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QuickBooks Error 6143 occurs mainly because of corruption or damage in the Company File. It affects the working of the QuickBooks Desktop Program and thus needs a quick repair. In this article, we have mentioned all the important details that you must know about the Error, along with ways to fix it. So let’s begin the blog.

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What are the Flaws that Evoke QuickBooks Error 6143?

In this section of the article, we have mentioned all the causes that can provoke QuickBooks Error Code 6143. Knowing the reasons will help you in choosing the troubleshooting method.

  • The QuickBooks program is corrupted or damaged.
  • The installation process of QuickBooks was not completed successfully.
  • The QuickBooks Company File is damaged.
  • If there are damaged entries in the Windows System Files.
  • In case the required files or information is missing.
  • If you decided to link a new credit card or fresh bank to your QuickBooks account.
  • QuickBooks Files might be attacked by Malware or Viruses.
  • In case there is some issue in the Windows Components of the Specific Workstation.

How to Identify QuickBooks Error 6143?

Below we have mentioned different signs and symptoms that can help you recognize QuickBooks Error Code 6143:

  • Your System stops working properly.
  • The System starts crashing frequently.
  • The System stopped accepting your command.
  • The company files or records are corrupted.
  • The occurrence of an error message on your screen, which says:

“Sorry! Something went wrong! Please try starting over.”

Precautions to take Care of while fixing QuickBooks Error Code 6143

Before running for the troubleshoots, let’s check a few facts that you must fulfill before fixing Error Code 6143 in QuickBooks.

  • Make sure that you are using an active and stable Internet Connection.
  • Make a backup of your data file so that you won’t lose any important information while fixing the Error.
  • Updated QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks company files.
  • Check the location of your company file, and make sure it is not working on accessed on another workstation.

How to Rectify QuickBooks Error 6143?

Now, after gathering enough information about Error 6143 in QuickBooks, let’s move ahead and learn the steps to fix it.

1st Method: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Utilizing the File Doctor Tool is the simplest way to resolve QuickBooks Error 6143.

  • Firstly download and QuickBooks File Doctor tool in your System.
  • Thereafter launch it, and run the File.
  • Now, follow the on-screen prompts to use it properly to resolve Error 6143 in QuickBooks.

2nd Method: Make modifications in the Company File Name

At times, users also end up with this Error because of some space or inaccuracy in the Company File Name.

  • At the beginning of the process, exit the QuickBooks software from all the workstations.
  • Thereon, head to your Server Desktop and launch QuickBooks on it.
  • Now, select a folder in which you have saved your Company Files.
  • Move ahead by right-clicking the Company File.
  • Next, select the Rename option, and see if there is any space present in your name or not. 
  • In case there is any space, delete it.
  • Review the space between your File name and its extension as well.

Now follow the same steps on all the workstations in which you are facing this Error.

3rd Method: Open a Sample Company File

By running the Sample Company File user will get the idea about the Error in a better way. This will tell the user if the problem is in the QuickBooks software or Company File itself.

  • At first, Launch QuickBooks in the No Company Open Window.
  • After that, hit the Sample Company File button, and select the Sample Company Files.
  • Now, ensure that this sample company file is opened in the local workstation as well.
  • Finally, check if the QuickBooks Error Code 6143 is still appearing on your screen when you run the File. If yes, then the issue is in the QuickBooks Program, and you have to repair it.

4th Method: Access the Company File Locally

It might be possible that the user is encountering error 6143 in QuickBooks due to the damaged location of your Company File.

  • Initially, launch the Folder that has QuickBooks Company File, and find the File that has the name of your Company File along with the .qbw extension.
  • Thereon, right-click on that company File and choose the Copy option.
  • Next, head to the Desktop and right-click and hit the paste button.
  • Launch the QuickBooks Program, and select the File option.
  • Lastly, select the Open or Restore an Existing Company File option, and open the File that you just pasted on the Desktop.
  • If you can open it, then the issue is in the location of the Company File, and not the QuickBooks program.

5th Method: Rename the .ND and .TLG Files

Another thing you can do is rename the .TLG and .ND Files.

  • Firstly head to the Directory where the Company Files are saved.
  • Select all the File that has Extensions .ND or .TLG.
  • Next, select each of them by right-clicking.
  • Theron, you will get the list of options; from all those, choose the Rename button.
  • Now, add .OLD at the end of the file name, followed by hitting the Enter button.
  • Finally, restart your System, and check if Error 6143.

6th Method: Exit all the Background Processes

If nothing works, simply exit all the background processes in your System, as they can interfere while opening the Company File.

  • In the beginning, log into your System using an Admin Profile.
  • Move ahead by pressing Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc to open the Task Manager window.
  • Now once the Task Manager is open, navigate to the Processes section and end all the tasks.
  • At last, open the Company File and verify if the Error is fixed or not.

Concluding Note!

It’s not a big deal if you encounter issues like QuickBooks Error 6143. Simply, execute all the above solutions and troubleshoot this problem. In case you are still confused and can’t rectify the Error, contact our professionals via live chat. Provide the required details, and hit the submit button. Thereon a professional will join you to guide you in resolving the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Question 1: What is error code 6143 in QuickBooks?

Answer: QuickBooks Error 6143 is a company File related error. Users encounter this when they are utilizing the Company file. Sometimes it also appears on the screen while running the QuickBooks verify or rebuild data tool.

Question 2: Why am I receiving Error 6143 on my QuickBooks?

Answer: The most common reason behind people encountering the QuickBooks Error Code 6143 is Data Integrity. In case there is some problem with the location of the File due to which it is inaccessible, then you will end up with such an error.

Question 3: How can I fix QuickBooks Error 6143 in QuickBooks Desktop?

Answer: To resolve error 6143 in QuickBooks, follow the given set of procedures:

  • Initially launch the QuickBooks software with No Company Open Window.
  • Thereafter choose the Sample Company, and see if the Error is appearing while launching the company file.
  • If yes, then fix the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • But if not, then there must be some issue with your specific Company File that you have to fix.

Question 4: Can Spaces in your Company File name evoke QuickBooks Error Code 6143?

Answer: Yes, at times, users end up with errors like 6143 in QuickBooks due to the space in the company file name. Thus remove it and check if the issue is rectified.

Question 5: Is it possible to Uninstall and Reinstall the QuickBooks Program without losing any data?

Answer: Of course, anyone can uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks Software without losing any data. This is because you uninstall QuickBooks, it does not remove the Company file or data present in it but the QuickBooks Program only.

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