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Facing issues while installing Microsoft .NET or QuickBooks applications on Windows? Well, it’s due to the occurrence of QuickBooks error 1935. We all know that .NET Framework is one of the most essential components for running QuickBooks operations. But, Windows errors such as error code 1935 occur and affect the QuickBooks application. 

QuickBooks users may receive a triggering warning message read as, “Error 1935: This setup requires .NET Framework.” or “Error 1935: An error occurred during the installation of the assembly.” These error messages are the result of using a corrupted Windows system. Don’t worry! We are here to resolve this problem with some of the easiest and most effective troubleshooting solutions. Continue reading. 

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QuickBooks Error 1935

Signs that Error 1935 QuickBooks Displays 

You may find the following signs after an attack of error 1935 QuickBooks to your application. With these signs, you can easily identify the issue: 

  1. Repeated flashing of error message 1935 on your Desktop screen is the commonest sign of the error. 
  2. Occasional freezing of your computer after every few seconds. 
  3. You may repeatedly notice the text read as “QuickBooks has faced a problem and needs to be shut down” on your screen while installing .NET Framework. 
  4. Crashing of your computer system time and again wherever you run a Windows program. 
  5. Slow, dull, or no response from Windows after mouse clicks and keyboard commands. 
  6. The active Windows program may crash while you are working on it. 

Notable Reasons to Know Behind QuickBooks Error 1935

Apart from the corrupted Windows system, there are many more reasons to know behind the occurrence of QuickBooks error 1935, including the following: 

  • If you abruptly delete a few applications, it may bring the Windows installation error 1935. 
  • The antivirus application programs often hamper the installation of QuickBooks, leading to such installation errors. 
  • Another reason for facing installation errors on Windows is the corrupted Windows system file entries. 
  • You may meet the error 1935 QuickBooks Desktop if you have incompletely or improperly installed the hardware and software. 
  • A sudden computer system shutdown can also disturb the installation of .NET Framework or QuickBooks, resulting in error code 1935. 
  • If the .NET Framework is damaged in itself or hasn’t been set up yet, it’s a prominent cause of the installation error code 1935. 
  • The damaged and corrupted Windows registry entries are also one of the notable reasons. 
  • You may receive the QuickBooks error message 1935 if the Windows .NET Framework is outdated. 

Quick Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 1935 .NET Framework

Consider following the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below in order to fix the QuickBooks error 1935 .NET Framework quickly. Carefully follow each direction given below to avoid further technical glitches. 

Troubleshooting Solution 1 – Enable the Selective Startup Mode on Windows 

Switching to the selective startup mode on your Windows PC can effectively solve the QuickBooks error 1935. With the help of this mode, you will run only the essential Windows programs and can smoothly continue the installation process of Windows components. 

  1. First, you must get the Run Window on your screen by pressing the Windows + R buttons on your keyboard. 
  2. Once the Run Window opens, type MSConfig in the search bar available to find a program, folder, or Internet resource from your Windows PC. 
  3. Tap the Enter button on your keyboard, and you will get a new Window of User Account Control
  4. Now, select the Load System Services and navigate to the General tab to choose and click the Selective Startup. 
  5. Here, under the Services tab, you are required to tick-mark the Hide all Microsoft services box. 
  6. In the next step, hit the Disable All option and remove the tick mark from the Hide All Microsoft services box. Along with this, ensure that the Windows Installer checkbox is unchecked. 
  7. Finally, click the Apply button, then OK to keep all the above settings and changes, followed by clicking the Restart option to restart the system. 

Troubleshooting Solution 2 – Fix Problems with the Damaged .NET Framework

Fixing issues of the damaged Windows .NET Framework can also help you troubleshoot the annoying QuickBooks error 1935 .NET Framework. Follow the jotted-down directions and continue: 

  1. Begin this fixing procedure by first heading to the Windows Start menu and clicking the Start button
  2. Now, go to the Control Panel and select the Programs and Features option. Once you are on the Programs and Features window, you will get a list of applications installed on your computer. 
  3. Select the Microsoft .NET Framework version having issues and click the Uninstall option. 
  4. In the next option, hit the Turn Windows features ON or OFF alternative by ensuring that .NET Framework 4 is enabled. 
  5. After this, close the Windows Programs and Features window and select the Reboot button. 
  6. Here, your next step is to fix issues with .NET Framework by removing the ticks from the checkboxes. 
  7. Again reboot your computer system and now verify whether the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is enabled or not. 
  8. Enable the component and reboot your computer again to finish fixing .NET Framework issues. 

Troubleshooting Solution 3 – Use QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool to Fix QuickBooks Installation Issues 

If the case is all about the installation issues, use the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool from the QB Tool Hub and fix all the software installation-related issues and eventually the error 1935 QuickBooks Desktop

  1. First of all, get the QuickBooks Tool Hub by visiting the official Intuit website
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed the QuickBooks Tool Hub, open it and navigate to the Program Installation Issues tab. 
  3. After this, choose the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and click it to run and solve the issues preventing you from installing the QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. You need to wait until the tool completely fixes the QuickBooks installation problems. 
  5. Once the issues are resolved, now restart your Windows and check the installation error 1935 QuickBooks Desktop

Troubleshooting Solution 4 – Update your Windows Operating System

No doubt, an outdated Windows Operating System creates issues while installing Windows Components or the QuickBooks application and results in errors, including QuickBooks error 1935. Thus, update your Windows OS by performing the given steps: 

  1. Initiate this troubleshooting method by first navigating to the Start menu and heading to the Search Programs and Files box. 
  2. In this search box, enter Windows Updates and start searching for the available latest Windows Updates. 
  3. If any latest updates for your current Windows OS are available, you will get the Settings window. 
  4. Now, here you need to perform the instructions that appear on your screen to begin the installation of the latest Windows updates. 
  5. After updating your Windows OS, reboot your computer system and save all the changes. 

Troubleshooting Solution 5 – Implement the Re-installation of the Latest .NET Framework 

As discussed above, the outdated Windows component .NET Framework can pose issues and trouble users while installing QuickBooks software. The steps mentioned below will help you get the latest .NET Framework. Follow them carefully: 

  1. To initiate this procedure, you need first to restart your computer system. 
  2. Now ensure you have turned off the Antivirus software program during the installation of QuickBooks. 
  3. After this, you are required to install the QuickBooks software and the latest Windows component .NET Framework. 
  4. Once you have successfully installed the QuickBooks and .NET Framework, now switch on the antivirus software program. 

Wrapping Up..! 

So, that’s the whole guidance on fixing the irritating QuickBooks error 1935! We hope this comprehensive blog helped you solve this Windows error. If you are still in doubt or facing difficulties, consider contacting our experts via Live Chat Support. Our QuickBooks professionals will then, and there discuss the issue and guide you accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – What steps to follow to avoid QuickBooks error code 1935 later? 

Follow the given instructions to avoid the occurrence of QuickBooks error code 1935: 

  • Always run an updated Windows operating system. 
  • Update the Windows component .NET Framework regularly. 
  • Implement necessary system scans and cleanups. 

Question 2 – How can I resolve the 1935 QuickBooks error if no solutions worked? 

Even after implementing the suggested troubleshooting solutions, if you fail to resolve QuickBooks error 1935 on your own, try contacting our QuickBooks experts at +1855-603-0490 or via Live Chat Support. 

Question 3 – What should I do to access my QuickBooks company file from a flash drive? 

Just insert the flash drive into your system on which QuickBooks is running and then open the QuickBooks application. After this,

  • Navigate to the File menu, and click the Open or Restore company option. 
  • In the Open or Restore Company window, choose to Open a company file, then click Next. 
  • Now, move to the company file location on your flash drive and double-click the QuickBooks company file to access it. 

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