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The QuickBooks unable to sync license issue is getting quite popular among QuickBooks users. Are you also among these users encountering license synchronization issues? If yes, take this comprehensive blog as your guide and rectify this problem easily. Users face this error after updating their QuickBooks desktop to its latest version with the recent updates. The error is making users face issues with their computer systems. QuickBooks users complain about the error as it prevents their systems from communicating with the remote license server. Continue reading and learn how to notice and troubleshoot this error efficiently. 

If you receive this error, you might have seen an error message reading, “There was a problem while synchronizing QuickBooks license data with Intuit.” Well, many factors contribute to this error and send you this error message. We will discuss all those reasons further in this blog to eliminate this error from its roots. But first, let’s continue reading and know what this blog is all about and the other aspects that it actually entails. 

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Signs To Witness With QuickBooks Sync License Issue

In this section of the blog, we have discussed all the symptoms that can help you in identifying QuickBooks Unable to Sync License.

  • Sudden or frequent computer system freezing is one of the commonest signs you can see with the sync license error. 
  • QuickBooks crashes immediately upon being launched.
  • Failure to access or retrieve crucial financial data due to sync license issues
  • Error messages or warnings when attempting to sync data, such as “Sync License Error” or “License Expired.”
  • Data inconsistencies between QuickBooks and third-party applications can result in inaccurate financial reports and analyses.
  • If you fail to set up a proper connection with the server, this can be considered a sign of the QuickBooks sync license error.

Why are your QuickBooks Unable to Sync License?

Numerous factors make you face QuickBooks unable to sync license issues. We have jotted down some of them below. Take a look and continue rectifying the error with a better understanding. 

  • Ensure the recent QuickBooks updates are compatible enough with your operating system; otherwise, this would create issues with your QuickBooks license syncing.
  • The corruption and damage of your crucial QuickBooks files due to an improper QuickBooks update process is another reason for facing license syncing issues.
  • The firewall may restrict the connectivity of your QuickBooks software with the server, and because of this, you may lead to a Sync License issue.
  • Specific network-related issues can also provoke the QuickBooks Sync license issue.

Essential Troubleshooting Methods to Fix QuickBooks Sync License Error 

We got some quick and easy troubleshooting methods for you to rectify this QuickBooks sync license error. Carefully follow all the instructions and get yourself out of this QuickBooks license error.

Troubleshooting Strategy 1 – Rename the File Name of the Intuit Entitlement Client Folder

If you’re experiencing errors syncing your QuickBooks license, the following steps to rename the Intuit Entitlement Client folder file’s name can help you:

  • It’s obvious to know that the Intuit Entitlement Client folder is generally hidden. So, you need to display the hidden files and folders. 
  • Once you access the folder, now press the Windows + R keys to get the Run box Window. 
  • In the Run window, type the path: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client, and after this, click the Enter key. 
  • In this step, right-click the folder v8 and continue to select the Rename option. Now, change the name of the client folder to v8(old).

Troubleshooting Strategy 2 – Fix the Issue with QuickBooks Database Server Manager

The QuickBooks Database Server Manager develops connections with the server and, as an effective tool, can help you with QuickBooks license syncing. Follow these steps to fix the issue with this tool.

  • First, you need to download and install the QuickBooks Database Server Manager tool on your system. 
  • In the second step, configure the QBDSM. For this, you are required to click the Start button and then navigate to the Search bar. 
  • Type Services in the Search bar and look for QuickBooksDBXX. Here, XX stands for the QuickBooks version you are using.
  • After this, go to the General tab and look for Services status. If you see that the service is running, click on the Stop button to pause it. 
  • Click the Startup type and choose the Automatic option. Next, go to the Logon option and select the Local System account option. 
  • Once you have selected the Local System account, go to the Recovery option and click the Restart the Service option for the First, Second, and Subsequent failures. 
  • After this, you need to navigate to the General tab and click the Start button. By this, the QuickBooks Database Server Manager will restart. 

Troubleshooting Strategy 3 – Use File Doctor Tool to Fix the Network Issues 

The QuickBooks unable to sync license issues can also result from network issues. So, use the free File Doctor Tool and fix the network problems to avoid syncing issues.

  • First, you have to install the QuickBooks Tool Hub to use the free File Doctor Tool from QuickBooks. 
  • Once you have installed the Tool Hub, run the File Doctor tool to check the network issues. 
  • To check the issues, navigate to the Company File issues, and after this, select the option of Run QuickBooks File Doctor
  • After this, use the tool and scan your system for any network-related problems. The tool will detect the existing issues and automatically rectify them to help you with the QuickBooks sync license issue. 
  • If the error is still not fixed, implement the next troubleshooting method to solve the one. 

Troubleshooting Strategy 4 – Recheck the QuickBooks License and Product Keys

Verifying the correctness of your QuickBooks license and the product keys can help you resolve the syncing issue to a great extent. Follow the steps penned down for the same. 

  • QuickBooks accounting software and then press the F2 key to open the Product Information Window. 
  • In this Product Information Window, you can check whether the license and product keys are correct or not. 
  • If you see any sort of incorrectness, figure it out, and then check if QuickBooks can sync licenses. 

Troubleshooting Strategy 5 – Check the Firewall Configuration Settings 

Sometimes, the Firewall program blocks the QuickBooks software, and this may lead users to face license syncing issues. So, check your Firewall configuration and eliminate the error. 

  • Go to the Desktop’s Start menu and navigate to the Advanced Settings. Click the Port option and right-click the Inbound rules. 
  • After this, visit the TCP option to include the following ports in your QuickBooks Database Server Manager:
    • For 2018 QuickBooks users: 8019, 56728, 55378- 55382
    • For 2017 QuickBooks users: 8019, 56727, 55373- 55377
    • For 2019 QuickBooks users: 8019, XXXXX (XXXXX is the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Port)
  • Now, enter the correct port and continue to click the Next button. After this, name the rule and click the Finish button to end the process. 
  • Once you have finished this process, repeat the same steps for Outbound rules. 
  • If you are still not getting the desired error-resolving errors, check the next troubleshooting strategy. 

Troubleshooting Strategy 6 – Uninstall and Carry Out a Clean Reinstallation of your QuickBooks Software 

If the above solutions are not enough to rectify the syncing QuickBooks license issue, try to uninstall and then reinstall your QuickBooks software. 

  • First, open your Control Panel and click the Programs and Features option. Now click the QuickBooks software icon and the uninstall/change button.
  • Follow the instructions on your Desktop screen and continue to reinstall your QuickBooks software. After the installation, set up your QuickBooks software and register the program. 
  • For registration, download and use the QuickBooks product and license keys. 
  • Once you finish this, rename the old QuickBooks folder by navigating to the drive where you kept your older QuickBooks application folder. Subsequently, right-click the QuickBooks folder to choose the Rename option. 
  • Give the folder a new name by adding the “.old” extension to the end of the filename. 

Let’s Wrap Up Everything..! 

That’s it! Hopefully, these troubleshooting strategies will help you rule over QuickBooks’s unable-to-sync license problems effectively. If the scenario is getting worse and you are not figuring out this issue after putting in these solutions, reach out to our QuickBooks Support professionals! Our professional team of certified QuickBooks experts is there to get you out of this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Sync Manager not working?

There could be multiple reasons why your QuickBooks Sync Manager is not working, like an Outdated QuickBooks version, network connectivity issues, damage or corruption in QuickBooks company files, firewall blocking Sync Manager, QuickBooks compatibility problems, user account issues, Sync Manager service not running, and many more. 

When can I face the QuickBooks syncing license data the most?

There are several chances when you can get the QuickBooks syncing license error the most: 

  • Poor internet connection
  • Damaged or corrupted license data file
  • User account issues
  • Outdated version of the QuickBooks software

Why does QuickBooks fail to connect to my company data file?

Facing connection issues with QuickBooks and company data files is due to the following reasons:

  • If your QuickBooks is not updated with the latest updates
  • A poor connection can also trigger this issue
  • If the QuickBooks file is already open somewhere
  • The incorrect company data file location is another reason 

How Do I Sync License Data in My QuickBooks Software?

Select the Manage my license option and click the OK button. After this, sync license data online by navigating the Help menu. 

Why am I facing the QuickBooks Payment Integration Issue when QuickBooks is unable to sync licenses?

This QB payment issue can occur due to a number of reasons. Have a look at the following causes of QuickBooks payment integration problems:

  • If a customer’s name is not there in the reports, this issue can arrive. 
  • Improper transactions are also a reason for your payment integration issues. 
  • A corrupted customer list can also bring QuickBooks payment integration issues.

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