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Facing frozen QuickBooks Desktop issues? Well, you’re not alone in facing such problems, but thousands of daily QuickBooks users complain about the same. That’s why we have come up with this insightful guide to help you unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop application. A Frozen QuickBooks application is a result of a damaged or corrupted QuickBooks installation. However, many other factors can also lead to this issue. 

Users mainly encounter this issue when they try to enter transactions in the reports. Because of this, the active Windows also stops working, so it’s essential to address this frozen QuickBooks issue ASAP. So, continue reading this post and troubleshoot the issue permanently. 

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What’s the QuickBooks Freezing Up Issue All About? 

QuickBooks Desktop freezing is an issue that results in many further issues for the managers using QuickBooks in their accounting operations. Most users encounter this issue while working on the transaction reports essential for business accounting records. Also, a warning message stating, “Warning: ***-[NSPlaceholderDictionary qbinitWithObjects:forKeys:count:]: attempt to insert nil object from objects[0]” appears on their QuickBooks Desktop screen. 

Are you curious to know what exactly triggers this QuickBooks freezing up issue? If yes, let’s continue reading and unveil the possible reasons. 

Reasons Why Users Face QuickBooks Desktop Freezes Problem

The following reasons are mainly responsible for facing the QuickBooks Desktop freeze problem. Have a look and reach the roots of this issue: 

  • Enabled User Account Control (UAC) settings are one of the reasons for QuickBooks freezing. 
  • Users may face unexpected QuickBooks freezing issues if the QuickBooks company financial file name is too long. 
  • If third-party or other Windows programs apart from QuickBooks have occupied too much space, your QuickBooks may freeze while running. 
  • As already discussed, damaged or corrupted QuickBooks software installation is also one of the main reasons for freezing QuickBooks issues. 
  • The damaged or corrupted QBWUSER.INI file within your computer system is another major reason for facing QuickBooks Desktop freezes problem. 
  • If you’ve used a corrupted hard drive to install your QuickBooks application, you can surely face freezing issues later while working on the application.
  • The exceeded, or enough large QuickBooks company file size can also bring freezing issues while operating the QuickBooks application.

How Can You Notice the QuickBooks Freezing Up Issue?

If you are noticing the following activities in your QuickBooks application or on a computer system, it’s due to the QuickBooks freezing issue. Have a look at the following signs to recognize the error attack and close frozen QuickBooks accordingly. 

  1. Freezing of your Windows for a few seconds is one of the most common indications of the QuickBooks freezing error. 
  2. Crashing of your active Windows programs is also a sign of the freezing QuickBooks Desktop. 
  3. Another obvious sign is the continuous flashing of QuickBooks freezing issue warning messages on your screen. 
  4. If you’re facing repeated hanging and sluggish performance of QuickBooks, of course, it’s an indication of QuickBooks freezing problem. 

Quick Methods to Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop Application

To unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop application, you need to undertake the troubleshooting methods cited in the section below. Perform the methods by following directions and seamlessly removing the QuickBooks freezing issue. 

Troubleshooting Solution 1 – Rename the Initialization File (QBUSER.INI File)

As we have discussed above, issues with the initialization file (QBUSER.INI file) are a prominent reason for facing the freezing issues in QuickBooks. So, undertake the given method and resolve the problem. 

  • Firstly, make sure to close your QuickBooks application and its related windows on your system, and then begin the troubleshooting. 
  • Secondly, hit the Windows + E tabs simultaneously on your keyboard, and by this, you will get the File Explorer window
  • After this, navigate to the My Computer option and select the C: Drive icon to open the same. 
  • Now, click the Search option and type QBWUSER.INI. Click the OK button to get the search results, and once you get the file, right-click the same to choose the Rename alternative. 
  • Change the file name by adding the .old extension at the end of the filename. After this, finally, restart your QuickBooks Desktop application. Still, facing the QuickBooks freezing up issue? If yes, proceed to the second strategy. 

Troubleshooting Solution 2 – Run the QuickBooks Fix My Program Tool from the Tool Hub

Since we are talking about the freezing issues in QuickBooks, the problem lies within the QuickBooks application. Also, the corrupted installation can bring such freezing issues. Thus, running the QuickBooks Fix My Program utility of the Tool Hub can fix this issue. 

  • Make sure you have QuickBooks Tool Hub installed on your computer system. If you don’t have one, get it from the official Intuit website
  • Once you have downloaded the installation file of the Tool Hub, save this file on your computer’s desktop. 
  • Now, open this downloaded QuickBooksToolHub.exe installation file and carry out the mandatory instructions given in the file. 
  • After performing according to the instructions, agree to the license agreement, and hit the Next button.
  • Now, to begin the installation hit the Install tab and wait till the installation procedure is over. Once the Tool Hub installation completes, tap the Finish button. 
  • Congratulations! You have successfully installed the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • The next step is to open this Tool Hub and directly navigate to the Program Problems tab. 
  • From here, select the Quick Fix My Program tool, run the same, and let the tool repair the QuickBooks Desktop freezing problems.
  • Once the repair is done, restart your computer and open the QuickBooks Desktop again.  

If you’re still coming across the freezing problems in QuickBooks, move to the next solution. 

Troubleshooting Solution 3 – Take Help from the QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility 

To close frozen QuickBooks Desktop applications and permanently eliminate the freezing issue, you must fix the data damage issues by running the QuickBooks Rebuild Data utility tool. Undertake the penned-down instructions for the same: 

  1. Firstly, open your QuickBooks application and navigate to the File menu. From here, select the Verify Data alternative. 
  2. On verifying the data, if you find any issue that might cause freezing issues in QuickBooks, again navigate to the File menu and select the Rebuild Data alternative. 
  3. Click the OK button and wait till the tool repairs the damaged data issue. Once the repair process is over, again click the OK option. 
  4. Finally, check the status of your QuickBooks application. 
Need Professional Help?

By the end of this post, we hope you have learned how to unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop. Implement the strategies above, and eliminate the annoying freezing issues in your QuickBooks. However, if you face any difficulty while solving this freezing issue or feel like calling professionals to help you, we are here! Connect with our QuickBooks expert technicians via the Live Chat Support facility and let this problem get fixed professionally. 


A1: From the QuickBooks Tool Hub, you can get help by running the tools below: 

  • QuickBooks Rebuild and Verify Data tool. 
  • QuickBooks Fix my Program utility.

A2: Primarily, the following issues can cause the QuickBooks Desktop Freezes Problems: 

  • Missing the essential system requirements is one of the major reasons for facing freezing issues in QuickBooks. 
  • The damaged QBUSER.INI file also leads to the freezing QuickBooks problem. 

A3: Yes, by restoring your system, you may unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop. For this, restore your system to an earlier state. 

A4: By noting down the following points, you can avoid facing QuickBooks Desktop Freezes problem in the future. 

A5:  Don’t panic! You are free to call our QuickBooks expert technicians anytime for further assistance. Also, you can approach our expert support team via the available Live Chat Support option. 

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