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Accounting plays a most important role while running a successful and smooth business. But, if all the financial tasks have been done manually, it occupies a lot of time and effort to do them efficiently. Considering this, Intuit has recently launched QuickBooks Simple Start to handle complex accounting tasks. Moreover, this software provides users with a complete customer support facility from the QuickBooks team to resolve all queries.

Furthermore, in this illustrative blog, we will give you an insight knowledge about QuickBooks Online Simple Start. So, let’s delve deeper into this write-up and know the complete details about this accounting software.

A Brief Introduction About QuickBooks Simple Start

QuickBooks Simple Start is the highly-recommended accounting and bookkeeping solution which enables small-scale businesses to handle all their financial requirements. Moreover, with the help of this accounting solution, businesses can easily track expenses, print checks, pay bills, and many more.

Notable Features of Using QuickBooks Online Simple Start

With QuickBooks Online Simple Start, you can use all the enhanced features to smoothen your day-to-day accounting tasks. Below, we have elaborated on all the features you can use to enhance your finance and bookkeeping experience.

1. Track Income and expenses:-

You can easily download your business transactions once you have linked your bank or credit card account with QuickBooks Simple Start. Moreover, the users may also store and classify this information for maintaining the records.

2. Run Basic Reports:-

Moreover, this accounting solution also enables businesses to run and export summary reports. Also, it provides a user-friendly dashboard to export the reports such as Profit and Loss easily.

3. Invoice and Accept Payments:-

With the help of QuickBooks Simple Start software, you can easily generate customizable invoices. Also, you can receive your payment faster with the help of a credit card or bank transfer.

4. Capture and Organize Receipts:-

Now, with the help of mobile phones, you can capture photos of receipts and then upload them. After this, using this accounting software, you can compare the uploaded receipts corresponding to the expenses.

5. Maximize Tax Deductions:-

The best thing about this software is that you can automatically sort the business expenses into the appropriate tax categories. Consequently, it would help you save a major portion of the money you earned rather than paying more taxes.

6. Keep Track Of Miles:-

Now, using the GPS installed within your smartphones, businesses can easily keep track of the miles you drive for computing business expenses. Moreover, it also makes it easier and more convenient to sort out business trips.

7. 1099 Contractor Management:-

You can now keep in touch with your 1099 Form and get all your documents uploaded directly via QuickBooks Simple Start software. It would help you file the 1099s form accurately without further delays.

8. Tracking Sales and Sales Tax:-

The QuickBooks Simple Start software automatically computes the sales tax after accepting the credit card and payments sitting anywhere in the world.

How Does the QuickBooks Simple Start Online Beneficial for Your Business?

QuickBooks Online is top-notch financial software mainly preferred by small-scale businesses to handle their accounting operations. However, this accounting solution has numerous benefits, which are as follows.

1. Advanced Safety Features:-

Now, the users won’t have to think much about data safety as QuickBooks Simple Start keeps it secure from fraudulent activity. Moreover, this accounting solution automatically updates you with newly launched security features. Thus, it would help increase users’ confidence in accounting software and reduce the chances of data breaches.

2. Multiple Integrations:-

The best thing about this accounting solution is its integration with over 600 other finance applications. These applications comprise PayPal, Gusto, Justworks, Expensify, etc. With the help of these integrations, companies can link all of their business tasks properly.

3. GST Ready:-

Another main advantage of accessing Simple Start QuickBooks is that it makes the process of GST Accounting easier. Moreover, the accountants may also generate GST-Invoices and quotations via this accounting solution. Moreover, it also helps enterprises prepare GST Reports, which helps them do performance analysis.

4. Ease Check Signing:-

With the help of the Simple Start application, organizations can easily scan and attach their signatures and then paste it on their cheques. As a result, it will help minimize the time spent making payments. Moreover, this is the perfect software for those organizations who need to sign multiple cheques for their company.

5. Better Sales Invoice:-

This accounting software makes generating sales receipts and invoices much easier. Moreover, the best thing is that the companies can now prepare the invoices with a few clicks. Thus, it saves both time and effort, which could be utilized in performing other important business tasks. In addition, the organizations can also share their generated invoices with the customers via email and attach payment links with them.

What are the Steps for Setting up QuickBooks Online Simple Start?

After properly understanding QuickBooks Simple Start, you might wonder how to set it up. If this question is bothering you, then don’t worry anymore. Instead, glimpse the steps enumerated below to accomplish the process.

  1. First of all, launch the QuickBooks Simple Start application on your computer.
  2. Soon after this, hit the Next button in the pop-up box.
  3. In the next step, you must accurately include your Company Name and Other important details in the respective text fields.
  4. You are supposed to pick the desired entity form from the available options and then move further.
  5. Thereon, you must also include how your company will bill its customers.
  6. After accurately filling in all the details, tap the Next button. Moreover, you also have to give a new name to the QuickBooks data file.
  7. With this, your setup process is all done, and now you can run the QuickBooks Simple Start application to handle all your business tasks.

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How to Invite Accountants to Get Access to QuickBooks Simple Start?

In the QuickBooks Simple Start application, users can invite up to 2 accountants to access the accounting software. By giving access to the accountants, they can modify and snake the necessary adjustments wherever required. Thus, it also helps businesses keep a proper track record of their finances and expenses efficiently.

Furthermore, follow the following steps to invite an accountant to QuickBooks Simple Start.

  1. Begin the process by clicking on the Gear icon.
  2. After that, move on to the Manage Users option and then proceed further.
  3. In the next step, move to the Accounting Firms tab and include the accurate accountant’s email address.
  4. Once you have mentioned all the details appropriately, tap on the Invite button followed by the Save button.

What is the difference between QuickBooks Online Simple and Essentials?

Read the pointers below to learn how QuickBooks Online Simple differs from the Essentials edition.

BasisQuickBooks Online Simple StartQuickBooks Essentials
ReportsIt doesn’t generate more detailed reports.The QuickBooks Essential version generated more detailed reports than Simple Start.
PricingQuickBooks Simple Start isn’t an expensive software.On the other hand, QuickBooks Essentials is more expensive than the Simple Start application.
FeaturesIt offers basic accounting features for daily finance-related tasks.This accounting software contains some additional features like inventory tracking, sending estimates, and invoices.
Number of UsersOnly one can access this accounting and bookkeeping solution.Whereas a maximum of up to 3 users can utilize this accounting software.
Customer SupportYou can easily avail of the customer support facility by the experts available 24-7.Moreover, this software also offers support and a live chat facility to resolve all your accounting queries.

Final Thoughts!!

We hope you can now easily manage complex accounting and bookkeeping tasks using QuickBooks Simple Start. Moreover, we assure you that you will find this post worth reading and beneficial for you. However, if you are facing challenges while operating this software, connect with our professionals anytime. You can contact our highly-certified experts anytime via the live chat facility or email support. Our experts will guide you in the best possible manner asap.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q1. Which reports can you generate using QuickBooks Online Simple Start?

Ans. Below are the following reports that the users can generate via QuickBooks Online Simple Start.

  1. Audit Log
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Profit and Loss Statement By Customers
  4. Comparison of P& L Statement
  5. Details of the Balance Sheet
  6. Total Income of Profit & Loss By Percent

Q2. Does the QuickBooks Simple Start similar to the Self-Employed application?

Ans. QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Simple Start are two different editions that Intuit designed. The main difference between them is that the independent contractors use QuickBooks Self-Employed. In contrast, the QuickBooks Simple Start edition is used by small-scale businesses.

Q3. How many users can access the QuickBooks Simple Start application?

Ans. Below, we have explained how many users can operate the Simple Start application.

  1. Billable Users:- Only 1 user
  2. Non-Billable Users:- 2 Accountant firm users.
  3. Tag Groups:- Max upto 40 groups
  4. QuickBooks Commerce Accounting:- Max of upto 1 sales channel connected
  5. Chart of Accounts:- Max of upto 250 accounts

Q4. Can I use the Multi-Currency feature in QuickBooks Simple Start Online?

Ans. The multi-currency feature isn’t available in the QuickBooks Simple Start Online edition. This indicates that if you have enabled the multi-currency in QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus, you can’t downgrade to QuickBooks Simple Start.

Q5. Does the bank rules in QuickBooks Simple Start possible?

Ans. The bank rules feature isn’t available in the QuickBooks Simple Start application. You can only utilize this feature in the QuickBooks Online Essential version.

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