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QuickBooks CRM Integration is excellent software that helps to handle your daily sales and expenses, invoice your customers, accept payments, pay bills, etc. in short, the QuickBooks application is used to take care of all your company finances, but it won’t generate leads and increase your sales. Integrating QuickBooks with CRM will help boost leads and grow your business. 

Moreover, QuickBooks CRM integration will help keep your customer data clean and well-organized for the whole team. However, if you want to gather more details regarding integrating QuickBooks with CRM, read this entire post. 

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CRM Uses Zapier to Integrate with QuickBooks 

CRM utilizes Zapier to integrate with the QuickBooks software to easily link numerous software platforms and set up automatic actions between them. This is one of the most convenient methods to integrate because while examining CRM for the sales team, you don’t require a platform that offers native QuickBooks integration. 

The users have to choose the CRM that suits their organization rather than the one that is good for QuickBooks. The best part about the Zapier integration is that the integration is wider in terms of functionality. 

CRMs That You Can Easily Integrate With QuickBooks 

Here, we have described all the CRMs that you can integrate with QuickBooks and enhance your sales. 

  1. Nutshell:- 
    The most powerful CRM and sales automation platform enables the sales team to hit their targeted audience easily. For instance, if you wish to import the customer list stored in QuickBooks Online into Nutshell, you can utilize Nutshell’s direct importer. Within a few seconds, all of the data will be imported into your CRM. Thus, you can easily monitor communication histories and incorporate your QB contacts into sales and revenue. 
  2. Method:- 
    Method is the best CRM that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier, or Enterprise. Moreover, it also makes it much more convenient to generate estimates to invoicing within QuickBooks. Apart from this, the method also synchronizes contacts with both platforms to reduce your time spent on data entry. 
  3. Insightly:- 
    The main focus of Insight is the QuickBooks Online integration, and it is easy to use and install it. Moreover, using this CRM, you can easily view any customer’s payment history and status from the QuickBooks Online tab. Moreover, Insightly will provide you with the detailed history of any customer, allowing your sales team better understand the customer. 

Advantages of QuickBooks CRM Integration 

QuickBooks is rated as the top accounting software streamlining business accounting tasks and other finance-related activities. It also helps in keeping track of the financial status of the company. Therefore, if you wish to enhance your sales and render personalized services to customers, it is crucial to connect QuickBooks with CRM. However, there are numerous other benefits of using QuickBooks CRM integration, some of which are listed below. 

  • Many organizations won’t prefer publicly sharing their accounting data with every team member. With the help of an integrated CRM, it lets the team access and share lead lists without everyone having proper rights to utilize QuickBooks. Moreover, the team members can utilize an integrated CRM to prepare and send customer estimates. 
  • When you integrate a CRM, you can easily include customer, lead, and vendor information only once and sync it with your QuickBooks account. However, adding this information for once makes your work easier and reduces the chance of data entry errors. 
  • Moreover, CRM integration offers a secure platform allowing your customers to self-serve and make payments online, sitting anywhere. 
  • Integrated CRM software will provide a wide range of customer data that QuickBooks alone can’t offer. Also, with the help of the CRM software you can utilize the 360-degree view of open estimates, balances, refunds, payments, orders, receipts, and other important details. Once you get access to all of this information in one application, you can enhance the deals, avoid delayed payments and address future requirements.

Get Your Free Trial Of QuickBooks CRM Integration 

Plan Name  Details Users  Price
Free Trial of Method: CRM  Keep all the users connected with each other, and let the method manage the rest of the work for you. Now, you can utilize the CRM tool for free of cost in QuickBooks.  Unlimited Free
Contact Management Now, you can close more deals than earlier and run the same business using power leads and customer management.  Unlimited $25/user/month (annual)

$28/user/month (monthly)
CRM Pro You can now automate your sales process and receive the payments faster with QuickBooks CRM.  Unlimited $44/user/month/(annual)

$49/user/month (monthly)
CRM Enterprise You can boost your business by automating every workflow from sales management to customer service.  Unlimited $74/user/month (annual)

$85/user/month  (monthly)
  • To integrate QuickBooks with CRM, all you need to do is to log in to your CRM system. 
  • Soon after this, reach the QuickBooks website and launch the Marketplace window. 
  • Insert “CRM” within the search column of the Marketplace window. Later on, move ahead with the following steps to accomplish the integration process. 
  • After selecting the CRM option, the software will prompt you to give some permissions to store and access the information in the future. 
  • Furthermore, you must pick the targeted folders to restore your data files. 
  • Next, connect and opt for the QuickBooks option to initiate the integration process. 

Wrapping It Up!!

That’s all about this post, and hope you have gathered all the essential facts about QuickBooks CRM integration. However, if you require any additional help, you can consult with our professionals through the live chat facility. 

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