How to Repair Damaged QuickBooks Data?

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A customer-centric software used by small, medium and large entrepreneurs, i.e. QuickBooks software. QuickBooks company files are used to keep all essential business data. Losing up your business data will bring some short and long-term impacts for your business. Repair damaged QuickBooks data is required to maintain a smooth workflow of the accounting task as soon as they take place. QuickBooks Repair tool is available to remove damaged QuickBooks data error. This blog will provide you with immediate repair methods and causes for QuickBooks damaged data errors. In case, the given methods are not helpful; you can contact QuickBooks phone number to fix it.

Possible Reasons Behind Corrupted Data Errors in QuickBooks

The repair requirements are considered when the given reasons create data damaged in QuickBooks.

  • Unwanted power failure causes the system and QuickBooks to close unexpectedly and bring company data file damage in QuickBooks.
  • Data list having incorrect entries from a user
  • If QuickBooks company file (.QBW) has corrupted accounts, names, or products list, will give rise to an error in company file data in QuickBooks.
  • Virus or malware attack will also damage the QuickBooks data file.

How to Troubleshoot Corrupted Data in QuickBooks?

You can now go through below given repair methods for data damage in QuickBooks as you are known about possible reasons behind its occurrence.

Step -1  Make Use of Recreate Data Utility and Verify QuickBooks Options

  • Open QuickBooks and press on File option
  • Now, press at utilities and click at Rebuild Data Utility option
  • If you see a message for backing-up data file, press at the Ok option
  • Wait for the message to display “Rebuild is finished’ and then press Ok option
  • Next, choose Verify Data from Utilities and run to check the possible data damage.

If the above procedure will not assist you, move to the next step to troubleshoot this error.

Step – 2 Remove Data Damage in QuickBooks Using QuickBooks File Doctor

You can repair data corruption in QuickBooks if you use QuickBooks file doctor repair tool to fix corrupted data issues in the company file.

Step – 3 Eliminate Company File Corruption Manually

When you run Verify Data Utility, data damage in the company file in QuickBooks will be displayed on your computer screen. You can troubleshoot this issue manually by following the few steps given below.

  • From the Verify Results window, choose to Expand All option to look at data damage issues in the QuickBooks company file.
  • Now, go to repair corrupted data issues one by one if you are comfortable to finish it.

If you can’t follow the given steps in troubleshooting corrupted data errors in QuickBooks, then call QuickBooks enterprise support phone number to remove it. It is available 24/7 hours to fix this issue and take up your call. One of its technical executives from the technical team will attend your call and assist you in removing this error one by one on call. Put up all your issues with a professional executive, and you will get the proper solution regarding this.

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