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Most often, users might encounter QuickBooks crashing error when sending emails. Wondering why it happened? It may occur due to issues with the installation of the QuickBooks software. In other instances, it may appear because of the damage in Windows components. When this error pops up, users cannot send emails or invoices in QuickBooks. 

In this detailed post, we have provided complete instructions to fix the error. 

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Different Instances When You Get QuickBooks Crashing Error When Sending Emails

Here, we have discussed all the scenarios when the users might encounter QuickBooks Crash Com error. Go through the below points attentively. 

  • The users might encounter Crash Com Error in QuickBooks while emailing invoices.
  • You might experience this error while accessing the report in QuickBooks.
  • The error might pop up when the user tries to save the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Sometimes, it may appear while accessing the check register. 

Reasons Why Crash Com Error In QuickBooks Pops Up On Your Screen

Before you move further with the troubleshooting solutions, firstly it is essential to understand the causes of the error. Here, we have listed all the possible root causes that may result in the error.

  • Misconfiguration of the email settings might be one of the reasons. 
  • Sometimes, users might come across QuickBooks Crash Com error due to a fault in installing QBDT.
  • Corruption or damage in the MAP132.dll file may also be responsible. 
  • In other instances, it may arise due to improper settings of Internet Explorer.

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What should be done to fix QuickBooks Crash Com Error?

You can easily deal with QuickBooks crash com error when sending emails by implementing the appropriate troubleshooting techniques explained in this blog section. 

First Method: Configuration of the Email Settings in QuickBooks

By fixing the issues in the email settings of QuickBooks Desktop, you can easily eradicate the error. To complete the task, go through the instructions explained below. 

  • Open the QuickBooks company file on your device and proceed further.
  • Afterwards, move to Changes > Options > Forms to Send > My Preferences.
  • Now, hit the Email button and resubmit it if users found Outlook as a choice.
  • You are supposed to modify Outlooks email settings and then pick Microsoft Outlook by tapping on the Settings Panel, followed by the Mail menu. 
  • Next, from the Email Settings box, pick the Show Profiles option. If Outlook is not listed as the primary mail program, opt for the Accept option. 
  • Alternatively, you may change your choice and tap “Only Utilize this Account” and then hit OK, to sum up the process. 

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Second Method:- Adding Up Of Windows Admin User 

  • Initially, include the Windows user with some specific administrative rights by opening the Start menu.
  • Afterwards, move to “All Programs” and opt for the highlighted “Windows small business server”.
  • Following this, hover your cursor over the Windows SBS Console.
  • Next, move further towards the Users and Groups option and then choose to add a new user account wizard.
  • Then, you must give a new user administrative rights and select the Finish option.
  • Relaunch and sign-in to Windows using the new user created and launch QuickBooks again. 

Third Method:- Get the Latest Version Of QuickBooks Desktop 

Generally, the users might pop up with QuickBooks crashing error when sending emails while operating the older application version. Therefore, to rectify the error, perform the below-listed instructions attentively. 

  • In the initial stage, move to the QuickBooks Help menu and choose the Update QuickBooks option.
  • Afterwards, choose the Update Now option and verify you have marked the “Reset the updates” checkbox to remove previous updates. 
  • Following this, hit the Get Updates option and initiate downloading the QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Relaunch QuickBooks and give consent for the message indicating “Install the Latest Release”. 

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Fourth Method: Link an Email Account With Microsoft Outlook

Go through the instructions below to add an email account with Microsoft Outlook using the steps below. 

  • In the first step, hit the File option from Microsoft Outlook.
  • After that, select Info and then add an account to begin the process.
  • You must insert the email address you wish to link with QuickBooks and hit the Next option.
  • Once Microsoft Outlook winds up the process of selecting the server, hit the Connect option.
  • You must add the password accurately and hit OK to end the process.  
Fifth Method: Repair the Damage or Corrupt MAP132.dll File
  • In the first stage, you must exit from the application already running on your device.
  • After this, check that you launch File Manager and then go to C: > Windows System32 Folder.
  • Next, find and double-tap on the FixMapi.exe file.
  • Once you have repaired the MAP32.dll file, open QuickBooks and verify whether you are still receiving the error. 

Wrapping It Up!!

After using the resolution methods explained in the comprehensive guide, users can easily tackle QuickBooks Crashing Error when sending emails. If you are still hunting for additional help, you can communicate with our professionals anytime by mail. Otherwise, you may also have a one-to-one consultation with the experts through live chat and rectify the error instantly. 

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