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Earlier, whenever the payday is about to come, the stress of the business owners or accountants increases to another level. So, no matter which type of business they are running, proper payroll software is required till the time they need to pay their employees. However, payroll software like QuickBooks has eventually reduced the stress load of businesses in handling payroll tasks. But, sometimes, users end up with QuickBooks Error PS036 while installing the newly launched payroll updates. 

The QuickBooks Error Code PS036 may also trigger when the users fail to validate their payroll subscription. However, multiple other reasons like incorrect service key, incorrect EIN, and network issues might also result in this error. Continue reading this post and find the simple methods to overcome the issue. 

Are you facing difficulty installing the latest QuickBooks Payroll updates due to QuickBooks Error PS036? Contact us anytime and let our professionals handle the issue on their own without any further delays. 

A Short Summary On QuickBooks Error Code PS036:- 

QuickBooks Error Code PS036 falls under the category of PSXXX series of errors concerned with the issues that arise while downloading payroll updates. Upon the arrival of the error, the users started receiving the following error message on the screen stating: “[Error PS036] QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience.” 

As a result, the QuickBooks Error PS036 might hamper the ongoing payroll tasks and may cause a delay in the payment reimbursement. So, it’s crucial to figure out the issue immediately with the correct techniques discussed further in this post. 

Why Do Users Experience QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036?

The users might experience QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036 due to the misconfigured internet connection settings, which might prevent the users from installing payroll updates. Apart from this, there are plenty of other reasons as well that might trigger this issue. We have described all possible root causes behind this issue below; look at them below. 

  • Sometimes, the incorrect firewall settings might obstruct the users from getting the payroll updates in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Another reason may be that there is some damage in the CPS folder. 
  • In other instances, it may appear when the users run the unsupported QuickBooks Desktop version on their Windows device. 
  • You may notice that the status of the payroll subscription is presented as “Invalid number or EIN.” 
    There is a possibility that the PSID in the company file is inappropriate. 
  • Using an invalid payroll subscription could also be one of the reasons behind the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036.

What are the Consequences of Error PS036 QuickBooks?

On the occurrence of Error PS036 QuickBooks, the users might observe the following outcomes illustrated below. Go through the pointers given below to get a better understanding of the issue. 

  • When the users come across QuickBooks Error PS036, they fail to install the latest QuickBooks payroll updates. 
  • It might interrupt the users while opening the QuickBooks Desktop application on your device. 
  • You might notice the sudden freeze or crashing of the Windows operating system. 
  • Sometimes, the users might observe the sluggish performance of the QuickBooks application. 

Simple Tricks to Eliminate QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036 Effortlessly

Finding the right solution at the appropriate time is beneficial; otherwise, it would be useless. Considering this, we have listed all the best feasible resolution methods to help you troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036. 

Resolution Way 1: Thoroughly Review Your Current Payroll Service Subscription

As mentioned, users often encounter QuickBooks Error PS036 while using an invalid payroll subscription. So, to ensure that you are using the valid and updated payroll subscription, perform the steps below. 

  1. To start the process, shutting down all the data files if it’s already open is recommended. 
  2. After this, you must launch the QuickBooks application, click the Employees tab, and then My Payroll Service
  3. Move to the Manage Service key option and tap on it to proceed further. 
  4. Now, verify that the Service Name is accurate and the Status is set as Active
  5. Thereon, you must hit the Edit button and check the Service Key Number listed is correct. If you find any issues with the Service Key, add the correct one in the respective text field. 
  6. After making all the changes, tap the Next button and unmark the Open Payroll Setup option. 
  7. Later, choose the Finish button and then try downloading the complete payroll update on your device. 

Resolution Way 2: Try Resetting the QuickBooks Desktop Update and Get the Latest Version Downloaded 

Using the obsolete version of QuickBooks Desktop might create issues while installing the latest payroll updates. Therefore, removing the old update and installing the new one on your device using the steps below is compulsory to resolve the issue. 

  1. To begin the process, go to the desktop, right-click the QuickBooks icon, and pick the Run as Administrator option.
  2. After this, choose the Help menu and hit the Update QuickBooks Desktop from the No Company Open window. 
  3. In the next step, tap the Mark All option below the Options tab, followed by the Save button.
  4. Now, you must check that you have marked the “Reset Update” checkbox beneath the Update Now tab.
  5. Thereon, choose the Get Updates option and shut down the QuickBooks application after installing the updates. 
  6. You are supposed to relaunch the QuickBooks application manually and try installing the latest updates by hitting the Yes button. 

Resolution Way 3: Modify the Name of the Paysub.ini File 

  1. In the first place, you must launch the File Explorer and tap the Organize button. 
  2. In the next step, hover your cursor over the Folder and Search option and then click the View option. 
  3. Following this, hit the highlighted Hidden Files and Folders option. 
  4. Next, you must place a tick mark next to the “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drivers option.” 
  5. After making the necessary changes, hit the Apply button followed by OK. 
  6. After this, move to the File Explorer again and browse to the My Computer or This PC option
  7. Thereon, you must include Paysub.ini and hit the Enter key from your keyboard. 
  8. Subsequently, right-click on the Paysub.ini file and choose the Rename option. You must change the name of the file by adding the.OLD suffix at the end of the file.
  9. Ultimately, you must resume the same steps for all the paystub files on your device. 

Resolution Way 4: Make Changes to the Inaccurate Payroll Service Key in QuickBooks 

For instance, if the user tries to record the payroll via an incorrect payroll service key, they might need help downloading the latest payroll update. So, to resolve the issue, it is important to erase the wrong service key with the correct one using the steps below. 

  1. You must first note down the service key via the automated Service Key Retrieval tool, or you can get it through email. 
  2. After this, launch the QuickBooks application and move to the Employees menu. 
  3. Thereon, you must hit the My Payroll Service and then choose the Manage Service Key
  4. Subsequently, browse to the Remove option to erase the wrong service key. 
  5. Afterwards, hit the Add option and include the correct payroll service key
  6. Following this, click the Next button and then hit the OK button when you see the Payroll Update message pops up on the screen. 
  7. Finally, ensure the service key shows the Active Status and click OK to conclude the process. 
Final Thoughts!!

We hope it has become more convenient for the users to install the payroll updates without getting QuickBooks Error Code PS036 any longer. However, if you need help to figure it out, we suggest you consult with our professionals through the live chat facility. Our professionals will contact you by offering the best possible assistance within the shortest time applicable. 


Ans. Following are some important points one must consider before resolving QuickBooks Error PS036. 

  1. One must ensure their Windows device has a stable and good internet connection.
  2. Accessing the active and reliable QuickBooks payroll subscription is a must.
  3. Also, verify that you have the correct EIN, product key, and service key to update the product. 

Ans. On the occurrence of QuickBooks Payroll Error Code PS036, users fail to get the latest payroll updates installed on their devices. Consequently, it might stop the users from accessing the latest payroll features, leading to delays in ongoing payroll tasks. So, fixing this error using the resolution methods explained in this post earlier is important. 

Ans. The other errors that may arise while downloading the latest QuickBooks payroll updates are PS033, PS101, PS107, 15102, 15106and so on. 

Ans. If you fail to overcome the Error PS036 QuickBooks even after imposing all the resolution methods, you must consult with our professionals directly. You can contact them via the live chat facility or message them to get the sure-shot solutions. 

Ans. Sometimes, minor glitches in the system might prevent the users from installing payroll updates and lead to QuickBooks Error PS036. Therefore, relaunching the system sometimes resolves the issue. If you are still getting the same issue, then follow the other resolution methods explained in this post. 

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