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When you generally use QuickBooks or go forward to update your Payroll, it is normal that you may come across the QuickBooks error 12002. It restricts you from doing your work and interrupts the process of updating the Payroll. So, if you reach the extent of your patience level by feeling frustrated due to the emergence of this error, then this article is for you. 

Take a deep dive into this complete guide to tackling QuickBooks Error 12002. All the reasons and solutions to get rid of it are written here. So, go through this article till the end without skipping any significant points. 

A glimpse of QuickBooks Error 12002

QuickBooks Error 12002 arises on your screen when you try to update the Payroll of your QuickBooks. The primary reason for the emergence of this error is a bad internet connection or slow internet speed. A note also pops up on the screen enclosed in a white box, i.e., 

Error 12002: A Network Timeout preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server. 

Reasons responsible for the 12002 payroll update error

Knowing the reasons that are mainly responsible for the emergence of error 12002 of QuickBooks is of equal worth to knowing the troubleshooting methods. There are a plethora of reasons that exist for the same. If you want to know about all of these reasons that lie behind this error 12002, then you have to read all the pointers that are given below:

  • Because you are not making the usage of the Internet Explorer as your regular browser. 
  • When there are any hindrances in the network or when it gets freezes, then it directly leads to the origination of a 12002 error. 
  • The presence of an Anti-virus program in the system can be problematic as it restricts the internet connection, ultimately stopping the working of QuickBooks
  • Any faults in the Internet Explorer setting that arise in the configuration take you directly to the birth of 12002. 
  • When the internet connection seems weak, or there are many drops in speed, or if it is of worse quality, then this payroll update error of QuickBooks takes place. 
  • Flaws that get settled due to the incomplete process of QuickBooks Desktop cause QuickBooks 12002 error to pop up. 

Here, we only describe how QuickBooks error 12002 came up on the screen, but to know how to eradicate it, you need to see downwards more. The solutions to troubleshoot this error is specified here in a completely detailed manner.

Steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 12002

Multiple steps are present to eradicate the payroll update error 12002 of QuickBooks. Here each method, along with the steps, is given. Read carefully and apply every step without leaving any of them. 

First solution: Inspect your Internet connection

  • Start this solution by opening up your QuickBooks application and then navigate down to the help option to click on it.
  • Please check your Internet connection setup by tapping o that option. 
  • Run a check through whether the connection set up there is fixed or not to take the usage of the Internet connection of your system. 
  • Select the next button and click on Done at the end. 
  • In the end, perform the update again and check whether the error gets troubleshoots. 

If not, then come down directly to the second solution. 

Second Solution: Alter the settings of the Internet Explorer

  • You need to open Internet Explorer to proceed with this solution. After this, tap the gear icon on the home screen at the right-hand corner.
  • Make the selection of the Internet options, and then go ahead to click on the security tab. 
  • Perform a click on the icon that looks like a globe and ensure the security option didn’t fix it at high. 
  • After this, reach down to the connections button, choose Dial a connection, and tap on OK. 
  • Subsequently, make your way to the UAN Settings, checkmark the particular Automatically detect settings, and then after this, click on the particular use a Proxy Server checkbox to uncheck it. 
  • Then you have to fill in the right or accurate information, i.e., the correct address and port number, without any mistakes. 
  • If you witness the settings 80 mentioned in the domain of the port number, then make sure by checking again that a use Proxy Server option is not unchecked. 
  • After the verification, click on Okay and move ahead to land your cursor on the Advanced tab. 
  • Select the option to restore advanced settings and move down to take the usage of the TLS 1.2 Checkbox. Click on the box of it to checkmark it. 
  • Once done with altering the settings of Internet Explorer, tap on “OK.” Now, close down the window of the Internet Explorer that is already opened up there. 
  • Open “Windows” again and try to run the payroll update of QuickBooks again to check the existence of the 12002 error of QuickBooks. If it persists there, the next rectifying solution is waiting for you. 

Third Solution: Make the addition of QuickBooks to the specific Windows Firewall Exception port

  • Place your cursor on the Windows start button and click on it. After this, fill in Windows Firewall in the specific search areas of the Search program and files. 
  • Windows Firewall is the next stop where you need to click from the upper section of the appearing list. 
  • Reach the option of Advanced settings and then do tap on Inbound rules. 
  • Create a new rule by selecting the same and clicking on the right port. 
  • Tap on Next and ensure that you have chosen the valid TCP.
  • Enter the right port number according to the specific version of QuickBooks that you are using on your Desktop. 
  • Choose the alternative of Allow Connection and afterward click on Next.
  • Ensure that all the profiles we witness listed in the pop-up are check-marked correctly and no flaw will prevail there. 
  • Tap “Next” and fill in the new name for this particular new rule you have just created.
  • “Finish” is the next tab upon which you need to click. Once done, implement the same rules for setting up the Outbound rules.

Fourth Solution: Go directly for the installation of QuickBooks in the Selective Start-up Mode

Small issues during the installation are the biggest factors triggering the QuickBooks 12002 error. So, here are steps given to make the installation of QuickBooks successful in the selective Start-up mode.

  • To get away with the process, you must create a company file backup. 
  • Then, click together Windows + R to run the window.
  • Right next to this, add MsConfignd, then press the enter key. 
  • Tap on Selective Start-up and the Load System services in the specific general tab. 
  • Visit the services tab and click the option to hide all Microsoft Services. 
  • Click on “Disable all”.
  • Consequently, click on all the checkboxes to unmark them in front of the option Hide all Microsoft Services.
  • Window Installer Checkbox is the only one out of all the services that need to get selected. Examine if it is not selected, then do select it. After this, tap on “OK”. 
  • Then, start the specific window configuration window in your system. 
  • Now, don’t waste time restarting your PC; when it opens up, perform the clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Again, you need to click on Windows + R to witness the Run command screen in front of you. 
  • Fill MsConfig and tap on “OK.”
  • A general tab is present, and a need exists to select the Normal Start-up. 
  • Finally, start the whole system again. 
Fifth Solution: Modifications in the settings of the updates in the Internet settings

The steps in the same order given to update the settings in the Internet option are too easy and in the correct order as it needs to be implemented. 

  • “Update Now” is the first option that you need to select. 
  • A checkbox is in front of Reset Update; you need to tick it right by clicking on it. 
  • After this, directly click on the option available as “Get Updates”. 
  • Suppose a situation arises when the updates fail, then an alternative option also exists. For another way, you have to follow these given steps:
    • Tap on the advanced setting menu to proceed further. 
    • Following this, look for use TLS1.0, use TLS 1.1, and use TLS1
    • The most crucial part comes now. You must ensure that out of three, only one, i.e., TLS 1.0, is checked, and the other two remain unchecked. 
Sixth Solution: Perform the update process for the browser named Google Chrome

If you don’t know how to update, Chrome, then jump one by one on the stated below steps:

  • Get started by opening up the Google Chrome browser on your system. 
  • After this, you must click the “More” button from the top menu on the upcoming screen when you open up Google Chrome.
  • Next to all this, click on the Update Google Chrome option. 
  • Wait until the update of Google Chrome is completed.
  • Once completed, then close the process and tab of Google Chrome. And then hit the relaunch button.

Final Words..!

In this write-up, we try to mention every detail related to QuickBooks error 12002. The reason for the emergence and the troubleshooting methods for this error are also highlighted. All you need to do is go down until this write-up’s end. Moreover, if you are finding any of the solutions hard enough to implement, you can take the help of our professionals who are here to help you.

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