. How To Remove A Customer Account Balance In QuickBooks POS?

QuickBooks Point of Sale is used by the businesses for credit payment processing, sale, and inventory management, time tracking, bills management, etc. The best part is that it streamlines inventory management tasks by making the best decisions with real-time information on your orders.

However, there are certain instances when users have to remove a customer balance in QuickBooks Point of Sale. There might be various reasons of removing the account, like customer refunds, disputes or errors in billing, etc. Read the entire blog closely, and you will get a complete insight to clear the customer account balance. 

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Pre-Requisites Required Before Removing a Customer Account Balance in QBPOS

Below, we have described some points so you can easily remove the customer account from the QBPOS application. 

  • You must ensure that the Server Workstation must be switched on. 
  • Also, check the Windows Firewall’s proper configuration to enable the point-of-sale elements to use the required ports. 

Step-By-Step Instructions To Remove a Customer Account Balance in QuickBooks Point Of Sale

Are you fed of searching the proper steps to remove a customer account balance in QuickBooks Point Of Sale? If yes, then your search part ends here. Here, we have discussed the steps in detail. Check them out.

  • In the initial stage, you must launch the QuickBooks account and then hit the Customers tab on the home page.
  • After this, tap on the Customer Center and proceed further. 
  • Following this, pick the customer whose specific account balance you desire to remove from the Customers and Jobs section. 
  • Now, click the arrow next to the drop-down box in the Transaction section. Later, pick the invoice from the particular menu you see on the computer screen. 
  • You must tap on the Invoice twice and then launch it. Further, opt for the Edit option followed by Delete Invoice. 
  • Thereon hit the OK button and remove the customer balance. After clearing out the customer balance, you will see that it will reflect as $ 0 everywhere in the particular program. 
  • Next, you must launch the specific QuickBooks Point of Sale. Then hit the Update QuickBooks Now when you get it on your computer screen. Doing so, you will see that the QuickBooks Point Of Sale will update the customer balance as $ 0. 

Process To Remove An Open Customer Balance 

You must establish a journal entry to remove an open customer balance. For that, go through the stepwise instructions given below.

  • Begin the process by signing in to your QuickBooks account.
  • After this, move ahead by clicking on the + New icon. 
  • You must navigate to the Journal Entry option. 
  • Choose the Accounts Receivable A/R option from the first line beneath the ACCOUNT column.
  • Following this, insert the amounts below the DEBITS column and pick the name of the customer from the Name column. 
  • Now, go to the next line and pick an offset account, mainly an Expense account. Later on, you have to insert the amount within the Credit column. 
  • Once you have mentioned all the details appropriately, hit Save and Close or Save and New, whichever option is visible on your screen. 

How Can You Write Off Customer Balances In QuickBooks Point Of Sale? 

If you aren’t able to collect money from a customer that they owe to you, in that scenario, you have to write off bad debt in QBPOS. Whereas, if you only have a bad debt created, you must create an adjustment to write off the outstanding balances. For this, you must apply the stepwise instructions given below. 

Stage 1: Generate An Item to Track Bad Debt 

  • Firstly, go to the home screen and choose the highlighted Item List option. 
  • After this, opt for the Add option. 
  • You must name the item as Bad debt in the Enter Item Name column. 
  • Thereon, tap on the Type drop-down menu and pick the Non-Inventory option. 
  • Furthermore, hit the Department drop-down menu and pick the item department. 
  • Navigate to the Tax drop-down menu and choose the Non option. 
  • If you are associated with the QuickBooks Desktop, you can easily monitor the bad debt to a specific amount from QuickBooks Options. 
  • At last, hit the Save button to restore the mandatory changes. 

Stage 2: Make the Adjustment to Write Off the Outstanding Balance

  • Go to your home screen and choose the Make a Sale option. 
  • You must insert the Customer Name within the required text field.
  • Now, you have to add the Bad Debt Item with a negative amount in the dollar amount that’s similar to the amount being write off. 
  • Theron, you must pick Account as the Payment Method. 
  • Following this, opt for the Make Payment on Account option.
  • Later on, add the amount of balance that you wish to write off. 
  • Next, hit the Save option followed by Save Only or Save and Print option. 

Ending Note!!

So, here we have arrived at the end of this post, and we hope you may find it worth-reading. However, if you need any additional information to remove a customer account balance in QuickBooks Point of Sale, consult with our professionals anytime through a live chat facility.

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