. Set Price Levels in QuickBooks Point of Sale | An Easy Guide

QuickBooks Point of Sale provides you with an option using which you can generate different price points for an inventory item via pricing levels. You can utilize the price levels to prepare the discounts for things such as employee or wholesale pricing. If you are looking for the proper stepwise instructions to set price levels in QuickBooks Desktop Point Of Sale, you must go through this entire post. 

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Procedure to Set Price Levels in QuickBooks Point Of Sale 

Along with the regular price, you can set the prices up to four different price levels for each inventory item. 

  1. Initially, go to the File menu, followed by the Preferences option.
  2. After this, navigate to the Company option and proceed further.
  3. You must go to the Pricing option followed by the Price Levels. 
  4. Next, head towards the Price Level Name option.
  5. In the next step, add the Price Markdown percentage and opt for the Save option. 

You also have the option to change the price levels while making the sale. For this, you must hit the I want to option and then click Change Price Level. Later on, you must insert the new price level in the required text field. 

Stepwise Instructions to Change a Individual Item Price in a Price Level 

  1. To commence with, choose the Item List and then pick the item. 
  2. Afterwards, go to the Pricing option and include the new price or discount for every price level. 
  3. Once you have included all the information, choose the main Edit Item window to shut down the price levels. 
  4. At last, tap on Save or Save and New to change another price. 

Utilize the Price Manager to Change the Inventory Prices

In QBPOS, you can access the Price Manager to update regular item prices, compute new prices, and edit prices in your price levels. For that, you must go through the stepwise instructions below. 

  1. In the beginning, tap the Inventory drop-down menu and pick the Price Manager option.
  2. Proceed further by clicking on the Make Price Changes option. 
  3. Now, you must pick the Price Level of the items you wish to update. 
  4. You are supposed to include the Price Change Name and Notes about the change and then hit the Next button. 
  5. Pick the items for which you want to change the prices. For instance, if you have various items for which you wish to edit the prices, you can utilize the filters to find them. After picking the items, you must tap on the Next button.
  6. Furthermore, pick the option you wish to utilize for the pricing formula. Then, tap on the Price Rounding option followed by the Next button. 
  7. Thereon, choose the Finish option, and modify the prices if required before applying them to your inventory.
  8. At last, hit the Save button to restore the changes made for applying in the future. Otherwise, you must go to the Apply the changes to the Inventory to apply the changes right away. 

How to Enable the Price Levels in QuickBooks Online?

Here, we have discussed some simple instructions to enable the price levels in QuickBooks Online

  1. Initially, tap on the Gear icon on the toolbar and choose the Account and Settings option. 
  2. After this, move to the left-hand side and hit the Sales tab. 
  3. Now, look beneath the “Products and Services” section and mark the checkbox next to the “Turn on Price Rules” option. 
  4. At last, hit the Save and Close option to restore the mandatory changes. 

Procedure to Establish a Price Rule With QuickBooks Price Levels

To create a price rule in QuickBooks, you must follow the steps listed below.

  1. Initially, tap on the Gear icon from the Toolbar. 
  2. After this, opt for the Lists option followed by the All Lists option. 
  3. Furthermore, drag your cursor to the Lists option followed by New Price Rule.
  4. Alternatively, you may establish a price rule by visiting the Products and Services list. After this, tap on the drop-down menu and select the More tab. 

Generating a Customer Type For QuickBooks Price Levels 

You can choose some specific customer type who can use the new price if you don’t wish all customers to get the discount or sale price. However, if you wish to establish a customer type for price levels, apply the instructions given below. 

  1. Begin the process by choosing the Sales option from the left-hand menu.
  2. Afterwards, opt for the Customers option and then proceed further.
  3. You are supposed to choose the Customers Type button located beside the New Customer button. 
  4. Following this, navigate to the “New Customer Type” option. 
  5. Now, you can assign a name to the New Customer Type according to your wish. 
  6. At last, hit the Save button to restore all the mandatory changes made. 
  7. After successfully creating the Customer Type, you can modify every existing customer and allot them to their assigned customer type. 

Final Thoughts!!

Through the help of this comprehensive post, you can easily set price levels in QuickBooks Point Of Sale. if you are still confronting any issues, you can resolve all your queries by connecting with our professionals via the live chat facility.

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