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Disclaimer:- Now, you can directly access the QuickBooks File Doctor tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Just click the button and get the QuickBooks Tool Hub now!

QuickBooks company data files are one of the most integral parts for every QuickBooks user with voluminous accounting operations. But what if these files get corrupted, lost, or damaged? We know the consequences; it affects your entire workflow and productivity. That’s why Intuit has introduced an excellent utility, which is the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. Yes, it’s an amazing tool that helps users fix the general QuickBooks company file issues.

In today’s post, we strive to give all the essential insights regarding the File Doctor tool. From the download and installation process of the tool, what issues it may present, and what QuickBooks errors users can resolve using it to the prominent benefits of the File Doctor tool, this post will help you. 

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QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor – A Small Introduction!

The popular accounting application QuickBooks is a complete suite for daily users with small or medium-sized business operations. Focusing on the users’ experience and convenience, Intuit has introduced QuickBooks Tool Hub. The Tool Hub has tools and utilities to fix almost all the general QuickBooks issues. One such tool is the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor tool. This tool has been designed to help users fix the company data file errors and glitches. 

This simple file-repairing tool automatically detects the problems related to the company data files and effortlessly fixes them as well. That’s why millions of users rely on the tool and save their essential company data from potential damage and loss. So, are you excited to get this worthy utility in your management, too? If yes, pay attention to the next section and begin with the QuickBooks file doctor download. 

QuickBooks File Doctor Free Download – Here’s How! 

As we have discussed above, users can access the File Doctor tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub. So, firstly, you need to get the Tool Hub on your system and begin with the QuickBooks file doctor free download.

  • Begin the procedure by first visiting the official Intuit site. Here, you will get the direct link for the QuickBooks tool hub free download
  • Click the link and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub installer file, which is QuickBooksToolHub.ex
  • Once the download completes, press the CTRL + J buttons to open the Downloads window of your internet browser. 
  • Now, look for the downloaded QuickBooksToolHub.exe installer file and save this file on your computer’s Desktop. 
  • Once you save the file, double-click it to open it. In this file, you will see some on-screen instructions to proceed and begin the QuickBooks Tool Hub installation. 
  • Done till this? After performing the instructions, agree to the license agreement, and begin the installation by clicking the Next and then Install button. 
  • Wait till the installation is over. This procedure may take a while. Once it’s over, hit the Finish option. 
  • After successfully installing the QuickBooks Tool Hub, open it and navigate directly to the Company File Issues tab. 
  • From here, you can access the Intuit QuickBooks file doctor. Click the tool and start running it to fix the company file issue anytime you face it. 

Two Types of Available QuickBooks File Doctor Free Download

You can opt for QuickBooks file doctor free download and run the tool based on the types given below:

  • One is the in-built version of the file doctor tool, which is available with the QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and later editions. 
  • The second one is the QuickBooks File Doctor tool’s stand-alone version, which is set up from the server only. 

How Beneficial is the QuickBooks File Doctor Download? 

The QuickBooks file doctor download and installation is beneficial for users in multiple ways. We have jotted down some of the notable benefits to answer you. Have a look: 

Repairs QuickBooks company data files

Undoubtedly yes! File Doctor QuickBooks is a proven tool for repairing QuickBooks company data files. Often, users find that their company files are damaged, have inconsistencies, are not opening when required, or have other issues. At such times, the File Doctor tool of the QuickBooks tool hub can effectively help. It repairs the file by eliminating all the issues and restoring the file to the safest state. 

A Quick and convenient tool 

Indeed! The File Doctor QuickBooks is a quick and convenient tool to use to troubleshoot common QuickBooks company file errors and interruptions. This utility has been designed with a sleek and user-friendly interface with easy user navigation. The ease of use and smooth functionality make the tool convenient enough to troubleshoot the company file problem. Within a few clicks, users get solutions for their company file issues and queries. 

Automatically detects and repairs 

QuickBooks simplifies everything, so why shouldn’t its tools do the same? Of course, they do. The automation feature of the File Doctor tool simply and automatically detects the issue from the company file. Also, it automatically resolves the problem of the company file. By this, users can save enough time and skip the headache of manual troubleshooting. Overall, this automation makes users download QuickBooks File Doctor tool. 

Troubleshoots network connectivity issues

Often, users face technical glitches while connecting their company data files over any network. Do you face such problems as well? If yes, you can get rid of such glitches with the help of the File Doctor tool. Just download the QuickBooks file doctor tool and let it diagnose plus troubleshoot the possible network connection errors. The tool will help you operate QuickBooks with smooth network connectivity.

Saves your financial data

Company files contain all your business’s crucial financial data. However, the potential damage and loss of such data due to technical or external factors can cause your business to face costly consequences. However, you can avoid such situations by simply starting the QuickBooks desktop file doctor download. Use this tool to fix such data damage and save your financial data, ensuring uninterrupted access.

Errors that Users can Solve with the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Take a look at the table given below. We have prepared this to help you learn better about what issues you can eliminate by running the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

QuickBooks Error code 6150

QuickBooks error code H202

Network connectivity problems 

QuickBooks error code 6123 0

QuickBooks error code -6000 -82

QuickBooks error H505

QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Errors

QuickBooks Desktop error 6073

Error code -6000 -301 in QuickBooks

QuickBooks H-series errors 

Issues with missing or blank vendor, customer or employee QuickBooks lists

Error code 6210 in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Error code -6000 -305

QuickBooks database server manager issues

Malware attack or virus in hard drive

QuickBooks error code 6190 and 816

QuickBooks 6000 Series Errors

Can’t open QuickBooks Company File

QuickBooks program install errors

QuickBooks error code 6010

QuickBooks error code 6147 or –6130

QuickBooks error code 6175

Firewall Port Configuration errors

QuickBooks error 6189

Damaged Company file issues

Damaged Windows Registry

QuickBooks program update problems 

QuickBooks error message 6147

What Issues Can Users Face with QuickBooks Company File Doctor? 

So, we’ve discussed enough about the advantages of opting for QuickBooks file doctor download. But now we will guide you regarding the issues that you may face while using this file doctor tool. 

Carefully take a look at the problems below: 

  • QuickBooks file doctor won’t open 

The QuickBooks file doctor won’t open, which is one of the most common errors users may face while accessing the File Doctor tool. One of the major causes of this problem is the corrupted company files. If you use such files while running the file doctor, it may not open and run. 

  • QuickBooks file doctor not accepting admin password

When a user uploads a company file and has issues running the file doctor tool, an admin password must be entered. However, many users may encounter a problem with QuickBooks file doctor not accepting admin password. It’s due to an outdated QuickBooks software program. It’s better to get the latest updates first and then run the file doctor tool. 

  • QuickBooks file doctor crashes

Yes, sometimes QuickBooks file doctor crashes as well, and the prominent reason for this is the exceeded size of the company file. If the file is larger than the standard limit of 200 MB, the tool crashes and stops working.  Eventually, be careful regarding the file size. 

  • QuickBooks desktop file doctor taking a long time

Is your QuickBooks desktop file doctor taking a long time? Well, it’s another common issue that you may encounter while running the tool. The most possible reason for facing such a delay is your system’s poor or unstable internet connection. Additionally, the performance errors of your QuickBooks application can also make file doctor take longer than usual while running. 

  • QuickBooks file doctor not opening

Again, the QuickBooks file doctor not opening issue is the common one and is only triggered when the company files are lost, corrupted, or damaged. However, you can use the QuickBooks Rebuild and Verify data tool from the Tool Hub to fix such company file issues. 

Points to Consider Before Running Intuit QuickBooks File Doctor

Have a look at the points mentioned below to run the Intuit QuickBooks file doctor tool smoothly and hassle-freely. 

  • Make sure to install only a single version of the QuickBooks application on your computer system. 
  • Also, you must have all the admin rights and credentials to run the File Doctor tool. 
  • The company file size must be 1.5 GB, and it shouldn’t be exceeded. It’s because, exceeded file size may bring errors.
  • Of course, a proper internet connection is strictly suggested. Otherwise, a poor connection may cause you to come across the QuickBooks desktop file doctor taking a long time to query. 
  • Before you access and run the file doctor tool, ensure you have the updated version of your QuickBooks Desktop software.  It’s because, missing updates may bring further issues. 

Reminders for In-built QuickBooks Enterprise File Doctor 

However, if you have an in-built QuickBooks enterprise file doctor version, you need to pay attention to the following points before using the tool: 

  • The in-built version of the file doctor is compatible and runs well with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Server 2023-2012.  
  • You can also run the file doctor QuickBooks tool to repair the network connection issues. 
  • Also, remember that the built-in file doctor tool of QuickBooks is accessible to CA, UK, and US software version users. 

How to Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to Repair Company Files? 

We have explained two different methods for running the file doctor tool via QuickBooks Tool Hub and the in-built QBFD version, respectively. Thus, carefully carry out the methods accordingly:

How to Run QuickBooks File Doctor via Tool Hub? 

  • Firstly, download and install the free QuickBooks Tool Hub, as mentioned before in this blog. 
  • From the Tool Hub, you must choose the Company File Issues tab. Herein, select the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to run it. 
  • Now, from the drop-down menu, you must select your company data file, which has access issues. 
  • In case you can’t find the file, continue searching for the same by clicking the Browse and Search option. 
  • Once you find your company file, hit the Check your file button and choose the Continue button. 
  • Done till this? Now, you will be asked to enter your admin password. Finally, enter the same, and hit the Next option. 

Running the Built-in QuickBooks File Doctor Version

  • Firstly, we suggest you consider all the points given above to begin with the built-in file doctor version
  • Done? Now, open your QuickBooks software and move to the File menu
  • From the drop-down File menu, you must select the Utilities alternative. 
  • Again, hit the Repair file and Network Problems option from the drop-down menu. By this, you can fix company file and network issues with QuickBooks file doctor tool
  • Coming on to the next step, you must choose the Browse alternative to search for the company file having problems. 
  • Click the Open option, and a new window will appear saying Show Advanced Settings window. 
  • Click the Next button. Here, you must enter your Admin ID and Password. Once done, again choose the Next option. 
  • Finally, end the entire procedure by clicking the Finish option. 

Possible End Results After Running QuickBooks File Doctor 

Completed the QuickBooks file doctor free download? Now, start running it as per the instructions above to fix your QuickBooks company file and network issues. Well, you may get the following possible end results after running the file doctor tool. 

Have a look and accordingly learn what to do next: 

#1 Possible Result – There is an issue, but it can’t be fixed! 

It’s one of the possible cases that users may encounter after running the QuickBooks file doctor tool. At such times, you’re recommended to do the following:

  • Enter all your financial and transaction details manually. 
  • Use the auto data recovery tool to restore all the data. 
  • Moreover, create a backup of your company data files. 

#2 Possible Result – No issues found! 

No issues found! It’s the second possible result that users may get when they try to fix company file and network issues with QuickBooks file doctor. In this case, the tool doesn’t find any technical issue in the company file. After this, you must follow the below instructions: 

  • Retry to sign in to your QuickBooks company file. 
  • Set up the auto data recovery tool and run it. 

#3 Possible Result – The issue was detected, and it has been fixed! 

It’s the third most possible case that happens when users run the QuickBooks company file doctor. After receiving such notifications, you must: 

  • Open a new QuickBooks company data file. 
  • Additionally, start entering all your financial and transaction data in the file. 

Is QuickBooks File Doctor for Mac Users Available? 

  • So, if we talk about QuickBooks file doctor for Mac users, it’s not yet available. QuickBooks is incompatible with the Mac system. 
  • QuickBooks file doctor works only and runs well on all the Windows operating system versions. 

QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working! Here’s What to Do Next. 

As discussed before as well, the QuickBooks file doctor not working or QuickBooks file doctor not opening issues are common to encounter. If you find yourself with such problems, immediately perform the actions below: 

  • Firstly, configure your Firewall Defender or Antivirus software settings. 
  • Secondly, make sure to turn off your QuickBooks hosting mode.
  • Set up and use the Auto Data Recovery tool to fix the QuickBooks file. The doctor won’t open the issue. 
  • Also, ensure that you restore a backup of your QuickBooks company data files. 
Concluding Now..! 

So, that’s all! We hope this comprehensive post has clarified everything regarding the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. Undoubtedly, it’s proven that File Doctor is one of the best-ever utilities by Intuit QuickBooks. Just get it for your daily QuickBooks operations as well, and use it wisely to terminate the potential company file or network problems. However, we understand that the tool may seem confusing for many users. If you’re among such users, feel free to ask for a professional from our support team. Contact us via the Live Chat Support facility. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Ans. On a daily basis, while working on QuickBooks, you may encounter company file issues like data damage, corruption, or loss. Apart from this, even network connectivity problems can arise at times. At such times, what can be the best way other than using the file doctor tool? So, download the tool and get rid of all such problems. 

Ans. You can download the QuickBooks file doctor tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub (download is available on the official Intuit website). In the Tool Hub, go to the Company File Issues tab and access the company file doctor tool. 

Ans. Yes, QuickBooks File Doctor is available free of cost. You can download it directly from the official Intuit QuickBooks website and install it on your system without any cost. 

Ans. From company file issues, connection errors, network problems, and Windows-related glitches to financial data corruption, diagnostic interruptions, and update errors, you can address the problems by running a file doctor tool. 

Ans. If you face any issues or confusion while running the file QuickBooks File Doctor tool, contact our professional QuickBooks support team at 1-855-603-0490. Also, you can get our expert’s supervision via Live Chat Support. 

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