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QuickBooks error 557 is an error in the program that occurs when updating the QuickBooks payroll service. The list of the error codes related to this error in QuickBooks is long. However, they all have their specific causes and symptoms, which makes them distinctive. Therefore, we will discuss this specific error code 557 in this post and also cover its possible causes.

With the possible causes in mind, you can think of the relevant solutions to eliminate this error. However, you have saved your effort by listing the possible causes and their relevant troubleshooting solutions so that you can get rid of the QuickBooks error code 557 easily. Adhere to this post until the end to get the best resolution.

What Does QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Error 557 Indicate?

QuickBooks Payroll update error 557, as the name itself indicates, takes place when updating the payroll service in the program. This error mainly occurs in the older versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 8, 7). However, it doesn’t mean that the newer Windows systems are immune to it. You will see an error message stating that an error has occurred in the program.

This error message mainly occurs due to an inactive QuickBooks Desktop payroll subscription. Some other factors are also responsible for the QuickBooks error message 557. Therefore, we have included the primary reasons behind the error for you.

Why Do You Get Error 557 QuickBooks Desktop?

A faulty Windows is one of the most common reasons behind the error. Some other possible factors responsible for error code 557 are:

  • A damaged QuickBooks company file is a strong reason for error 557 in QuickBooks.
  • Improperly installed QuickBooks application is another reason.
  • Besides, improperly configured QuickBooks software can also result in this error.
  • A crashed window caused by an abrupt/improper system shutdown.
  • The QuickBooks Desktop you are running on your device is outdated (not running in its optimal state).
  • When the system is under the threat of a virus or malware attack.

How Can You Identify The QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 557?

When error 557 in QuickBooks occurs, you can get to know about it by keeping an eye on these signs:

  • QuickBooks error code 557 with a warning text will roll out, and you can notice it on your screen.
  • The tasks on your system become slow when the error occurs.
  • Windows also starts working with a degraded speed and performance.
  • When entered with the mouse or keyboard inputs, you won’t get a prompt response.

How To Perform The Fixing of QuickBooks Update Error 557?

You are here, it means you know the possible causes and symptoms of the error. Now, we are all set to fix the problem. Before we jump to the solutions, let’s check the current status of QuickBooks payroll and related elements:

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • You won’t be able to update the QuickBooks payroll service with an inactive payroll subscription.
  • Make sure that it is active, or it will give the QuickBooks error 557.
  • Backup your QuickBooks company file before it faces the risk of loss or damage during the troubleshooting process.
  • You should have your payroll tax tables updated to the latest release.
  • Moreover, download the latest QuickBooks patch to avoid any further disruption.
  • Also, run QuickBooks with full system requirements to reduce the chances of the QuickBooks payroll update failure.

Solutions To Eliminate The Intuit Error Code 557

The step-by-step solutions to deal with QuickBooks error 557 are discussed in the next sections:

Solution 1: Perform A System Restore in Windows

If an error exists within Windows, system restore can be an effective way to fix the problem. Therefore, we will start with the Windows system restore. Below are the steps to complete the restoration procedure:

  • First things first, log into your computer with the Administrator privileges.
  • Next, click the Start button and then select Accessories.
  • Now, System Tools is the next thing you need to choose so that you can select the System Restore option.
  • Thereafter, select a point to restore the backup (Restore Point). If you haven’t already created it earlier, choose it from the automatically created restore points.
  • After that, select the most recent restore point and then hit the Next button.
  • Now wait for the system restore process to complete and then Restart the Windows.
  • You can now open QuickBooks and perform the update task that was giving the QuickBooks error 557 earlier.

Solution 2: Install The Latest Intuit Release For QuickBooks On Your Computer

To perform this procedure, you need to check if an update is available or not. Let’s move to the steps for update installation without any further ado:

  • Within the QuickBooks application, go to the Help tab and then click the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
  • Next, you will see the QuickBooks Update window appearing on your screen.
  • Here, you need to navigate to the Update Now tab and hit the Get Updates option.
  • Your action will make QuickBooks download the missing update (if any).
  • Thereafter, you will be prompted to restart the system to install the updates.
  • After restarting, click on the Install Updates option.
  • Finally, after installing the updates, try updating the QuickBooks payroll service and check if it can resolve the QuickBooks error code 557.

Solution Number 3: Make Sure That Your QuickBooks Payroll Subscription Is Active; Resubscribe Otherwise

An inactive Payroll subscription prevents users from downloading the latest payroll updates. Therefore, let’s implement the steps to activate it:

  • Go to the Customer Account Management Portal sign-in page and log into your QuickBooks account.
  • Next, on Manage your QuickBooks page, select the account you want to reactivate.
  • Now, navigate to the Products and Services area and then advance to the Payroll Subscription tab.
  • Here, you can see the status of your QuickBooks payroll subscription.
  • If it shows Canceled, you need to click on the Resubscribe option.
  • Thereafter, verify the information on the screen that follows.
  • After ensuring that all the information on the Reactivate Subscription field is correct, click the Save button.
  • Hit the Continue button next and verify your billing and subscription info.
  • After accomplishing these (above-stated) steps, click Reactivate >> Got it!
  • You will now see that your subscription has been reactivated here.
  • Now, move back to the QuickBooks application and try updating the QuickBooks payroll service without receiving the error code 557.

Solution Number 4: Re-Register QuickBooks Desktop Application

If nothing works and you are still unable to update the QuickBooks payroll service, re-register the QuickBooks application after deleting the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file. Once the file is deleted, run QuickBooks and enter the product information. In the end, install QuickBooks Desktop updates and try installing payroll updates as well.

Taking Everything Into Account!

We hope you have implemented the solutions discussed in this post smoothly to resolve error 557 in QuickBooks. Once the error is fixed, you can run QuickBooks and benefit from its awesome features. However, if the issue is not fixed yet, get professional help to get everything back into the order.


Ans. QuickBooks payroll error mainly occurs due to an inactive payroll subscription. When updating the payroll service, make sure that your subscription is not inactive. Also, make sure that your company file is in good shape and the Internet connection is stable. These are some preventive measures you can take to avoid the error code 557 in QuickBooks.

Ans. Updating QuickBooks payroll is an imperative task. You should keep an eye on the latest updates and install them once they are available. Updating the payroll service is important as it allows you to access the improved features of the program. Also, you can keep everything accurate and prevent several technical issues from taking place.

Ans. Some of the main error code series that are related to the QuickBooks payroll update error are:

  • Payroll update error series 12XXX.
  • QuickBooks error code series 15XXX.
  • PSXXX error code series in QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks payroll update is not working issue.

Ans.  When payroll errors, such as QuickBooks error 557 occur, you won’t be able to run your payroll processes. It can also hamper your accounting processes and workflow. Furthermore, these errors can also lead to the dissatisfaction of your employees.

Ans. If you want to get the error fixed immediately without putting much effort, contact an expert to get the problem resolved. You can speak one-on-one and explain the existing problem. Thereafter, they will explain the most relevant solutions in an easy-to-understand manner.

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