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Are you worried about continuously getting stuck with QuickBooks Error H303? But not anymore. The users mainly face this issue due to the misconfigured hosting settings. In other instances, the users may discover this error while switching to the multi-user mode in QuickBooks. However, it is mandatory to cope with the issue immediately. You must follow the troubleshooting techniques listed in this blog to regain multi-user mode access. 

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How Will You Describe QuickBooks Desktop Error H303?

Most often, the users might face difficulty while running the company file in multi-user mode due to the arrival of QuickBooks Desktop error H3033. It is a multi-mode error that improper internet connection, improper firewall settings, and numerous other factors could also cause. So, to get a piece of detailed information about the issue, have a look at the root causes behind the issue that are listed below. 

QuickBooks Error H303

What Are the Factors Responsible For QuickBooks Error Code H303?

Knowing the root causes behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code H303 will help you find the appropriate way to troubleshoot the error. Therefore, to guide you regarding all the causes, we have listed some of them below. 

  • Sometimes, it might occur due to damage in the Network data file. 
  • In other cases, it may appear due to the misconfigured settings of the Windows Firewall. 
  • You might also encounter this issue due to inappropriate DNS settings. 
  • Moreover, the users might face an error while accessing the QuickBooks Desktop version that is not supported anymore. 
  • Using the outdated Windows operating system is the root cause that triggers the error. 

What are the Signs That Help Me Determine H303 Error QuickBooks?

To identify the occurrence of H303 Error QuickBooks, you must glimpse the following points. 

  • You might notice that the QuickBooks Error H303 started displaying an error message on the computer screen. 
  • The users failed to open their company file in multi-user mode in QuickBooks. 
  • Freezing or slowing down of the software might end up with the QuickBooks Error H303. 
  • The error might hamper the performance of the QuickBooks software. 

Troubleshooting Ways to Eliminate QuickBooks Multi-User Error H303

To get the QuickBooks Multi-User Error H303 fixed, you must go through the resolution methods listed below closely. 

Resolution Way 1:- Pinging Of the Server From a Workstation- 

You must enable the Network Discovery on the server computer and on the workstations that is confronting the QuickBooks Error H303. 

  • First of all, you must press the Windows key and write Network into the search panel. 
  • After this, launch the Network and Sharing Center and tap the Change advanced sharing setting. 
  • Thereon, you must confirm you have marked the Turn on Network Discovery checkbox from the Network Discovery and Files and Printer Sharing sections. 

You can extract the server name by going through the stepwise instructions below. 

  • In the first palace, launch the Run command window on your screen using the shortcut keys i.e, Windows + R. 
  • After that, include “CMD” in the search console and hit the OK button to move further. 
  • Thereon, you must write the following command “ipconfig/all” into the search area and hit Enter. 
  • You will see the Host Name in the Windows IP Configuration section. Herein, you will see that the server name is on the right side of the screen. 
  • All you have to do is note down the hostname. Otherwise, you can also copy the same to a Word document to access it easily. 

Return to your workstation to check the connection of the server. 

  • For that, you must launch the Run Command window and include CMD into the search area. 
  • As a result, it will launch the Command Prompt window on your screen where you have to mention “Ping [your server name]” into the search panel. Later on, hit the Enter key and confirm that you haven’t added any brackets near your server name. 
  • You must walk through the above-listed steps for every workstation that is experiencing the Quickbooks Error H303. 

Resolution Way 2: Thoroughly Review the Hosting Settings in QuickBooks 

Sometimes, the users might end up with QuickBooks Error H303 due to the misconfigured hosting settings. So, to overcome the issue, it is mandatory to make the necessary changes in hosting settings as listed below. 

  • In the first place, launch the QuickBooks application on all the servers and workstations. 
  • After this, navigate to the File menu > Utilities > Stop Hosting Multi-User Configuration option. 
  • Thereon, you must relaunch the hosting by moving to the File menu again. 
  • In the next step, hit the “Host Multi-User Configuration” from the Utilities section. 
  • End the process by relaunching your system and verifying whether the issue is resolved or not. 

Resolution Way 3: Configure Your Firewall Settings Accurately

The Windows Firewall might interrupt the users while connecting and transferring the files, which is considered a threat to your device. So, to rectify the issue, you must follow the steps below. 

  • In the beginning, launch the Control Panel on your device by hitting the Windows key on your keyboard. 
  • Afterwards, choose the “Firewall Settings” from the list of options available to proceed further. 
  • Thereon, pick the “Allow a program through the firewall” option to proceed further. 
  • In the next step, include the QuickBooks program in the exception list through the “Add Programs” option. 
  • In the end, relaunch the computer after making the necessary changes. 

Resolution Way 4: Verify That the Services are Running Properly

Improper working of services like QBCFMonitorsErvice or QuickBooksDBXX might give rise to the H303 QuickBooks Error. So, to resolve the issue, you must check that the services are running properly. 

  • The first and foremost step is to open the Run Command window on your screen. 
  • After this, you must write “services.msc” into the search panel and hit the Enter key. 
  • From the list of services available, opt for the QuickBooksDBXX and right-click on it to pick the Startup type as Automatic. 
  • You are supposed to review the running status and verify that it is selected as Running or Started. 
  • In the next step, navigate to the Recovery tab and proceed further. 
  • Thereon, you must verify that you opted to Restart the service by clicking on the following drop-down menus i.e.: First, Second, and Subsequent. 
  • Afterwards, hit the Apply button, followed by the OK button. Then, you must perform the same steps for QBCFMonitorService. 
  • Once you are all set, open QuickBooks on every workstation. Later, move to the multi-user mode and verify whether the issue is resolved. 

Resolution Way 5:- Alter the File Location To Rectify QuickBooks Error H303

To change the file location, you must attentively follow the instructions listed below. 

  • In the beginning, construct a new folder on your server computer. 
  • After this, you must set the Windows access permissions to turn on sharing files in the folder. 
  • Thereon, you must copy the data file (.qbw) and then paste them to the newly generated folder. 
  • Now, you must alter the address of the location of your data file on the workstation. 
  • Finally, try to open the file on your workstation and check whether the issue is resolved. 

Resolution Way 6:- Use the Updated Version of QuickBooks File Doctor

The QuickBooks file doctor helps to repair the damaged or corrupt company file that might lead to error code H303 in QuickBooks. 

  • The users must ensure that they have installed the updated version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub on their devices. 
  • After this, navigate to the Company File Issues > Run QuickBooks File Doctor to proceed further. 
  • Once the QuickBooks File Doctor opens up on your screen, choose the data file that is causing QuickBooks Error H303. 
  • In the next step, click the Check Your File option and then click the Continue button. 
  • Thereon, you must include the appropriate QuickBooks admin password in the respective text fields and hit the Next button. 
  • End the process by going on with the on-screen instructions to fix the issue quickly. 
To Conclude the Post!!

We assure you that the resolution methods explained in this post would have helped you resolve QuickBooks Error H303. If you are still confronting issues while switching to the multi-user mode, then have a conversation with our QB professionals for a quick resolution. They will offer you quick tips to get the issue resolved within shortest possible time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

Ans. Users might encounter numerous multi-mode errors in QuickBooks, such as QuickBooks Error H202, H303, and H505. 

Ans. The users can avoid getting the QuickBooks Error Code H303 by considering a few facts in their minds. 

  • The person must ensure that their workstation is getting a reliable internet connection. 
  • You must not miss out on receiving the timely updates of QuickBooks Desktop on your device. 
  • Ensure the Windows Firewall gives enough permission to run QuickBooks on the necessary ports. 

Ans. Yes, updating the QuickBooks Desktop in a timely will help resolve Error H303 QuickBooks. 

Ans. Sometimes, QuickBooks Desktop Error H303 might freeze or crash the system. As a result, it might hamper the sensitive company data. So, for the safer side, creating a backup of the data file is important. 

Ans. If you failed to rectify QuickBooks Error H303 after following the above methods, then you can consult with our professionals through live chat for quick resolution. 

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