. How to Unfreeze QuickBooks (Latest 3 Simple Tips 2023)

Mostly, the users might encounter QuickBooks freezing issues while accessing the accounting software. It might occur while using the older version of QuickBooks or the Windows operating system. Every time the issue occurs, it turns off the users’ system. Thus, it disrupts the ongoing business tasks and puts the entire work at a halt. Therefore, it is crucial to unfreeze QuickBooks so that you can continue working with QuickBooks without any interruptions. 

Go through this entire post thoroughly and you will obtain all the essential details required to unfreeze QuickBooks. 

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What Are the Reasons Behind QuickBooks Keep Freezing Issue?

Sometimes, the users might experience QuickBooks Desktop freezing up issue when you are not using the operating system compatible with your QuickBooks version. Apart from this, there are multiple other reasons that might give rise to this issue, which are as follows. 

  • Missing or corruption in the QBWUSER.ini file is one of the reasons. 
  • Not using the updated version of Windows or QuickBooks software. 
  • Windows Firewall or any other third-party security application is obstructing users from accessing QuickBooks. 
  • Sometimes, it may occur when your company file name comprises the characters than actually required. 

How Can You Identify QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Up?

With the help of the following signs and symptoms, users can easily recognize QuickBooks keeps freezing. Read the pointers given below closely.

  • QuickBooks won’t be able to load the dashboard and stops functioning, even before throwing the error message.
  • Whenever you experience QuickBooks Crashing, you see that other Windows software begins to respond slowly.
  • After a few seconds of freezing, you might discover that your system starts switching off. 
  • Once the QuickBooks begins to freeze, accounting chores might get complicated and your system starts performing sluggishly. 
  • You might discover that an active window begins crashing frequently. 

Prerequisites Required Before Moving To Resolution Method 

It is crucial to consider a few points in mind, before ahead to the troubleshooting part. 

  • Always, ensure to establish the backup copy of your QuickBooks company file.
  • Check that you are accessing the most recently launched version of QuickBooks.
  • The name of your QuickBooks data file must not contain more than 35 characters including spaces. 

Best Tips to Deal With QuickBooks Desktop Freezes When Opening Issue

After understanding the main cause of the error, it is important to fix QuickBooks Desktop freezing up issue. Therefore, to help you out we have discussed some quick resolution methods to fix the issue. 

Resolution Method 1: Modify the Name Of QBWUSER.INI file 

By giving a new name to the QBWUSER.INI file you can unfreeze QuickBooks. Follow the below-given steps to edit the name of the QBWUSER.INI file. 

  • Initially, go to the folder that consists of the QBWUSER.INI file. The users might access the following path to move to this file i.e : “Users[Your user name]AppDataLocalIntuitQuickBooks [year]”. 
  • Once you get the file, right-click on the QBWUSER.INI file and opt for the option Rename.
  • You must write “.OLD” at the end of the file anime and it will be represented as QBWUSER.ini.old. 
  • After this, you must change the name of the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
  • Once you have made the relevant changes, try to open the QuickBooks Desktop once again. 

Resolution Method 2: Remove the Cache Files From Your Internet Explorer 

Sometimes the QuickBooks Desktop starts freezing when the cache stored in the Internet Explorer occupies a lot of space and is not removed for a long time. Therefore, to erase the cache from the Internet Explorer, apply the instructions given below. 

  • In the initial phase, right-click on the Internet Explorer.
  • Soon after this, move to the Gear icon and select the highlighted Tools menu.
  • You are supposed to scroll down towards the drop-down menu and pick the Delete Browsing History option. 
  • Verify that you have selected the checkboxes of “Temporary internet files” and “cookies” are marked or not. 
  • In the end, hit the highlighted Delete option to wind up the process. 

Resolution Method 3: Utilize the Quick Fix My Program to Fix the Program issue 

Sometimes, issues with the QuickBooks program are the reason behind QuickBooks Desktop keep freezing up. Therefore, to fix it, you must use the Quick Fix My Program to repair the damage in the program. 

  • In the first stage, open the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub on your device. If you haven’t installed it already, download and install it from its official website. 
  • After this, take your cursor to the Program Problems and tap on it.
  • Next, go to the Quick Fix My Program option which is present at the right side of the screen. 
  • You have to wait patiently until the tool repairs the QuickBooks program.
  • Once the task is over, relaunch your device and verify if the issue still persists. 

Final Thoughts!!

We assure you that now you can easily unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop with the help of this blog’s help. However, if you still have any doubts, you can clarify them by consulting our professionals through a live chat facility. Else, you may also send a mail regarding your query and fix the issue within least time applicable. 

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