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QuickBooks is managed and powered by Intuit with the mission of helping small and medium-sized businesses to manage all of their business activities and transactions on a single platform. QuickBooks offers on-premises accounting applications and software as well as cloud versions that empower the business owners to accept the payments, manage and pay expenses or monthly bills, payroll functions, and other much more important features. QuickBooks users are facing is QuickBooks Script Error.

QuickBooks user interface is so easy that it doesn’t ask to have any accounting or financial information for using its versions. Also, QuickBooks also helps you to sync your bank account with the software and automatically import or categorize financial transactions. Although, the levels of features that QuickBooks

QuickBooks Script Error Message

is providing to its users, have enabled the company to gain brand recognition. But QuickBooks sometimes fails to work properly and frustrates its users by showing error codes and one of the common errors. So, let’s discuss this error in detail.

What is QuickBooks Script Error

QuickBooks script error occurs at the time of opening a company’s file. By its default settings, QuickBooks always use the Internet Explorer web browser to connect to the internet. In that meantime, if the JavaScript or VB Script is not installed properly or has installation issues, then the QuickBooks Script Error can occur with a popup display message. If your PC is facing Script errors, then it will not only affect the functioning of QuickBooks software, but it may also trigger issues in internet and browser settings.

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Basic Reasond Behind the QuickBooks Script Error

Facing the QuickBooks script error is not a big deal. Although, you must be aware of what and how to do, to get the problem resolved. First, let’s discuss the reasons or the factors, due to that you can face the QuickBooks Script error while opening a company’s file.

  • Script processing function is either disabled or blocked.
  • Your PC is attacked by a virus or malware.
  • Unwanted changes in the scripts.
  • Script plugin or software is damaged or corrupted.
  • PC’s window is damaged
  • Online downloaded data is not automatically syncing with the script software.
  • Script debugging feature is disabled.
  • The file which you are trying to open is damaged.

Why Occurred Script Error in QuickBooks

If you want to check whether your system is suffering from the QuickBooks script error or not, then here are some of the symptoms or factors which users can face due to QuickBooks Script error.

  1. Internet Explorer is not working properly or is responding slowly to the requests.
  2. QuickBooks online activities are prohibited.
  3. Facing difficulties in the navigation to the features in QuickBooks.
  4. Not able to download or install the latest version of QuickBooks software.
  5. Frequent popup messages regarding the error on the screen.

How to Solved QuickBooks Desktop Script Error

After getting all the information about the QuickBooks script error, now, let’s discuss the methods or the solutions which you can easily follow to get rid of the problem of facing QuickBooks script error.

Solution 1: Deleting cache and history of Internet Explorer

Before you start any time-consuming process of solving the error, first, you must try to clear the cache and history of the browser. Sometimes, when the browser is full with unwanted cache, then it might show some errors to its users. So, here are the steps that you can follow to clear the cache on your internet explorer.

  1. Open internet explorer.
  2. Now, click on the tools option.
  3. Then, click on “Internet options” and then “General Tab”.
  4. Now, click on the “Delete Browsing History”. You can also go directly to this page by pressing the “Ctrl + Shift + Del” keys together.
  5. Then, on the history page, select all the options and then click on the “Delete” option. After this, all the history, cookies, and cache will be deleted in Internet explorer.

Solution 2: Turning off the Add-Ons feature in the Internet Explorer

  1. First, open internet explorer
  2. Go to the tools section.
  3. Then, click on the internet options, and there, search for the “Manage Add-Ones” option and click on that.
  4. At last, select the “disable” option from the bottom side of the screen.

Now, you have successfully turned off the Add-one’s feature. This method will definitely help you to solve the problem. If the problem still continues, then don’t bother and follow the last solution.

Solution 3: Uninstall the ActiveX file in Internet Explorer

  • Go to the settings page.
  • After that, check all the installed ActiveX files in your system.
  • After that, you have to search for that name starting with qboax such as qboax11 or qboax11.dll.
  • Then, at Last, close all the running windows or pages in your Windows Explorer, and then finally, delete all the located files available in your system.

Once, you have deleted the ActiveX files from your internet explorer, then again relaunch the QuickBooks software, and perform that task in which you were facing the Script error. At this stage, the QuickBooks Script error will be solved.

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Facing errors while using the QuickBooks software is very frequent. Whenever you face any error in QuickBooks, there is no need to be panic about it. In this article, we have mentioned all the necessary information about QuickBooks, the Script error, and the methods to get the problem resolved. You can use any of the above methods to get rid of the error. Also, if you find the content useful and informative, then do share it with your friends or business colleagues, who are also existing users of QuickBooks, so that in case, if they face any error in the future, they will be aware of what to do.

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