. QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting (Accounting Cloud Hosting)

Are you still struggling to get complete information about QuickBooks cloud hosting? Well, your research ends here. QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting is one of the best features provided by QuickBooks, and it empowers users to access their QuickBooks accounts easily.

In this blog, we will provide you with all the information about the QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting so that you can 100% take benefit of this feature. So, stay tuned and read this blog post till the end.

What is QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting?

In brief, QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting provides all the accounting services of the QuickBooks desktop with the advanced benefits of accessing anytime and anywhere globally. Installing the licensed copies of the QuickBooks desktop version in virtual cloud servers is the practice, and QuickBooks cloud hosting is more secure, compatible, and flexible.

What is the Difference Between QuickBooks Desktop & Cloud Hosting?

Next, let’s have a quick overview at the table to understand the basic difference between the QuickBooks desktop and Cloud hosting with the help of the table below.

FeaturesQuickBooks DesktopQuickBooks Cloud Hosting
Data SecurityNoYes
Multi Device AccessibilityNoYes
Automatic BackupYesYes
Multi User CollaborationNoYes
Device PortabilityNoYes

Types of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?

Intuit has a partnership with many hosting service providers and these providers onboard the customers with existing license copies and, meanwhile, it provides subscription services for new QuickBooks licenses and helps the customers to get early access to QuickBooks updates.
The most important types of QuickBooks cloud hosting services are as follows.

  • Standard Hosting: The standard hosting is mainly for businesses with the QuickBooks license. If you want to add a new user to their account and need a new license, then you have to contact the official team of Intuit to get it done.
  • Commercial Hosting: In commercial hosting, providers provide the QuickBooks licensing services on rent.
  • Dedicated Hosting: In dedicated hosting, users get full control over the physical server with the power to customize it as per their needs for performance, stability, security, and scalability.
  • Shared Hosting: Under shared hosting, a single physical server can host different sites, apps, and accounting software. Each virtual server can operate its operating system also host its databases, files, and settings.

Benefits of Using QuickBooks on Cloud Hosting

Before we directly jump on to understand how the QuickBooks cloud hosting works. Its important to know the benefits that you ca user can avail of by using the QuickBooks cloud hosting. There are many benefits of using QuickBooks cloud hosting. However, it fully depends on the service you select for getting the services on cloud hosting. Below mentioned are the common benefits a user may get by selecting the QuickBooks cloud hosting services.

  • Easy Accessibility: Through QuickBooks cloud hosting, the user gets the option to access, share, edit or use the QuickBooks anytime and anywhere on any device. It directly helps to improve productivity with less wastage of time.
  • Fully Featured: With QuickBooks cloud hosting, users will get all the features of the QuickBooks desktop application without affecting the user interface and usability. Clouding will offer more flexibility to the users, which turns out to improve accessibility and performance.
  • Backup: In QuickBooks cloud hosting, users do not have to take backup on a periodic schedule. The QuickBooks cloud hosting data will automatically be backup on a daily basis.
  • Multi-user access: Through the QuickBooks cloud hosting services, users can now access their QuickBooks account from many devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

How does QuickBooks Cloud Hosting work?

Once you are all cleared with the important prospects of the QuickBooks cloud hosting, then, let’s have to look towards the process of how a QuickBooks cloud hosting works.

  1. QuickBooks licensed copies are installed on the service provider’s server.
  2. Through the below configurations, QuickBooks is providing internet access to the server. 
    • Effective security steps are taken to secure the application.
    • The connection between the end-user device and server is established through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) so that the user can modified it accordingly.
    • The connected server can be accessed from any device with any operating system or platform such as windows, iOS, Android, etc.
  3. Next, users can easily access or work on the QuickBooks cloud through any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, etc., or by RDP shortcut.
  4. Last, the changes made on the QuickBooks cloud hosting will be saved automatically and shown to the authorized users.
  5. Above all is the complete guide that how the QuickBooks cloud hosting works in real life.

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QuickBooks cloud hosting enables the users to access the QuickBooks account easily. It contains all the features of the QuickBooks desktop version and the QuickBooks Online. However, we have covered all the information about the QuickBooks cloud hosting and in case, if you have any query related to the QuickBooks cloud hosting and its service providers, then you can reach out to our QuickBooks experts through chat box or mail at info@quickbooksupportnet.com. Our experienced and qualified team is available 24*7 at the help desk to solve your query.

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