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Isn’t it disruptive when you get stuck in the middle while installing or updating the QuickBooks Desktop? If you are also stuck with the same issue, it’s because of QuickBooks Error 1920. The users might encounter the error when QuickBooks Database Manager fails to connect with the data file. 

This error might be triggered due to multiple factors, which we have discussed in a further section of this blog. To get complete information about the possible factors triggering the issue and troubleshooting methods, you must stay on this blog till the end. 

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QuickBooks Error Code 1920:- All You Need To Know About The Issue

Whenever the users come across QuickBooks Error Code 1920, it signifies they cannot access the QuickBooks database Server Manager. In other instances, it may be evoked when the QBDBMgrN fails to access the hard drive on the desktop to generate the connection with the data file.  

On the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error 1920, users get issues while installing the application or its updates. The main reason behind this is that QuickBooks Database Service Manager cannot scan the hard drive for installation. Therefore, it is important to get out of this error asap with the appropriate knowledge of the causes responsible for the error and solutions to fix them. 

What are the Circumstances When Users Witnessed QuickBooks Installation Error 1920?

The users might encounter QuickBooks Installation Error 1920 due to the following reasons. To update you regarding all such possible causes, we have listed some of them below. So, have a look at the steps written below to obtain a better understanding of the issue. 

  • If users don’t have proper Windows Administrative rights, they might face difficulty installing or updating the QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Sometimes, it may occur when the QuickBooks data and installation folders are damaged. 
  • In other instances, the users might encounter QuickBooks Error 1920 due to invalid entries in the Windows Registry. 
  • At times, the damage or corruption in the QuickBooks Company File Monitoring Service (QBCFMonitorService.exe) could be the reason behind this error. 
  • Issues with the Windows operating system malfunctioning are one possible cause behind the error. 

How Can I Identify My System Is Infected With Error 1920 QuickBooks? 

Using the signs and symptoms described below you can easily figure out why your system is hampered because of QuickBooks Error 1920. 

  1. The QuickBooks Error Code 1920 might hamper the performance of your Windows operating system. As a result, it might slow down the performance of your device. 
  2. In some cases, the installation process gets hampered due to this error. Also, you may discover that the system began to freeze or start crashing frequently. 
  3. The users will get the Error Code 1920 on their screen, displaying the issues while starting the QuickBooks Database Server Manager service. 

Quick Resolution Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 1920 Effortlessly 

Now that you know the causes and symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1920, let’s find out how to fix it efficiently. So, to resolve the issue, knowing about all the resolution methods is mandatory so that you can apply the right one to rectify the error instantly. 

Instance 1: When You Receive the QuickBooks Error 1920 While Installing or Updating 

Sometimes, the users might encounter QuickBooks Error Code 1920 while installing or updating the application. So, to overcome the issue, you must remove the previously installed QuickBooks application and rename the folder. Then, you must reinstall the QuickBooks application to get the issue resolved. Follow the procedure given below to obtain the best results. 

Stage 1: Remove the Previously Installed QuickBooks Desktop and Start Over 

  • Start the procedure by opening the Control Panel on your device. For this, you must hit the Windows + S keys. 
  • Once you arrive at the window of the Control Panel, navigate to Programs and Features or Uninstall a Program option
  • Thereon, you must hover your cursor over the QuickBooks Desktop [your version] from the installed programs from the list. 
  • End the procedure by hitting the Uninstall/Change option and proceed further with the instructions on the screen. 

Stage 2: Changing the Name of the Installation Folder


  1. For instance, if you cannot get the Application Data or Program Data Folder, you must display Hidden Files and Folders. 
  2. On the other side, if you have another Intuit application, uninstall or rename the QuickBooks version folder at that time. 
  • To change the folder’s name, you must use the following path locations to launch the installation folders. 

  • For the Windows 10/8/7 Users 
  1. C: >> Program Data >> Intuit
  2. C: >> Program Files >> Common Files >> Intuit
  3. C: >> Users >> [Username] >> AppData >> Local >> Intuit 
  4. C: >> Program Data >> Common Files >> Intuit 
  5. C: >> Program Files >> Intuit
  • For the Windows Vista Users 
  1. C: >> Program Files >> Intuit
  2. C: >> Program Data >> Common Files >> Intuit 
  3. C: >> Users >> AppData >> Local >> Intuit 
  4. C: >> Program Data >> Intuit 
  5. C: >> Program Files >> Common Files >> Intuit 
  • After this, you must launch the Run Command window using the Windows + R keys
  • You must include or paste the folder’s location into the search area and hit Enter to move further. 
  • Once you reach the folder, right-click on it and pick the highlighted Rename option. 
  • Next, you must include the suffix to give a new name to the folder by adding .OLD at the end of the folder’s name. 

Stage 3: Get the QuickBooks Application Installed On Your Device

  1. To start with the installation of QuickBooks Desktop, reach the official website of Intuit. 
  2. After this, download the file according to your Windows operating system. 
  3. Go to the Download section by hitting the Ctrl + J keys. Herein, you must locate and double-tap the QuickBooks.exe file
  4. Proceed further using the guidelines given on the screen to wind up the installation process. 
  5. Thereon, go through the License Agreement attentively and hit the Next button to go on. 
  6. End the process by adding the Product and License numbers within the search box and hitting the Next button. 

Instance 2: When You See QuickBooks Error Code 1920 While Updating QuickBooks Database Server Manager On Server Computer 

The users are supposed to remove QuickBooks Database Server Manager, rename the installation folders, and reinstall it if QuickBooks Error 1920 appears while updating QBDBMgrN. For this, we have explained the complete procedure described below cautiously. 

Stage 1: Remove the Older Version of QuickBooks Database Server Manager Installed 

  1. Begin the uninstallation process by opening the Run Command window on your device. 
  2. Once you get the window, include “appwiz.cpl” in the search area and hit the OK button to move further. 
  3. In the next stage, hover your cursor over the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, followed by the Uninstall/Change option
  4. End the process by going through the instructions present on the screen. 

Stage 2: Assign a New Name to the Installation Folders

To give a new name to the installation folder, follow the instructions explained earlier. 

Stage 3: Reinstallation of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

The QuickBooks Database Server Manager automatically gets downloaded along with the QuickBooks Desktop. If you don’t have installed already on your device, do it with the steps instructed below. 

  1. To start reinstallation, shut down if any background processes are running, including QuickBooks. 
  2. After this, double-tap on the setup.QuickBooks.exe file to open it on your device. 
  3. Go through the on-screen instructions and then include Product and License numbers accurately. 
  4. Pick the highlighted Custom or Network Options when QuickBooks prompts you to pick any installation type. Thereon, hit the Next button to go on. Herein,  you must ensure that you have chosen the Express option
  5. You have to pick the appropriate option for the network setup and then click the Next button. With this, you will notice that both options will help you install the Database Server Manager. Doing so will not overwrite any existing company data if QBDT is previously installed on the server computer. 
  • Choose the “I will be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer, and i’ll be restoring….” – If you want Database Manager and QuickBooks Desktop on the server. 
  • Also, you may pick “I will not be using QuickBooks Desktop……” – If you want Database Server Manager on your server computer. 

    6. End the process using the on-screen instructions and hit the Install button once all is set. You have to give the permissions if Windows prompts for it. 
In a Nutshell!!

QuickBooks Error 1920 might be frustrating if you don’t find any proper resolution method to overcome the issue at the right time. But we hope that you may find this post helpful and it might help you deal with the error without making much effort. If you find yourself stuck while performing any step due to a lack of technical experience, worry not and consult with our professionals. They will suggest some useful tricks to resume updating and installing QuickBooks. 


Ans. You can prevent the QuickBooks Error 1920 by getting your device’s updated version of QuickBooks and Windows. Also, ensure that the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is working appropriately and you have installed QuickBooks Desktop properly on your device. 

Ans. If the users encounter QuickBooks Error Code 1920 due to an outdated Windows operating system, update it using the steps below to fix the issue. 

  1. Click the Start menu, insert “Updates,” and look for the “Check For Updates” option. 
  2. If you trace that any Windows updates are available, begin installing it and run them.
  3. Look at which security software you have installed on your device and verify that it won’t hamper QB or its components.
  4. Disable the Windows Firewall and avoid running multiple programs.
  5. At last, ensure that the system is updated to the newly launched version. 

Ans. Before you give a new name to the installation folder of QuickBooks Desktop, ensure you have Product details, including License Numbers, Product Numbers, and other details. All these details are required for the further process of reinstallation. 

Ans. To decode the issues related to the QuickBooks Installation error, you must perform the steps given below. 

  1. Begin the process by downloading and installing the QuickBooks Tool Hub. 
  2. After this, save the downloaded setup file to a location where you can find it easily. 
  3. Later on, update Windows and install QuickBooks Desktop using Selective Startup Mode.

Ans. Even after reading this entire post, you are on the same page and couldn’t find the appropriate solution to fix Error 1920 QuickBooks; consult our professionals. You can talk with them via live chat or email describing your concern for quick resolution. 

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