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“QuickBooks error 6073 – Unable to open Company file”. This error is a warning to the users that they won’t be able to open their QuickBooks company file. The data file in the program allows users to store their financial data and information. Besides you can also share this data with the employees who manage your accounting with the QuickBooks software.

This error has a dedicated category referred to as error code series 6000. When opening your QuickBooks company file, the users receive an error warning message with QuickBooks error 6073. Looking for the possible reasons behind the error can make it easy for the users to deal with this error. Don’t go anywhere else to find out the possible reasons and troubleshooting solutions for this error, as it explains everything for you. Start reading!

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What Is QuickBooks Error 6073?

6073 error in QuickBooks, as already stated, belongs to the error code series 6000, wherein the users find it difficult to open the data file. When running the program, the users get to see an error message on their screen – QuickBooks can’t open the company file. Another user may have opened the QuickBooks data file.

QuickBooks Error 6073 (Error Message)

The main reason behind this error is that the user is trying to open the company file on another computer on which the hosting is not properly configured. Damaged data of the QuickBooks company file can also evoke this error in the QuickBooks software. The troubleshooting requires users to know the possible reasons behind this issue.

What Indications Will I Get When QuickBooks Error 6073 Occurs?

The QuickBooks company file access error 6073 occurs in the QuickBooks application; you need to look for the below-given symptoms in order to identify it:

  • A sudden error message shows up on the screen.
  • The user faces difficulty in accessing the data file.
  • QuickBooks is not able to perform with its utmost ability.
  • The program hangs or freezes again and again after a few seconds.
  • An erroneous Grey screen appears on the system.
  • When provided with the commands, the system or QuickBooks doesn’t respond.
  • Accessibility problem leading to the company file error 6073 in QuickBooks.

Factors That Can Stop Users From Opening Their Company File

If you are getting error code 6073 when opening your data file, one or more of the below-given factors can cause this problem:

  • When you try to access the company file from a different computer without switching to the multi-user mode, the error will take place.
  • Sometimes, the error can also take place in accessing the data file when it is stored on a read-only network.
  • Make sure that the same login credentials are used to open the company file from a shared folder. If not, the error is on its way.
  • The network data file is either deleted or corrupted.
  • Running data using remote software can also be an apparent reason behind the QuickBooks error 6047.
  • The company file must be in its optimal health; otherwise, it can cause an error message to show up on your screen.

Best Troubleshooting Solutions To Eliminate QuickBooks Desktop Error 6073

After covering the important points related to the error, we can now proceed further to discuss some of the best solutions for QuickBooks error code 6073. Check and implement the following solutions when not able to access the data file: 

Solution 1: Download QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub To Use QuickBooks File Doctor 

Intuit devised QuickBooks Tool Hub so that users can access all the tools in one place. Using this tool, you can run QuickBooks File Doctor to detect the troubleshoot the common issues related to the QuickBooks company file. To download and run this utility, perform the below-listed solutions:

  • Visit Intuit’s legit website and download the most recent patch of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • You are advised to save it to an easily accessible location.
  • Now go to the PC’s default download location and execute the downloaded file QuickBooksToolHub.exe.
  • Now the user facing the error needs to follow the on-screen prompts to install the tool.
  • Once the installation completes, agree to the terms and conditions to put the tool to use.
  • Now open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and select Company File Issues.
  • Here, you will get the option to run QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Once initiated, the tool will detect the issues related to the company file and repair them.

Once the company is repaired, try accessing it again. If the issue prevails in the troubleshooting, try the next solution.

Solution 2: Access File In Multi-User Mode By Enabling It 

If you are trying to access the company file located on another computer, make sure that multi-user mode is enabled. If not, you will get to know as an error message will crop up on your screen. Switch to the multi-user mode by following the below-given steps:

  • Close QuickBooks solution on all workstations.
  • Next, launch your Company File on the Host computer.
  • Now move to the File menu and choose Switch to Multi-User mode.

Now try to access the data file in multi-user mode. The error will be resolved unless there is a different reason behind this error.

Solution 3: Troubleshooting When The File Is Located In A Read-Only Network Folder

QuickBooks error 6073, -99001 can take place if the file is opened in the read-only network. 

  • First things first, go to the host computer and use the Browse option to open the folder location containing the QuickBooks company file. 
  • Next, right-click on this folder and select Properties from the drop-down list. 
  • Thereafter, go to the Security tab to proceed further with this procedure. 
  • Moving ahead, select the user having trouble logging into the file. 
  • Thereafter, click the Edit button and mark the checkbox for the Allow to full control. 
  • Click Apply and then OK to save the changes you have made. 

Solution 4: Give A New Name To Network Data File 

The network data file is a corresponding file to the QuickBooks company file, which has the same name as the data file, but .ND extension. This file is crucial to run a company file on a network. When damaged or corrupt, you can get QuickBooks error code 6073. Below is how you can rename a Network Data file: 

  • Go to the computer’s Start menu and run Windows Explorer.
  • Next, navigate to the folder containing the QuickBooks company file. 
  • You can find the network data file with the extension .ND.
  • Right-click on the network data file and select Rename option from the drop-down list. 
  • Add .OLD at the end of the file name, and it will look like .ND.OLD. 
  • Click Enter, and the change is now saved. 
  • Try to open the company file and check if the QuickBooks error 6073 is resolved or not. 

To Put It All Together!

The discussed solution in this post can help you in accessing your QuickBooks company file located on another computer. You may also try some additional solutions, such as running Quick Fix My Program from within the QuickBooks Tool Hub (we have already discussed the steps to download and install it). However, if the error is not resolved, connect with our QuickBooks professionals to get help.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. What are the root causes of QuickBooks Error 6073?

Ans. Most often, the users might get stuck with QuickBooks Error 6073 due to the following causes;

  • If the file you are trying to access is located within the read-only network folder.
  • Sometimes, it may happen when a file placed on a Linux server and you are using multiple login credentials for login.
  • You might have left the file open on another computer within Single-User mode.

Q2. Can you fix Error 6073 in QuickBooks by relaunching the device?

Ans. Yes, you can relaunch your device to resolve Error 6073 in QuickBooks. This is so because sometimes relaunching the computer might resolve minor glitches in the application.

Q3. Which Error message flashes on the arrival of QuickBooks Error Code 6073?

Ans. On the arrival of the QuickBooks Error Code 6073, you will get the following error message stating:-

“QuickBooks is unable to open this company file. It may have been opened by another user…”

Q4. What should be done to rectify QuickBooks Company File Error 6073?

Ans. You must use the following troubleshooting methods to rectify QuickBooks Company File Error 6073.

  • Make use of the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Try to launch the data file in multi-user mode.
  • Modify the name of .ND File.
  • Give Full Control to the Network Folder.

Q5. What things you must consider before fixing QuickBooks Error 6073?

Ans. Before you try to resolve QuickBooks Error 6073, keep the following things in your mind.

  • Verify that the company file location or path is correct.
  • Never forget to take a backup of the QuickBooks data file.
  • Try using the supported version of QuickBooks Desktop.

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