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Are you coming across QuickBooks error 101 messages on your screen every time you try to connect with QuickBooks online banking? We got you. Well, it’s a scripting error that most of the daily QuickBooks users encounter. But with some manual troubleshooting techniques, this issue can be rectified. Let’s continue reading this post and learn how to address this problem. 

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Error code 101 in QuickBooks can establish a barrier in the connectivity between the bank and the accounting application, which might create hurdles in the user’s daily work. So, here are going to list all available information regarding QuickBooks Error code 101 and different methods on how to fix them. 

What’s the QuickBooks Error 101 All About? 

As noted above, when users try to connect with QuickBooks Online Banking, some scripting errors due to Windows failure may occur, and QuickBooks error 101 is one such error. Basically, this error indicates the corruption and damage of important Windows components due to which Windows fails to perform as per the commands required to run web-based applications. 

When a user comes across error code 101 in QuickBooks, a message gets displayed on their screen reading, “We are fixing our connection to this bank as quickly as possible. Try connecting again in a bit.” Additionally, a user can also receive an error message reading, “Looks like the connection to this bank- Business Online Banking is currently unavailable. Try again in a few hours (101).” Different QuickBooks error 101 messages indicate the specific issues with your online application and bank server along with the cause of coming across the issue. 

What Factors Cause an Error Code 101 in QuickBooks?

Multiple technical mistakes and factors can bring forth QuickBooks errors. But, if we specifically talk about error 101 in QuickBooks, the following problems can be the major reasons behind the issue: 

  • One of the major reasons for facing error code 101 in QuickBooks is the enabled script debugging. 
  • Another reason for coming across the error message 101 on the screen is the misconfiguration of Internet Explorer settings. 
  • Unexpected Windows failure while running crucial Windows components like Flash, Java, .Net Framework, and ActiveX can also trigger QuickBooks with error 101. 
  • Make sure you have updated Windows components, including Microsoft .NET Framework and ActiveX Controls. Otherwise, you may encounter QuickBooks error message 101 while trying to connect with QuickBooks online banking. 
  • Also, if these essential Windows components are blocked, error 101 may occur. 
  • Sometimes, third-party security applications or Firewall Defender settings interfere and block script functions, causing script errors in QuickBooks.

After Effects of QuickBooks Banking Error 101 on Users’ Workflow

Whatever QuickBooks technical error a user is facing, the consequences always hamper the user’s business operations on QuickBooks and overall productivity. Below, we have mentioned the major after-effects of QuickBooks Banking error 101.

  • Due to banking error 101, a user won’t be able to import the required bank transactions in QuickBooks online. 
  • While executing the essential banking functions in QuickBooks Online, users may encounter crashes of active software, including QuickBooks. 
  • The Windows operating system can also start malfunctioning or perform slow. 
  • Repeated connection failure with QuickBooks online banking. 

These are some of the obvious situations a user may face after an attack of QuickBooks Banking error 101. If you’re also facing such problems, take a look at the next section and find the quick troubleshooting methods. 

How Users Can Troubleshoot QuickBooks Bank Error 101? 

In the following section, we have listed the quick and easy troubleshooting methods to address the QuickBooks bank error 101. 

#1 Troubleshooting Method – Disable the Script Debugging Function

By disabling the script debugging function from the Internet Explorer settings, we can manage the problematic occurrence of error 101 in QuickBooks online. 

  • Firstly, you must open your Internet Explorer browser on your computer system and directly move to the Tools menu. 
  • Click the Tools menu icon and choose Internet Options. Right after this, you must click the advance button. 
  • Here, you will see a number of options from which you need to locate Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (other). 
  • Once you find these options, tick-mark them and hit the Save and Exit tabs from all the Windows. 
  • Continue to this and click the Apply and OK options to save all these changes in the Internet Explorer settings. 
  • Finally, you must close all the windows related to Internet Explorer, restart your system, and retry connecting QuickBooks online banking. If you still come across the QuickBooks error message 101, try other troubleshooting steps.

#2 Troubleshooting Method – Update your Internet Connection Settings

To seamlessly connect QuickBooks online with your bank server, you must check and reset your Internet connection settings. For this, you need to undertake the given instructions: 

  • Initially, you must ensure no other Windows application is running on your system. 
  • After this, you must launch your QuickBooks Online application and directly move to the Help menu. 
  • From the Help menu, you need to click the Use my Computer’s Internet Connection Settings alternative. 
  • Following this, click the Next option, and then choose the Finish button to confirm all the above changes you have made. 
  • Finally, in this step, you’re required to update your bank feeds and check for the QuickBooks error code 101. 

#3 Troubleshooting Method – Enable the Blocked ActiveX Controls

One of the prominent reasons for script errors like 101 in QuickBooks can be blocked or disabled ActiveX Controls. Therefore, we will carry out the penned-down steps and try to troubleshoot the error: 

  • In the first step, you must navigate to the Security Tab and then choose the Internet Option.
  • Following this, in the next step, you need to click the Custom Level option and directly move to the Internet Zone window.
  • Under this, continue scrolling down to the ActiveX Controls and Plugins option. 
  • Afterward, you need to ensure the enabled Download Signed ActiveX Controls, Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting, Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins, and Binary and Script Behaviors options. 
  • After confirming these enabled options, you must choose the OK alternative and then continue closing the Internet Explorer window.
  • Now, finally, you must restart your computer system, open the QuickBooks online application afresh, and retry to connect QuickBooks online with your bank server. 

What happened? Are you again coming across the QuickBooks online error 101? If yes, we have alternate methods to help you. Take a look! 

Alternate Methods to Fix QuickBooks Update Error 101

In case the above methods have failed to troubleshoot the error 101, let’s try the alternate methods below. Carefully perform as per the given instructions: 

Alternate Method 1 – Ensure a Stable Internet Connection Settings

Of course, if you have an unstable Internet connection, problems like QuickBooks update error 101 can surely occur while running QuickBooks online and trying to connect with your bank server.

  • Initially, you must close all the opened and running tabs on your system and then open your Internet Explorer browser. 
  • After this, you must search for a safe website like www.google.comb. 
  • If you face any sort of Internet issues, fix them and retry to connect your QuickBooks online with your bank server. 

Alternate Method 2 – Add Intuit as a Trusted Website to your Internet Browser

For a safer side and to avoid threats to the system, sometimes the browser settings block services that may seem to threaten the system’s security. Therefore, you must add Intuit as a trusted website to your internet browser and then try to connect your bank server with QuickBooks Online: 

  • Start this method by first opening your Internet Explorer browser and moving to the Gear icon. 
  • From here, choose Internet Options and navigate to the Security tab. 
  • On this tab, click the trusted sites option, and then hit the Sites alternative. 
  • Afterward, in the add website field, you must enter https://*.intuit.com.  
  • Once entered, click the Add button and continue performing the same steps to add the https://*.QuickBooks.com website. 
  • Now, click the Close option, and continue moving to the Custom Level section and searching for Miscellaneous alternatives. 
  • After this, you must enable the allow cross-domain requests option and choose the OK button. 
  • In the next step, hit the Apply button and then the OK option. Finally, you must open your Internet Explorer browser and retry updating the bank transaction in QuickBooks online. 
Reach Out to Us for Further Help..!

Though QuickBooks is an excellent utility for all daily accounting professionals, problems like QuickBooks error 101 may arrive and disturb the whole workflow. But now we hope the above-given troubleshooting methods have helped you address this problematic error. Still, if you need professional support or want supervision while fixing this error, ping us via Live Chat Support. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

Ans: Whenever you come across an error message reading, “A problem has taken place in the script of this page,” it’s an indication of a script error. Generally, these issues arrive when a user tries to open a webpage or log in using QuickBooks online software. One of the major reasons for such script errors is the unstable internet connection or misconfiguration of Internet Explorer settings. 

Ans: While connecting QuickBooks online with a bank server, users come across an error message reading, “We are fixing our connection to this bank as quickly as possible. Try connecting again in a bit.” 


1. Configure your Internet Explorer settings. 
2. Ensure a stable internet connection.
3. Disable the debugging script option. 

Ans: Troubleshoot the overflow error in QuickBooks simply by editing and then deleting it. 

Ans: Have a direct telephonic conversation with our experts or simply ping our team via Live Chat Support. 

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