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Managing the day-to-day accounting operations alone could be challenging and risky for the business owner. So, they require accounting software that they can trust to manage all the complex financial operations smoothly. After the research, the two widely used accounting solutions are FreshBooks vs QuickBooks, suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. However, if you want to know among FreshBooks Vs QuickBooks which is better, continue reading this post. Thus, it would help you make the best decision for your business. 

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A Short Description About QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a renowned accounting solution preferred by small to medium-scale industries to handle their accounting tasks easily. It offers top-notch features and sanctions that help users manage inventory, track expenses and income, prepare financial statements, and perform other accounting tasks. 

Besides this, QuickBooks also provides its users with the QuickBooks Online edition, which allows you to access the cloud-accounting functions. With the Online Edition of QuickBooks, you can process the inventory, process payroll, direct deposit, time-tracking, and pay taxes timely. 

A Quick Review about FreshBooks 

FreshBooks is another great accounting solution for sole entrepreneurs or freelancers selling services. Moreover, it also comes up with enhanced features that help users with time tracking, unlimited invoicing, project management, and basic reporting at a minimal price. 

This accounting software integrates with hundreds of third-party applications. Some of these include applications such as Gusto for payroll and PayPal for credit processing. Also, it is an extraordinary accounting software that simplifies accounting tasks. 

Discussing the FreshBooks Vs QuickBooks Comparison




  1. Accountant Access

You can only send the invitation to one accountant after upgrading to the Plus Plan. 

Herein, you can send the invitation to two accountants using any subscription plans. 

  1. User-Friendly

The FreshBooks accounting software has a simple interface that you can use easily to accomplish your accounting tasks. 

On the other hand, the QuickBooks application interface consists of multiple options. So, it becomes difficult for those with less accounting knowledge to understand. But you can get assistance with the help of videos and tutorials to run the application. 

  1. Time Tracking

One can utilize the time tracking feature with every plan of FreshBooks.

The user must require a separate account link with QuickBooks Time. 

  1. Inventory Management

You can access the basic features, including automatic stock updates based on invoicing.

Under this accounting suite, one can get their hands on numerous enhanced features such as low stock alerts, pricing rules, etc. 

  1. Bank Reconciliation

The Users can utilize the bank reconciliation feature with the Plus plan. 

You can utilize the Bank Reconciliation feature in QuickBooks with the Simple Start plan. 

  1. Automation

Users can combine this accounting solution with Zapier and send automatic invoice reminders.

Herein, you can combine the QuickBooks with Zapier. Thus, it allows its users to automatically operate the workflow with the Advanced Plan. 

  1. Mileage Tracking

This feature isn’t available with the FreshBooks.

You can track the vehicle’s mileage through the QuickBooks Simple Start plan. 

  1. Number of Users 

One user is applicable on each plan, and $ 11 for any additional user.

It can be accessed by up to one, two, three, or up to five users based on your purchased subscription plan. 

  1. Pricing

It is less expensive than QuickBooks. 

This accounting solution carries higher capabilities, so it consists of a bit higher prices. 

  1. Mobile Application

You can use FreshBooks through your mobile devices. 

The users can also utilize QuickBooks through their mobile devices. 

Pricing of QuickBooks and FreshBooks

Out of both accounting solutions, FreshBooks is proven to be the better-price product, the QuickBooks. Both of the accounting software offers 30 days of a free trial to test whether the product meets your business requirement. FreshBooks is $8.50 monthly during the promotional period, up to $ 17 monthly. 

On the other side, QuickBooks Simple Start charges $15 monthly during the promotional period and goes to $30 monthly when it is billed after that. 

QuickBooks Vs FreshBooks- Which is the Best Choice To Fulfill Your Business Requirement? 

QuickBooks and FreshBooks are extraordinary software that helps businesses simplify their accounting tasks. However, both accounting solutions offer avant-garde and exceptional features to enhance your accounting experience. But, deciding which one to opt for your organization completely depends upon your business type and its requirements.

QuickBooks accounting solution is the perfect software for small-scale businesses selling products and helps track finances as the business grows. On the other hand, if you are a newbie to accounting and you are a sole proprietor or an independent contractor, then FreshBooks is the best fit. This accounting solution has a simple interface and doesn’t require much accounting knowledge.

No matter whether the users have to pay a bit higher price for the QuickBooks application, it is worth paying as it simplifies your accounting task. If you are running a startup company, only then pick FreshBooks. 

Drawing To a Conclusion!!

We assure you that through this post’s help, it would have become much easier to make the right decision between FreshBooks Vs QuickBooks for your business. If you want more details regarding both the accounting software, you can consult with our professionals instantly. They will listen to your query carefully and offer you the best possible assistance within the shortest time possible. 


Ans. Creating inventory items and tracking total units and costs using FreshBooks is impossible. You can only add inventory with an invoice through this accounting solution. 

Ans. Yes, the users can utilize the multi-currency invoicing feature with the help of the QuickBooks Online application. As a result, it lets the users send an invoice to their customers in their local currency and helps manage foreign exchange rates efficiently. 

Ans. Yes, FreshBooks can only be replaceable with QuickBooks for companies that only require certain accounting features. One can only take care of the basic reconciliation and send invoices to small businesses using FreshBooks. Thus making the best alternative for the QuickBooks accounting software to cater to business financial tasks smoothly. 

Ans. QuickBooks accounting software is designed especially for medium to large-scale industries that want to accomplish their financial operation seamlessly. 

Ans. Companies can process their employee’s payroll by integrating FreshBooks with third-party applications like Gusto. Once the integration is over, you can access many benefits like unlimited payroll runs, automatic tax filing, direct deposit payments, etc. 

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