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QuickBooks provides its users with an option using which they can delete an account in QuickBooks Online if it is not in use anymore. However, if you wish to restore the account you previously deleted, you have to make it active again. To know proper instructions regarding how to delete and restore an account in QuickBooks Online, continue reading this entire post.

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Things To Consider Before Deleting an Account in QuickBooks Online

Deleting or restoring an account in the QuickBooks online is not as difficult as it sounds like. Before you directly delete your QuickBooks online account permanently, we strongly recommend you first have a look at the important points that you must know before you delete the account.

  • Deleting the QuickBooks online account will not erase your transactions. In short, you can restore the transactions anytime if it is required in the future.
  • Even if you have removed the transaction from QuickBooks, the earlier posted transactions in the account will remain as it is.
  • You can easily restore the deleted accounts in the QuickBooks whenever you want them back.
  • You can filter the COA page to include deleted or inactive accounts.
  • There are several major accounts in the QuickBooks application that you can’t delete, for example, sales tax account.

How to Delete an Account in QuickBooks Online

Now, to permanently delete an account in the QuickBooks online, below we have mentioned the steps that you can follow one by one to get it done.

  • First of all, click on the gear icon at from the top of the screen.
  • After that, proceed further, and under your Company section, you have to select the Chart of Accounts (COA).
  • Now, search for the accounts which you wish to delete it.
  • Move forwards by choosing the drop down list under the action column and then hit the “Delete” option.
  • At last, it will ask you for a final confirmation to delete the account, click on the “Yes” option to confirm.
delete or restore an account in QuickBooks online

How to make an Account Inactive in QuickBooks Online

In case, if you wish to make your account inactive instead of deleting it, then here are the steps that you can follow to do the same.

  • First, click on the Gear icon in the QuickBooks online and go to the settings page.
  • Now, click on the “Chart of Accounts” option.
  • Then search for the account which you wish to make inactive.
  • Click on that account and then go to action.
  • Now, under the options, select on make the account inactive.

After this step, you have successfully made your account inactive, and are now hidden from the transactions and the menus.

What Will Happen to Your Account Once It Will Be Deleted?

Once your account will be deleted, it will automatically be removed from the Chart of Accounts and other places. Although, the transactions with that account will still remain as the part of your company’s crucial data. You can easily find the earlier transaction through financial reports.

How to Restore a Deleted Account in QuickBooks Online?

In case, if you think that you have the made the wrong decision of deleting the QuickBooks account or in case, if you want to get the account back, then don’t panic. Below, we have mentioned two methods that you can follow to restore your deleted account in the QuickBooks online.

Method 1: With the Help of a Chart of Accounts (COA)

To easily restore your deleted QuickBooks online account, here are the steps that you can follow under the Chart of Accounts section.

  • At first, click on the gear icon and go to the settings page.
  • After that, under the settings page, click on the “Chart of Accounts” option.
  • Here, you can another “Settings” icon available at the top of the “Action” column.
  • Now, click on the checkmark for the “Include inactive” option.
  • Then, you have to locate the deleted account that you want to restore.
  • At last, under the “Action” column, click on the “Make active” option to restore the account.

Now, you have successfully restored your Deleted account in the QuickBooks online.

Method 2: Audit Log

Another way of restoring a deleted account in QuickBooks Online is to open the Audit Log that keeps the backup of your company’s data. So, to restore the deleted account here is the step by step guide to perform so.

  • Go to the settings page and then navigate towards the “Audit Log” option.
  • Click on that option and then start searching for the deleted account.
  • Now, go to the “Event” section and click on the account hyperlink. This will now take you towards the “Account” window.
  • Now, you can easily remove the check the “Inactive” option from the bottom list.
  • Once the process ends, click on the “Save and close” option.

After performing the above steps, your Deleted QuickBooks Online account will be restored. Now, you can easily access that account in QuickBooks Online.


So, here we conclude this entire post and hope you might find it worth reading. Also, we assure you that you can now easily delete and restore an account in QuickBooks Online. However, if you still get stuck at any of the above-listed troubleshooting steps, you can consult our experts through a live chat facility. Our experts will get in touch with you and clarify all your doubts immediately.

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