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Are you stuck with the Query Processing Error QuickBooks and unable to resolve it? Worry Not!! In this comprehensive post, we have discussed the proper troubleshooting solutions to eliminate this error. Users often strike with Query Processing Error in QuickBooks while preparing the invoices. Whenever the error triggers, it interrupts the users in generating invoices which might lead to delays in the ongoing work.

However, it is crucial to overcome the QuickBooks Query processing error. So, get in touch with this article till the end and get your issue resolved easily.

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Reasons That Might Trigger Query Processing Error In QuickBooks

It is a must to know the possible reasons that might give rise to the Query Processing error in QuickBooks. To make you aware of them, we have listed a few below.

  • You are not using the QuickBooks Desktop version of the newly launched version.
  • Sometimes, damage in the company file location might also lead to this error.
  • It might evoke due to the damage or corruption in the data file.
  • Another reason could be misconfigured security settings.

How to Fix Query Processing Error QuickBooks?

Now that you are well-versed about the root causes that might lead to Query processing Error In QuickBooks. We have mentioned some simple procedures that would help you eliminate this error.

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks To the Latest Release

QuickBooks updates are meant to resolve the known shortcomings of the program. It means that using the latest version of the program ensures that you are using the most error-free and efficient version of the program. Also, updating QuickBooks keeps its annoying technical errors at bay. To update:

  • Press and hold the CTRL key and open the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Thereafter, click on the Help icon to proceed further.
  • Now, you must choose the QuickBooks version that you are presently using
  • Move to the Update QuickBooks Window and click on Update.
  • Here, you need to select the latest version of the QuickBooks program.
  • Next, click on the Update option and wait until the update procedure finishes completely.
  • In the end, close QuickBooks and check if the error is fixed.

Solution 2: Open A Sample File in QuickBooks

After updating QuickBooks, if the query processing error QuickBooks continues, open a sample file to resolve the problem:

  • First of all, locate the QuickBooks icon on your device.
  • Now press the CTRL key and double-click the QuickBooks icon.
  • Don’t release the CTRL key until the No Company Open window appears on the screen.
  • Moving ahead, click the No Company Open heading.
  • Here, you must choose one sample file and hit the Open button.
  • After performing this series of actions, confirm whether the error is fixed. If not, try the next procedure.

Solution 3: Open Your Company File from A Different Location

If you are able to open the company file from a different location, it means the folder containing the QuickBooks file is damaged. If not, it reflects that the company file itself is damaged. To perform this test, go through the step-by-step instructions given below:

  • First of all, you need to create a new folder on your Desktop and name it QBTEST.
  • Thereafter, open the folder containing the QuickBooks company file and locate the file with the .QBW extension.
  • Now click on the file to highlight it.
  • Once highlighted, press CTRL + C together to copy the file.
  • Now go to the newly created folder on the desktop and paste the company file by pressing CTRL + V keys together. 
  • Once done, launch QuickBooks and press the CTRL-key.
  • Don’t release the key until the No Company Open appears.
  • Moving ahead, click Open and browse your company file from its new location.
  • Now try to open the company file to check if the QuickBooks query processing error is fixed.

If none of the solutions works, move to the next troubleshooting procedure.

Solution 4: Stop QuickBooks During Startup

Below are the steps that can help you in eliminating the QuickBooks query processing error:

  • In the first place, press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard.
  • Next, double-click the QuickBooks icon.
  • Thereafter, you need to type your QuickBooks Password in the specified area.
  • Once done, provide all the required information in the specified fields.
  • Moving ahead, release the Alt key and click on the OK button.
  • Now press and hold the Alt key and launch the menu on your screen.
  • In the end, release the Alt Key after signing into your QuickBooks account.

Solution 5: Recreate the QuickBooks Company File

If none of the above solutions helps in troubleshooting query processing error QuickBooks, then try the below-given steps to recreate your company file. It can help if the company file is damaged.

  • In the beginning, open your QuickBooks application.
  • Next, you need to go to the Company menu.
  • After that, click on the Users option to move ahead.
  • Here, you need to select the Set Up User & Roles.
  • Locate the erroneous user files and then delete them.
  • Navigate to the Account menu and click New and it will create a new user file.
  • Enter the correct login credentials – your username & password in the defined fields.
  • Now set up Roles for the user.
  • Once done, click OK to create a new user.

Solution 6: Turn Off UAC (User Account Control)

If the error continues to trouble you, check if turning off the User Account Control can help you in the error resolution:

  • To start the procedure, terminate the running programs on your computer.
  • Next, open the Control Panel window.
  • Now click on the Search field and type User Account in the field.
  • Click on the Change User Account Control option.
  • After that, hit the Yes option on the same window.
  • Proceeding further in this procedure, select Never Notify, which will stop the notifications.
  • Click OK and restart your computer.
  • In the end, open and use the QuickBooks desktop software.

To End Things Off!

We hope that this post might be beneficial for you in dealing with Query Processing Error in QuickBooks. Now, you can easily generate invoices in QuickBooks without any issues. However, if you want any further assistance regarding this error, you can consult with our professionals through a live chat option. Otherwise, you can also message our experts and obtain quick assistance within the shortest time applicable.

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