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One of the most popular accounting applications, QuickBooks is undoubtedly effective for managing daily business operations. But it’s a technology and is highly prone to potential errors and technical glitches. Today, in this blog, we will discuss the QuickBooks error code skipped 111, which is a common issue for daily QuickBooks users. If you’re also encountering this error time and again, take this blog as your upper hand. 

In other instances, this error might trigger while creating the backup in QuickBooks. However, it is crucial to eliminate the error asap using the correct troubleshooting methods. In this post, we have mentioned all the fixation methods to resolve the issue instantly. 

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What’s QuickBooks Error Skipped 111 All About? 

“Error: Verify TARGET: Values in minor do not match with major. Rcrd = 45027.” If you’re receiving this error message on your screen, it’s associated with the QuickBooks error skipped 111. This error indicates company data file damage when users try to run the QuickBooks Verify Data tool. Due to this skipped 111 error, users have to face data accumulation problems and further issues while transforming the data into new utility and other data sections. 

Now, if you’re wondering why this error occurs, continue reading the next section. 

What Brings Error Code Skipped 111 in QuickBooks? 

Learning reasons for QuickBooks errors help you fix them even better. That’s why we have listed some of the major causes to learn what actually brings the error code skipped 111 in QuickBooks. Have a look: 

  • Ancillary network issues may bring the error skipped 111 messages to your screen while using the Verify Data tool. 
  • If your QuickBooks company data files have any internal technical glitches, it’s quite possible to encounter errors that skip 111 QuickBooks. 
  • Damaged backup of your QuickBooks Desktop company data files can also trigger errors skipped 111 in QuickBooks. 
  • Also, an outdated QuickBooks Desktop application can result in error code 111. 
  • Not only is it an outdated QuickBooks application, but if your Windows OS also has an outdated version, you may encounter the error code skipped 111 in QuickBooks. 
  • A virus or malware attack is another major reason for facing errors in QuickBooks. 
  • Damage or corruption of multiple QuickBooks paychecks also triggers issues like the error skipped 111. 
  • Make sure you enter the correct paycheck information, or else you may encounter QuickBooks error 111. 

What Effects Do Users Face with QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111?

Any QuickBooks error is mainly responsible for poor productivity and delayed operations in your daily business workflow. Similarly, the QuickBooks error code skipped 111 has the following adverse effects that users may have to face. Take a look:

  • Due to overflowing memory, the system may automatically make space by deleting the required company files.
  • With the corrupted or damaged company file data, you may no longer be able to access the QuickBooks data.
  • You won’t be able to run your QuickBooks application program seamlessly.

How Can a User Notice QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111? 

The following signs can effectively help you notice the problematic QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111: 

  • Your QuickBooks data files may get corrupted, and due to this, you may encounter many further problems as well.
  • It slows your system’s performance leading to poor productivity, and because of this, you may fail to edit, add, or update any particular payroll data.
  • Deletion of financial data leading to some serious issues for your organization.
  • You may not be able to access further QuickBooks features and tools.
  • Poor track of operational data which may results to issues in syncing employess.
  • Your additional folders and tools on your system may also affected due to the QuickBooks error message skipped 111.

What Methods Can Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error Skipped 111? 

Take a look at the following section and learn the methods to troubleshoot the QuickBooks payroll error skipped 111 easily. Carefully undertake the instructions, and make sure you have a strong internet connection on your computer system:

Troubleshooting Method 1 – Run the QuickBooks Rebuild Data Tool 

In this method, we will try to fix the error code skipped 111 by running the free QuickBooks rebuild data tool. For this:

  • Firstly, you must open your QuickBooks Accounting program and make sure no other application program is running on your computer. 
  • In the next step, you must navigate to the File menu tab. From the drop-down menu, choose the Utilities option. 
  • You will see another drop-down menu and now select the Rebuild Data option. 
  • Continue to this and hit the OK option on the establish a company file backup message. 
  • Now, you must save this company data backup file on your computer system in a suitable location that can be easily accessible. 
  • Done? After this, start the data rebuilding process by running the QuickBooks Rebuild Data tool. Depending on the size of your company data file, the rebuilding process will take time. 
  • Once the Rebuilding process finishes successfully, you will notice the Rebuild has finished message. 
  • Hit the OK button on this message, and it’s done. Now, retry running the Verify Data tool and check for the QuickBooks online error skipped 111. If you still face the same issue, move to the next method. 

Troubleshooting Method 2 – Verify the QuickBooks Payroll Check Information

As we already informed you, make sure to enter the correct paycheck information, or else you may encounter a QuickBooks payroll error skipped 111. Verify this information by carrying out the procedure below: 

  • Firstly, you must close all the running software programs and their related tabs in your Windows background. 
  • Done? Now, you need to open your QuickBooks software afresh. Once opened, you will see the Paycheck option here. 
  • Click the same, and change the information, such as paycheck sum or date. 
  • Immediately after this, you must update every single payroll check item and then select the paycheck detail option to open the same. 
  • Afterward, click the OK option and choose the Save and Close alternative. 
  • In the next step, an updated payroll transaction list will appear on your screen, from where you must choose the Save option. 
  • After performing all the steps above, create a company data backup file and continue restarting your QuickBooks application. 
  • Now, move to the QuickBooks File menu tab, and from here, click to run the verify and rebuild data tools. 
  • If while trying to run the Verify Data tool, you face QuickBooks payroll error skipped 111, move to the next solution to fix it. 

Troubleshooting Method 3 – Run the Free QuickBooks File Doctor Tool 

QuickBooks file doctor tool is an excellent utility for fixing company file-related issues. As we know, the error skipped 111 code in QuickBooks is also related to damaged data files, so run the File Doctor tool to fix this error. For this, you must:

  • First of all, download and install Intuit’s QuickBooks Tool Hub from the official QuickBooks website. 
  • Once you download the QuickBooksToolHub.exe installer file on your computer, save the file on your Desktop. 
  • Double-click the file to open. When you open the file, you will notice some instructions to follow to begin the installation of QuickBooks Tool Hub. 
  • Follow the instructions, agree to the license agreement, and click the Install button. 
  • Wait for a while till the installation is successfully done. Once done, hit the Finish button and start running the Tool Hub. 
  • After opening the Tool Hub, move to the Company File Issue tab and click the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to run. 
  • Here, you will be asked to upload the file having damaged or corrupted data issues. You can also search for that file by clicking the Browse option. 
  • Now, the tool will automatically detect and fix the internal data issues from your QuickBooks company file. 

Troubleshooting Method 4 – Make Paycheck Corrections

By following the steps below, we will make the required changes in the payroll checks and get back to the original condition. After this, we will try running the Verify Data tool again.

  • Firstly, launch your QuickBooks program on your system and click to open the Paycheck.
  • Now, in the next step, make the required proxy or temporary changes in this Paycheck. These changes may include a date or amount.
  • After this, click on the Paycheck Detail tab to edit particular Payroll items, and once done, click the OK button.
  • Following this, press the Save & Close button.
  • By this, a list of transactions will appear on your screen. Make some changes as per your requirement, and click the Yes button to save all the changes.
  • After all the above changes, perform all the steps again to get back to the original figures you mentioned in the payroll check.
  • Now save this file and also create a backup of all your payroll data. 
  • After this, move to the File tab, and make sure to close all the running programs and their related tabs and windows. 
  • Finally, you must run the QuickBooks Verify Data and Rebuild Data tools on the file you saved.

Troubleshooting Method 5 – Update your Windows Operating System 

If you’re running QuickBooks and its services plus tools on an outdated Windows Operating System, you may surely encounter QuickBooks Update Error Skipped 111. To update your Windows, you must follow the instructions below:

  • Firstly, move to the Windows Start button and click the same. Now, choose the Control Panel icon to open the same. 
  • Here, navigate straight to the Windows Update section. 
  • From here, select the Update & Security alternative, and then click the Windows Update option. 
  • Now, you must check for the available latest Windows updates. If any of the updates are available, click the Get Updates button. 
  • Install the updates successfully, and it’s done. 
Contact Our Support Team for More..! 

So, here we end this comprehensive post. Well, troubleshooting the QuickBooks error skipped 111 may seem confusing or time-consuming for many users. Thus, perform the methods given above and try to fix the problem. But, if you face any technical issues while undertaking the above methods, just ping us via Live Chat Support, and our team will immediately assist you with relevant solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

Ans: The error code skipped 111 QuickBooks is basically about the damage to company data files when users try to run the QuickBooks Verify Data tool. “Error: Verify TARGET: Values in minor do not match with major. Rcrd = 45027.” If you’re receiving this error message on your screen, it’s associated with the QuickBooks error skipped 111. Due to this skipped 111 error, users have to face data accumulation problems and further issues while transforming the data into new utility and other data sections. 

Ans: Yes, the ADR tool can be helpful. It internally fixes the damaged file. 


  • ADR tool automatically adds the number of documents. 
  • The tool deletes the old files from the archives. 

Ans: Yes, the error may trigger damages to your QuickBooks company files as well. Thus, always get ready with a backup data file. 

Ans: You can easily contact our QuickBooks support team for further professional help by contacting anytime or reaching out to us via Live Chat Support! 

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