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Like every second software, QuickBooks also presents errors and technical bugs to the users. One of the technical issues that we are going to discuss in this post is the QuickBooks error the File exists. It’s one of the common QuickBooks problems that a user can frequently face. Mainly, users encounter this issue while trying to perform QuickBooks operations such as printing any form, updating employee payrolls, paying for liabilities, and much more. We understand how challenging this issue can be for a user. If you’re also facing the same glitch, let this post help you. 

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Error The File Exists

“QuickBooks Error The File Exists” – What’s the Issue?

Basically, the QuickBooks error the File exists arrives if the File with the same name is already saved in your QuickBooks software. Due to this, while performing any payroll or other company file-related task, if a user tries to save the File, they encounter an error message stating, “File exists.” Additionally, users may also notice an error description reading, “The file you specified cannot be opened.”

Now you must be wondering what major causes can be responsible for facing this company file issue. Is it? If yes, continue reading the next section. 

What Triggers the “QuickBooks Error The File Exists” Message?

If you are trying to save a file with the same name as an already saved file, this “File exists” issue will arrive. But, if it’s not so and you’re still facing the same problem, have a careful look at the following section to learn what other factors can also trigger this QuickBooks error the File exists message.

  • If your system is facing issues with Firewall Defender or Internet settings, it can affect Windows programs like QuickBooks. 
  • Corrupted QuickBooks software installation is also one of the reasons for the File exists error message. 
  • Make sure your Internet connection on the system with QuickBooks is proper and active; otherwise, you may encounter the QuickBooks error the File exists message. 
  • If you’re not running your QuickBooks application with Windows administrative rights, you may face such company file errors while saving them in QuickBooks. 
  • Of course, an outdated QuickBooks application is one of the most possible reasons for encountering the “File Exists” issue. 

How Users Can Fix QuickBooks Payroll The File Exists Error?

If you’re looking for easy ways to avoid QuickBooks payroll the File exists error message in QuickBooks, start implementing the strategies given in this section. According to the cause of this issue in your QuickBooks, perform the methods below. 

Fixing Strategy 1 – Get the Full User Control Access 

As mentioned above, insufficient Windows control access can bring “the File Exists” error messages to the users while saving any company file in QuickBooks. Thus, perform the method below and get the complete access:

  • Firstly, you need to make sure to close all the running Windows programs on your computer and their related tabs.
  • Now, go to your computer’s Desktop and right-click the QuickBooks Desktop application. 
  • Here, choose the Backspace key and select the Properties alternative from the QuickBooks Folder. 
  • In the next step, you must click the Edit option and continue choosing the Add option. 
  • Following this, select the Everyone option and then hit the OK option. 
  • Done? Right after this, select the Full Control alternative and choose the Apply option to save all the modifications above. 
  • Finally, choose the User alternative after choosing the Everyone option. Now, retry saving the company file while doing payroll. If you still find the same “File exists” issue, perform the next strategy. 

Fixing Strategy 2 – Login and Run QuickBooks as a Windows Admin User

It’s essential to log in as an administrator in your Windows account and then run the QuickBooks application and related tasks. Since you may not be running as an Admin, and that’s why you are encountering the QuickBooks error the File exists message. So, carry out the instructions below to run as an Admin:

  • To begin this strategy, you must first move to the Windows Start button and click the same. 
  • In the Search Programs and Files bar, enter QuickBooks. Start searching, and after getting the search results, right-click the QuickBooks application icon. 
  • From the given options, you must choose the Run as Admin button and continue running the QuickBooks application for your payroll operations. 
  • Herein, while saving any file, if you again get the QuickBooks payroll the File exists error message, perform another strategy. 

Fixing Strategy 3 – Take Help from the QuickBooks File Doctor Utility 

As we are discussing the company file errors, the QuickBooks File Doctor tool is an impressive utility for fixing general QuickBooks company file issues. Therefore, in this method, we will learn to run this tool and fix the “File exists” error. 

  • Begin this procedure by first installing the QuickBooks Tool Hub from the official Intuit website. (If you still don’t have the one on your system)
  • Download the QuickBooksToolHub.exe installer file and save it on your computer’s desktop. 
  • Now, double-click this downloaded installer file to open it. Once you open the File, some on-screen instructions will appear on your screen. 
  • Perform the steps accordingly to begin the installation procedure. Choose the Next button and then the Install button. 
  • This installation may take a while, so wait accordingly. Once the installation ends hit the Finish option. 
  • After installing the Tool Hub, open the same and go to the left-side panel. Here, you will see the Company File Issues tab. 
  • Click this tab, and you will get the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. Tap the tool to run. 
  • Here, you will be asked to upload the company file if you are having issues while saving. You can click the Browse option to search for that very File. 
  • Once you upload the File, the tool will automatically run and fix the internal company file issues. 
  • After finishing the repair process, try saving the company file. If you again encounter a QuickBooks error the File exists; we have another solution to help you. 

Fixing Strategy 4 – Uninstall then Reinstall your QuickBooks Application 

The corrupted or incomplete QuickBooks application installation is a prominent reason for encountering the QuickBooks file exists error. Thus, we suggest you try out the below strategy and reinstall the QuickBooks application.

  • Initially, press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard and open the Run window. 
  • Now, in the next step, enter appwiz.cpl, and immediately press the Enter button. 
  • Afterward, double-click the QuickBooks software option and choose to uninstall the same. 
  • Alternatively, you can also use the Clean Install Tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub and remove the software from your system. 
  • Finally, after the successful uninstallation of QuickBooks software, you must reinstall it from the official Intuit website. Make sure to use the correct license number and product code while installing and activating the QuickBooks program. 

Fixing Strategy 5 – Disable the Windows User Account Control (UAC) Settings 

Even the UAC or User Account Control settings can trigger users while managing payroll and working on the QuickBooks company file. That’s why we suggest you temporarily turn off the User Account Control settings in Windows. It will help you fix the QuickBooks payroll the File exists error.

  • Firstly, you must open the Run command box by pressing the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. 
  • In this Run command box, you must enter “Control Panel” and hit the Enter tab. Now, you must search for the User Accounts in the Search bar. 
  • After this, click the Change user account control settings alternative, and right after this, choose the Yes button. 
  • Now, you must take the slider to the Never Notify option. By this, you will turn off the User Account Control (UAC) settings. 
  • Moving ahead, you must reboot your computer system and continue updating your QuickBooks Desktop application. 
  • Finally, check for the error by running your payroll operations on QuickBooks and saving the company file. 
Contact Us for Further Details..! 

We suggest you perform the troubleshooting methods above to fix the stubborn QuickBooks error the File exists message. But while performing these steps, if you encounter any issues or need further professional assistance, reach out to our technical support team. You can ping us via the Live Chat Support option, and the next available technician will immediately guide and supervise you while fixing the error. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

Ans: The QuickBooks file exists. The issue occurs when a user performs payroll operations in QuickBooks Desktop and fails to save the File. At such times, they receive error messages reading, “File exists” or “The file you specified cannot be opened.”

Ans: Users may face the QuickBooks payroll File exists error while performing the tasks below in the QuickBooks Desktop application.

  • Managing Payroll 
  • Printing forms
  • Updating payroll, etc.

Ans: Take the following actions to fix the QuickBooks file exists error:

1. Fix the Firewall and Internet settings 
2. Reinstall your QuickBooks Desktop application 
3. Use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool 

Ans: Yes, due to malware attacks or hardware issues, your QuickBooks company file may get corrupted and bring issues like File exists error messages to the user.

Ans: Directly ring the official QuickBooks support number or reach out to us via Live Chat Support. 

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