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In this fast-paced, competitive environment, most organizations prefer to work remotely instead of coming to the office. With QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting, working from anywhere and anytime through any device has become possible. To run this cloud hosting service, you only require a good and stable internet connection to stay connected with your team members seamlessly. Continue reading this post to get an insight into the QuickBooks cloud hosting service. 

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What are The Exclusive Features Offered By QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting helps businesses improve productivity, enhances collaboration, and allows your team to work remotely with a safe internet connection. Besides this, numerous other features will help you to host your company’s financial tasks from anywhere.

1. Integration With Other Third-Party Applications:-

You can use the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services to integrate with other third-party applications for a better accounting experience. By integrating it with other applications, you can reduce the effort of manually syncing other business tools, including CRMs. As a result, it helps minimize the effort made while manually preparing the data entry. Hence, it enhances the overall business productivity. 

2. Makes the Collaboration With Team On Cloud Easily:- 

Now, with QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting, it has become possible to collaborate with your teams on the same project anywhere in the world. Moreover, the cloud hosting services also ensure that all the team members have proper access to the financial information. As a result, it will help complete the project on time without further delays. 

3. Schedule the Automatic Backups:-

No business can ever afford to lose their sensitive company information as it may cause a severe loss to the company. But, with QuickBooks cloud hosting, you can schedule regular backups of crucial company data. As a result, it will help you safeguard your important details even when there is a system failure or accidental deletion of files. 

4. Get Your Hands On the Enhanced Security Measures:-

The QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting offers top-notch security features to users to keep their financial data safe and secure from any unauthorized access. Moreover, it provides avant-garde security features, including data encryption, firewalls, and multi-factor authentication, to help protect your data from any loss. 

5. Smooth Scalability and Accessibility:- 

Another great feature of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is its scalability and accessibility. Whether running a small or a large-scale business, you can use cloud access for seamless scalability without any interruptions in the functionality of the application. It also allows you to work on the same project anywhere and at any time, at your convenience. 

Which Are the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Providers?

The question often arises in the user’s mind regarding the best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Providers. If you are also among them, you are at the right place. Herein, we have discussed some of the best cloud hosting providers. So, have a look at them to get a better understanding. 

1. Summit Hosting: – 

It is one of the best cloud hosting providers in QuickBooks that is perfect for those who can handle intensive workloads and different integrated applications easily. 

2. Apps4rent:-

The Apps4rent is also the best QuickBooks cloud hosting provider that can be used to connect Microsoft 365 with the QuickBooks application. 

3. Cetrom:- 

This cloud hosting provider is best for accounting and certified public accounting (CPA) firms. 

4. Quick Cloud Hosting:- 

The Quick Cloud Hosting cloud hosting provider is perfect for QuickBooks hosting providers. 

5. RightWorks:-

It is another QuickBooks cloud provider that is perfect for those hunting for an Elite QuickBooks solution provider. 

6. Ace Cloud Hosting:- 

You can access this cloud hosting provider to offer the best QuickBooks cloud hosting services. 

Discussing About the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Cost 

To continue with uninterrupted QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services, it is important to have in-depth knowledge about its pricing plan. Three distinct plans are included with the QB cloud hosting license plan: the hosting plan, the hosting plan, and the hosting + license plan. 

The users need to pay $108 monthly charges that comprise the hosting for one single user to get the License subscription plan. To purchase the Hosting plan, you must pay $44 monthly charges for one user and $152 monthly for one user. Moreover, in this plan, you will also get free installation and integration with third-party software.

What are the Advantages of Accessing the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting? 

There are multiple benefits to accessing QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services. To brief you about them, we have stated some of them below. Go through them closely and make your business accounting easier. 

1. Improves the Teamwork:- 

Now, by getting your hands on the Quickbooks Cloud hosting, multiple users can work on the same data file through different devices simultaneously. Consequently, it will automatically encourage collaboration and improve teamwork. However, with the multi-user access of the team members, you can work on the same file and keep your data safe from getting into the wrong hands. 

2. Paperless Accounting Environment:-

With the upcoming Quickbooks Cloud Hosting, the companies won’t have to deal with the complex paperwork. By choosing the cloud hosting services, you can digitally store all your company files and data on the cloud server. Thus, it eliminates the time spent by the bookkeepers and CPAs while maintaining the books of accounts on paper. 

3. Get Multiple Simultaneous Access:-

Using cloud hosting services, companies can collaborate with more than one employee on the same project simultaneously. As a result, it will help ensure healthy communication between the team members, remove human errors, and encourage timely project completion. Above all, it ensures that your data is kept safe by applying strict compliance on the stored data over the servers. 

4. Budget-Friendly:-

Business owners are always seeking ways to cut down their costs, which can be further invested in the organization’s growth. However, by hosting the QuickBooks desktop on the cloud server, you can eliminate the cost incurred on the IT infrastructure. You can access the application from anywhere only with the help of a reliable internet connection.

5. Prioritize Data Security and Safety:-

Now, with the upcoming of remote access facility, it is much more important to keep the data safe and secure before getting into the wrong hands. Considering this, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting ensures confidentiality and uses certain security features to safeguard your crucial company information. You can work freely with the data stored on the cloud server without worrying about data loss or damage. 

6. Eliminates the Stress of Storing Backup Files:-

Earlier, businesses need to put a lot of stress on their shoulders to schedule the backup of the data to avoid data loss. But not anymore, as the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting automatically generates the backup on the cloud. Also, it eliminates storage space, which would otherwise take a lot of space on the system to save the backup file.  Eventually, it will keep all the data safe and secure on the cloud server. 

How Can You Evaluate the Best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Providers?

Are you the one who is struggling while spotting the best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting provider for your company? If yes, you must keep the following things in mind to get the best hosting provider to fulfill your requirements. 

1. Pricing:-

The pricing structure of every QuickBooks hosting provider may vary according to the features they deliver to the users. So, to get a clear image regarding what you are paying for, it is important to ask for the fees charged by the provider. As a result, it will help you figure out the plan that fits best according to your budget and company requirements. 

2. Security:-

Another important thing you must consider is which hosting provider offers you top-notch security features. You must verify which company gives the best security features to safeguard your sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. 

3. Best Customer Support Facility:-

Most of the time, the users regret calling the experts over the phone as they notice that the experts take out their frustration, especially when they are assigned an urgent task that requires quick resolution. So, it’s important to go through every provider’s availability and when is the right time to reach their customer support team. 

4. Scalability:-

It has been seen that many QuickBooks hosting providers offer limited access to users. So, it’s important to check the scalability of the hosting provider, which could help in the business’ growth. 

5. Performance and Speed:-

The company’s productivity is analyzed based on the performance and speed of the services it offers to its users. At that time, it is essential to look for a QuickBooks hosting provider that can give you high uptime and.

Wrapping It Up!!

Through this blog’s help, we hope you have understood everything about QuickBooks Desktop cloud hosting. However, you can contact our professionals anytime for immediate help if you encounter issues while accessing the services. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

Ans. To get the best QuickBooks hosting provider, you must check the security, scalability, customer support facility, high uptime, and good pricing plan. 

Ans. Users can easily add or remove users from the QuickBooks cloud hosting server. 

Ans. You can run the QuickBooks cloud hosting services on Android, iPhone, tablet, or your Android devices and work remotely to accomplish the task. 

Ans. QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software that users can use remotely and doesn’t require hosting. On the other end, QuickBooks Hosting requires the users to access desktop files from anywhere with a stable internet connection. 

Ans. To talk with the experts about QuickBooks cloud hosting, you can talk to them via live chat or email support facility. 

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