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QuickBooks Mac 2022 is a subscription-based product that was recently launched with new and upgraded accounting features. This new version of the accounting software helps automate and reduce the stress of handling complex business accounting tasks. 

However, if you want to gather more details about the features that are included in QuickBooks Mac 2022, then read this entire post. Also, we have explained the system requirements you must fulfill to operate the application seamlessly on your device. 

New Features Introduced in QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022

The subscription-based model of QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022 rolled out with new features that can automate your workflow and simplify your business accounting. When the business accounting is streamlined, you may focus on other important competencies of your business. Below is the list of the newly added features in QuickBooks Mac 2022: 

1: Improved Bank Feeds

With the improved bank feeds in QuickBooks Desktop Plus for Mac 2022, you can refresh your bank account status with a single click. Besides, reviewing and resolving the transaction discrepancies can be done with the utmost ease. Furthermore, you may import bank feeds easily by classes, accounts and payees by branch editing your bank transactions. Additionally, it reduces the need for manual data entry and facilitates matching for better data integrity. 

2: Receipt Management 

The receipt management feature in QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022 helps users modify, categorize, or record multiple transactions at once. The direct imported received data in QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 lets you create and categorize receipt expense transactions automatically and saves your time and effort. You can utilize PDF or iPhone to import or review your data. Having the right user permissions, you can easily review your transactions using the QuickBooks program or email. Furthermore, you can attach the digital receipt images to the expense transactions in order to organize your audit trails.

3: Sending Statements Automatically

The subscription-based QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus in 2022 enables users to review outgoing statements so that they can stay on top of it. Besides, you can send timely automated reminders to the customers and get paid faster for the invoices. You may also automate your recurring statements to the customer groups based on their payment frequency requirements.

4. Automated Statement Reminders and Customer Groups:-

The best thing about this feature is that you can save precious time while sending statement reminders to your customers. So, the customers must  get an idea of when they must pay their pending payments.

You can also easily determine your customers with rules based on fields like customer type, status, location, and balance. Once you have imposed the rules, you will see that the groups will be updated automatically depending on your set criteria. 

5. Gmail Integration:-

Another important feature of the QuickBooks Mac 2022 version is that you can set Gmail as your default email client. Then, you can easily send the emails to your clients without further delays. 

6. Collapse Report Columns & Rows:-

Now the time has gone when you must examine the lengthy reports or look for a few particular items for review. Moreover, you may also archive the unnecessary rows and columns while reviewing your required reports. 

7. Balance Sheet By Class:-

You can now enhance your reporting by utilizing classes to view and classify the transactions that will hamper your balance sheet. 

8: Compatible with Apple Silicon Processor 

The subscription-based QuickBooks Mac 2022 is compatible with the Mac hardware standards so that you can work efficiently. The new Apple silicon processor of the system enhances the performance of the QuickBooks in carrying your day-to-day business accounting tasks. Furthermore, using the new generation Mac system offers great efficiency and flexibility.

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What Is the System Requirement for QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022?

Now that you know about the newly added features in the QuickBooks Mac 2022, below is the list of the standard requirement you need to fulfil in order to run the program smoothly. Check it out:

1: Operating System

The operating system version should be a minimum macOS X version 11.3 (Big Sur). If you want to run the program on your iPhone, iOS 12.0 will be the minimum requirement.

2: Browser Requirements

You need to connect with a strong and stable Internet connection. Additionally, you need to have Apple or Intel CPU hardware supported by Mac OS.

3: Integration Requirements

After ensuring the operating system and browser requirements, you can proceed further and check the integration requirements with the other software. Below is the list:

  • It should support the one-way conversion from QuickBooks Mac 2022 to QuickBooks Online.
  • From QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2018 to 2021.
  • The one-way conversion to and from QuickBooks for Windows 2022.
  • At least Apple version v7.0 and all later versions to register and export data.
  • The email requirement includes Microsoft Outlook 2016 and the later versions include Office 365 or Apple mail.
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 or Microsoft Office 365 for the later versions.

In Conclusion!

Now, you have all the mandatory details regarding what new features are included in QuickBooks Mac 2022. Moreover, we have also discussed the basic system requirements you must fulfill to run the program smoothly. If you are hunting for any additional help, you can connect with our professionals anytime through the live chat facility. 

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