. QuickBooks Checking Account (A Beginner’s Guidelines 2024)

The QuickBooks Checking Account is similar to any other business bank account used by small businesses to deposit customer payments. The best part is that users don’t have to pay monthly overdraft fees to open the account. 

Also, it enables businesses to enhance their money with complete confidence. However, if you also want to get more details regarding how to access the QuickBooks Checking account, then read this write-up attentively. Thus, it would help businesses give a clear insight into financial management and cash flow forecasting.

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Remarkable Features Of QuickBooks Checking Account

Follow the pointers listed below to understand more about the features available with the QuickBooks Checking account. 

1. Give Immediate Access to Instant Deposit:- 

Now, companies can pay their vendors and clients by depositing payments directly into their QuickBooks Checking account. In addition, with instant deposits, you can get instant access to the funds through QuickBooks Payments. 

2. Makes the Bookkeeping Process Easier:-

To make the process of bookkeeping easier, QuickBooks automatically tallies your payments and spending. Also, it enables the users to join their receipts with the transactions. 

3. Get the Clear Picture of Financial Status:- 

You can now link your QuickBooks Checking account with other tools such as payments, payroll, and bill pay. As a result, these integrations will help the companies to take care of all their financial data under one roof. 

4. Mobile Check Deposit:-

This enhanced feature helps small businesses accept checks from customers or vendors and submit them to their accounts. In the upcoming weeks, it will also allow you to qualify for the QuickBooks Checking customers.

Stepwise Instructions to Use QuickBooks Checking Account

Don’t have much knowledge regarding how to use QuickBooks Checking account? If that’s so, then you are not alone in this situation. Therefore, to help you out with it, below we have described the simple instructions to utilize the QuickBooks checking account. 

Stage 1: Generate a QuickBooks Checking Account

It is recommended that users register for QuickBooks Payments and a QuickBooks Checking account if they haven’t already. Furthermore, to create a QuickBooks Payments and checking account, follow the instructions below. 

Create an Account Through QuickBooks Desktop

  • Firstly, you must launch the QuickBooks Desktop application on your device. 
  • After this, navigate to the Customers option and then tap on the Add Credit Card Processing option. 
  • Later on, you must go through the instructions displayed on the screen and then complete the form accurately. 

Stage 2: Join Your Bank Account With the QuickBooks Checking Account 

  • To link your bank account, move to the Banking Services and click on QuickBooks Checking
  • After this, hit the Transfer > Transfer Money > Add a Bank option.
  • You must include your bank name accurately and pick your account type
  • Apart from this, you must also mention your Account Number and the Routing Number
  • Once you are all set, hit the Next button and then proceed further.
  • Thereon, navigate to the Banking Services > QuickBooks Checking > Verify Bank
  • Finally, you must include the two amounts deposited by QuickBooks in the respective text field. Thereon, hit the Confirm button to end the process. 

Stage 3: Move the Money in and Out Of the QuickBooks Checking Account

The process to put the money in and take out the money from the QuickBooks Checking account may differ. Below, we have described the procedure for both of them; apply accordingly. 

Scenario 1: Shift the money into your QuickBooks Checking Account 

  1. Start the process by clicking the Banking Services and then QuickBooks Checking
  2. Afterwards, go to Transfer and click the highlighted Transfer Money option.
  3. You have to include the amount that you wish to transfer and pick your linked bank account
  4. Thereon, choose your QuickBooks checking account by clicking the To drop-down menu. 
  5. You must hit the Next button, followed by the Finish Transfer option.

Scenario 2: Take out The Money Out of QuickBooks Checking Account 

  • To withdraw the money from the QuickBooks Checking account, go to Banking Services> QuickBooks Checking
  • After this, tap on Transfer, followed by the Transfer Money option. 
  • You have to mention the amount that you have transferred in the respective text field. 
  • Now, hit the From Drop-down menu and pick your QuickBooks Checking account from the list of options. 
  • Next, you are supposed to choose your linked bank account to move ahead. 
  • End the process by hitting the Finish Transfer option. 

Stage 4: Paying Off the Bills Via QuickBooks Checking Account 

To pay the bills, you must move to the Banking services and opt for the QuickBooks Checking option. 
After this, pick the Pay Bill option and move further. 
In the end, you must carry on with the following procedure to schedule and pay bills via paper check or ACH. 

Stage 5: Handle Your QuickBooks Checking Account 

Monitor Your QuickBooks Checking Transfers 

  1. In the initial stage, choose the Banking Services and hit the QuickBooks Checking option
  2. After this, hit the View All option from the Recent Activity section. 
  3. Next, tap on All, Money in, or Money Out to filter the lists. However, to grab more details, choose the highlighted Individual Transactions. 

Review Your Monthly QuickBooks Checking Account Statements 

  1. For reviewing the Monthly QuickBooks Checking Account statements, browse to the Banking Services. 
  2. After this, choose the highlighted QuickBooks Checking option. 
  3. Thereon, go to View Account > Manage and then hit the Monthly Statements option. 

For Accountants:- 

  1. The Accountants are supposed to choose the Accounting option followed by Reconcile. 
  2. You must select the QuickBooks Checking account for the account you wish to reconcile. Later, hover your cursor over the View Statements option. 
  3. At last, you must pick one statement that you wish to download. 
To Summarize The Above!!

This post has provided you with all the useful information required to use the QuickBooks Checking account. If you still need help with any of the above-listed steps, you can get help from our professionals anytime to clarify all your doubts.


Ans. The users must have an account with QuickBooks Online and need approval for the online payments. Otherwise, you must require QuickBooks money to run the QuickBooks Checking account. 

Ans. The minimum time to transfer the money from my external bank account to my QuickBooks Checking account is up to three business days.

Ans. For instance, if you have got Bitcoin via QuickBooks, then you are supposed to sell the Bitcoin balance. Then, you must wait until funds get deposited into the QuickBooks Checking account. However, before you close your QuickBooks checking account, check your balance at $0. So, you can either spend that money or shift it into your external bank account. 

Ans. No, you don’t have to pay any charges for transferring money through a standard bank transfer. On the other hand, if you transfer via instant transfer with a valid debit card, you have to pay 1.5% of the total transaction. 

Ans. You can transfer up to $500,000 per day to your QuickBooks Checking account, and weekly you must pay $100,000. 

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