. Quickbooks Error 108 | Easy Methods for Fixing [QB] Errors

QuickBooks error 108 mainly occurs when using Online and Self-Employed versions of the program. Besides, it is a bank-related error and can prevent users from downloading the banking transactions in QuickBooks. When the error occurs, you need to provide the right solutions to sync your financial institution with QuickBooks again.

There are several possible reasons that can give birth to QuickBooks error 108. You need to find them and fix them in order to get rid of the concerning error code in your QuickBooks online banking. Follow this friendly guide until the end to get the best solutions for the error. Let’s move ahead!

What Is QuickBooks Error 108?

QuickBooks error message 108 crops up when you link your bank or credit card details with QuickBooks Online, and the bank gives you a message to respond to it. The message can tell you about a special offer, new terms of services, or depicts the new changes made to the site. When the error takes place, you may not be able to download your bank transactions. An inappropriate log into your bank account can be one of the possible reasons behind the error. Before you troubleshoot this error, knowing the possible reasons is imperative.

Possible Reasons Behind The QuickBooks Bank 108

After knowing about the QuickBooks Online error code 108, let’s proceed further and look out for its possible reasons: 

• When the bank needs you to take action and sends the message for the same.
• Inappropriate login in the bank account, such as incorrect user name or password.
• Trouble in connecting with the bank server.
• Issues related to the bank server can also bring forth QuickBooks error 108.
• When you are using more than one instance of the QuickBooks software.

How To Determine If The QuickBooks Error 108 Has Occurred? 

When the error occurs, it gives some indications on your screen that can help you in determining the error. Check the below-given list: 

• In the first place, it gives an error message on your screen notifying you about the problem.
• You may not be able to work with QuickBooks Online after the error occurs.
• An active QuickBooks Window crashes now and then.
• Sluggish performance of your PC is also one of the main symptoms of this issue.
• When the error occurs, you may not be able to download the transactions in QuickBooks.

How To Fix Error 108 in QuickBooks Online? 

To get your QuickBooks Online working optimally, you need to troubleshoot QuickBooks error 108 in a prompt way. Below are some of the most relevant solutions to get rid of the error: 

Solution 1: Check Your Bank Notifications

Since the notifications from the bank are one of the foremost reasons behind the error, check the notifications that are prompting you to take action. It can be regarding the new terms of service, maintenance announcements, or new offers. Follow the below-given steps: 

• Log into your bank account using the accurate credentials.
• Check if you have a notification from the bank that requires you to take immediate action.
• If there are notifications that don’t require any action, delete them.
• Thereafter, log out from your financial institution’s account and launch QuickBooks Online.
• Now sign into the QuickBooks Online account and go to the Banking section.
• In the Banking menu, click the Update button.

If you see the QuickBooks error message 108 again, go to the next solution. 

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Solution 2: Disable The Pop-up Blockers

Follow the below-given steps carefully to disable the pop-up blockers: 

• First thing first, log into your bank’s legit website.
• After that, go through the notification messages and make sure that you can read them. If not, your pop-up blocker is enabled, and you need to disable them.
• In the next step, you need to take action on these notifications you are prompted to or just dismiss them.
• Once done, you need to go to QuickBooks Online.
• Now go to the menu on the left side pane and select the Banking option.
• Thereon, click on the Update option from within the Banking section.
• In the end, you need to check the status of QuickBooks error 108 and if it is not fixed, move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Update Your Banking Information in QBO

If you have changed our online banking credentials and haven’t updated in QuickBooks Online, error 108 can take place. To fix it, you need to update the changed User ID and/or password into QuickBooks Online so that it can connect with your bank account. Below are the steps: 

• Launch QuickBooks Online and then go to the Banking menu.
• Now click on the Pencil icon located beside the account name.
• Finally, click on the Edit Sign-in option and then enter the new user name and password you have changed in your online banking.

Solution 4: Run System File Check To Resolve Error Code 108

If none of the above-described solutions bring luck to the QuickBooks error 108 troubleshooting, run the system file checker using the following steps:

• Begin with the Start menu and type Command in the specified search area.
• Now press CTRL + Shift keys simultaneously and click Enter button.
• Moving ahead, click on Yes when you see the permission box.
• After that, you will see a black box that has a blinking cursor.
• Using the cursor, you need to type “SFC/scannow” and click Enter to move ahead.
• Thereon, the System File Checker will start the scanning process.
• Follow the on-screen instructions to conclude this procedure.

Check the status of the QuickBooks error 108.

Ending Words! 

QuickBooks error 108 occurs in QuickBooks online with your banking institution listed with the program. To resume working with QuickBooks Online banking, you need to fix this error immediately. This post describes effective solutions to get rid of the error code 108 in QuickBooks. For further assistance, you may reach out to experienced QuickBooks professionals.

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