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There might be certain instances when the users encounter print-related issues while printing the documents in QuickBooks. “No Printer Installed” error in QuickBooks is one such error that takes place while using the printing feature. When the error occurs, it throws the following error message on your computer screen stating:

“Your forms were not sent because QuickBooks could not find printer”.

However, users might come across this error due to a variety of reasons. Therefore, continue reading this post to let you know about all of them. Moreover, we have also elaborated on the quick ways to eradicate the No printer installed error in QuickBooks. 

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Reasons that Contributes Towards “No Printer Installed” Error in QuickBooks 

Before moving forward, it is essential to gain in-depth knowledge regarding the factors that might give rise to “No printer installed” error in QuickBooks. Here, we have described a few causes that might lead to this error.

  • You might experience that your printer status is “Offline” and creates issues while printing in QuickBooks.
  • Sometimes, it may be caused due to damage or corruption in the QBprint.qbp file.
  • The printer driver is not set up properly, or you are using an incompatible version of the drivers. 

Pre-Requisites Required Before Fixing “No Printer Installed” error in QuickBooks.

Knowing some of the important points is essential before fixing the “No printer Installed” error in QuickBooks. 

  • You must verify that you are accessing the QuickBooks software to the most advanced version.
  • Make sure that your computer is well-connected with the printer. Also, you must check that the printer setup is done properly. 
  • Lastly, verify that your printer is not set to Online. 

Here’s How to Rectify “No Printer Installed” Error in QuickBooks 

Are you getting issues while receiving the “No Printer Installed” error in QuickBooks and are unable to fix it? If that’s so, then you have reached the right spot. Below, we have listed some simple procedures to overcome the issue immediately. 

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1st Procedure: Assign a New Name to QBPrint .qbp File 

Sometimes, the users might encounter printing issues in QuickBooks, like “No Printer Installed” error due to problems with the QBPrint.qbp file. So, by renaming the file, you can easily fix the issue. For that, go through the stepwise instructions given below. 

  • To begin with, right-click on the Desktop icon of QuickBooks and then select the Properties option.
  • Soon after this, hit the Open File Location tab.
  • Next, from the QuickBooks folder, navigate to the file named QBPrint.qbp. 
  • Once you get the file, right-click on it and opt for the Rename option.
  • Now, give a new name to the file to distinguish it from other files. You can name the file by adding .OLD at the end of the file name.  
  • Finally, open QuickBooks and try printing the report using QuickBooks. 

2nd Procedure: Verifying the Printer’s Status

Sometimes, the users might encounter this error due to temporary technical glitches, which can be fixed by restarting the computer. Furthermore, to resolve the print-related error in QuickBooks, it is essential to check the status of your printer using these steps. 

  • Initially, relaunch your computer and your printer device.
  • After this, head towards the Printers and Faxes option from the Control Panel.
  • Now, you must look at the status of your printer, whether it is Offline or Online. 
  • If you notice that the current status indicates offline, right-click on the printer in that scenario and then change the status to Online.
  • Moreover, you must verify that you have selected the option to cancel all the documents in the printer. 

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3rd Procedure:- Monitor the Printer Connection 

If you still receive this error, verify the printer connection by taking a printout. For this, you must perform the steps given below closely. 

  • In the first step, tap on the Windows menu and then open Notepad from the list of applications. 
  • Afterwards, you must insert some text within the Notepad and select the file. Later on, you must opt for the Print command and then proceed further.
  • Consequently, it will pop up a dialogue box from which you must choose the printer you are using. 
  • End the process by clicking on the Print button to print the documents. 

4th Procedure:- Use the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tools

You can repair print-related issues using the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair tool.

  • Firstly, move to the official website of Intuit and then look for the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Afterwards, download the tool hub and save it to your preferred location where you can easily find it.
  • Now, move to the downloads folder and look for the file named “QuickBooksToolHub.exe”. 
  • Double-tap on the downloaded setup file and move ahead with the installation part.
  • Then, you are supposed to do this according to the instructions on the screen to accomplish the installation process. 
  • Once installed, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and opt for the Programs Problems tab.
  • Then, move to the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool, which will take a few seconds to run.
  • Finally, you can print, email, or save it as PDF from QuickBooks Desktop again. 

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Final Thoughts!!

Here, we conclude this detailed guide and hope the above solutions will help you fix the “No Printer Installed” error in QuickBooks. If this error continuously interrupts you while printing, you can take instant help from our professionals through live chat. Otherwise, you can email your query to our pro experts, who will guide you in the best possible manner.

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