBooks, they are going to face the same issues.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 9999?

Many users are unable to find what, in reality, brings the error 9999 in QuickBooks. The underlying pints will let you know the answer for the same:

  • Firstly, you must check the speed of your internet. Often, the main reason behind this hurdle is the poor internet connection. As a result, it takes an unusually long time to set a connection between the Intuit Server and the user.
  • Your antivirus or Windows Firewall can also cause the connection to get broken.
  • Also, the cookies and cache files in the system are responsible for creating such issues.

Now that you know the symptoms and causes of error 9999 in QuickBooks, you can move ahead with the procedure to fix it.

What are the methods to fix QuickBooks Online error 9999?

There are several methods through which you can solve this QuickBooks issue. If you are unable to fix it using the first one, you can try opting for another method.

Method 1: Report Issue

To report the issue, you need to follow the below-listed steps:

  • As soon as you find the error message, you will see “Report issue” on your screen. Click on it.
  • Then, head towards the banking transaction. Here, you need to enter your email address and your name in the required fields.
  • Now, hit “submit” button to finish the reporting.
  • Within 10 working days, you will be receiving a message from the team.

You need to wait patiently for the response.

Method 2: Cancel and Update Your Bank Account.

Below are your steps to update your bank account:

  • In this method, you have to cancel the present account you have with QuickBooks Online.
  • Then, to navigate the highlighted account, hit on the Edit icon.
  • After that, go to the Edit Account Info.
  • Now, you need to choose the option saying to disconnect the account that is on save.
  • Choose select and shut down, or close.
  • Now, get back to the dashboard again to renew the link.
  • Now, look for the bank account to connect to the QuickBooks Online account.
  • To have access to the account, the user needs to enter the username and the password.
  • Finally, you get access to the QuickBooks Online account; here, you will find all the updated transactions.

Method 3: Delete cache Files from Your Browser

As we have discussed above, your browser, when it gets piled up with the cache files, gives rise to the QuickBooks Online bank error 9999. To clear cache files:

For Google Chrome users:

  • Open Google Chrome, head towards the setting, and clear the browsing data.
  • Also, look for the Cached files and images options.
  • Then, clear the date by clicking on the Clear data.
  • Within a few minutes, your cache files will be cleared.
Clear Browser History (Screenshot)

For Firefox users:

  • You have to feed about:preferances#privacy in the bar asking for Firefox address.
  • Click on the clear recent history button
  • Finally, hit on the clear now button after electing the cache.

For Safari Users:

  • On the top, you will get the Develop option; press it.
  • Then, just click on the empty cache icon.

For Internet Explorer users:

  • You need to press the Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys at the same time.
  • Choose the Temporary Internet files and Website files; you will get this in the drop-down menu of Delete Browsing History.
  • Finally, make a click on the delete button.

Method 4: Log In To Your Bank Account

perform the below-stated steps with full attention:

  • After selecting any web browser, go to the website of your bank.
  • Then, sign up for your bank account by filling your credentials in the required fields.
  • Furthermore, the bank will send you some questions for verification, or you will get the OTP.
  • Once you log in successfully, you can overcome the QuickBooks Online error 9999 and finally access your bank feeds.

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Method 5: Import Transaction On your own.

If nothing from the above-mentioned methods works, you can import all the transactions manually. Just go to your respective bank’s account. Download your transaction in the QuickBooks Online format itself. Finally, feed them to the QuickBooks online. After completing this procedure, verify the status of the error.


QuickBooks Online is undoubtedly one of the most powerful accounting tools. However, technical issues in this program can make it frustrating for the users to utilize this tool to manage their business accounting. QuickBooks error 9999 is also one such annoying issue in the program that we have resolved in this post.

Still, if you face any issues regarding QuickBooks or errors related to it, you can get in touch with us over chat or email. We are available in real-time to deal with all your QuickBooks issues.

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