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Getting QuickBooks error 6000 832 when opening your data file? It is another error related to the error code series 6000, which depicts different issues related to the access of the QuickBooks company file. The error predominantly occurs due to possible damage or corruption in the company file. Damaged network file is also one of the main reasons behind error code 6000 832 in QuickBooks. When the error occurs, you may not be able to access your financial data, which eventually hampers your workflow. Worry not! Applying a few simple solutions can eliminate the error and let you open your company data. Let’s find those solutions!

QuickBooks Error Message 6000 832

When the error occurs, you will see an error message on your screen that reads –

We’re Sorry! QuickBooks encountered a problem.
Error Codes: (6000, -832)

The error message describes further the error and tells hoe you can get rid of the error. However, the solutions are not always helpful and you need to find the possible reasons behind the error. Once you know the possible issues, the troubleshooting becomes easier.

What Causes Error 6000 832 When Opening Your Company File

There are multiple factors that can lead to an error when opening your company file. Improperly configured file hosting is an apparent reason behind the error. However, several other factors can also be credited to evoke QuickBooks error 6000 832, as mentioned in the below-given list:

• When the company file is already in use in the network.
• Improper installation of the QuickBooks software.
• Your anti-virus or Firewall settings can block QuickBooks company files due to security concerns.
• An erroneous file extension of the company file you are trying to access.
• When the file is hosted by more than one computer in the network.
• If the network server permissions are not correct.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 6000 832

When the problem occurs, you may experience the below-given symptoms:

• QuickBooks error message appears on the screen with the error code 6000, -832.
• You may not be able to open your financial data.
• Sluggish performance of your computer.
• You need to resolve the error in order to get back to your financial records.

Solution 1: Rename .ND & .TLG Files

As we have seen that a damaged network data (.ND) file can cause QuickBooks error 6000 832. Therefore, you need to rename your network data file to fix the damage and access the company file in the network. Besides, you also need to rename your transaction log file.

Note: Before renaming the files, make sure that the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is turned on.

• Open the folder containing the QuickBooks company file.
• Now, locate the file having extensions .ND and .TLG.
• Next, right-click on .ND file and select Rename from the drop-down list.
• After that, add .OLD at the end of the file name, so that it looks like Companyfilename.nd.old.After renaming the network data (.ND) file, perform the same procedure for the Transaction Log (.TLG) file to make it Companyfilename.tlg.old.

After renaming the files, try to open your company file in the network. If the error persists, try the next solution.

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks To the Latest Maintenance Release

A maintenance release, also known as the update in QuickBooks resolves all the known issues in the software and makes it less prone to errors. To update QuickBooks:

• Close QuickBooks in the first place to start the procedure.
• Now go to the QuickBooks icon, right-click on it and select Run as Administrator from the drop-down list.
• From within the No Company Open screen, click the Help menu option.
• Next, select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
• When the Options tab opens, checkmark the box for Mark All.
• After that, hit the Save button to proceed further.
• Select Update Now and mark the Reset Update box.
• You will now see the available updates on your screen. Click Get Updates and download it.
• Now close QuickBooks software and then reopen it.
• Confirm you want to install the updates and wait until the latest release of the QuickBooks software is installed on your program.

Solution 3: Open A Sample Company File

If you are not able to open your company file in a multi-user environment, open a sample file by following the below-given steps:

• Locate and right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon on your Desktop.
• Next, press and hold the CTRL key and click Run as Administrator.
• When you see the No Company window on your screen, release the CTRL-key.
• Now select Open a Sample File.
• In the end, select the file from the list of the sample QuickBooks files.

Get Professional Assistance in Resolving QuickBooks Error 6000 832

It is not sure that applying the common troubleshooting solutions will resolve the company file access error. Not all users are so tech-savvy to resolve the technical issues in QuickBooks on their own. However, you may dial our QuickBooks error helpline number to get in touch with experienced QuickBooks technicians and explain your issue. They will guide you through a simple error-resolution process.

QuickBooks error 15106 is a common error in the program that comes from 15XXX series of errors. This error series mainly affects the update process of the application, and when it occurs, you may not be able to update QuickBooks or payroll. When updating QuickBooks payroll, you can receive an error message on your screen that reads:

Error 15106: The update program is damaged.


Error 15106: the update program cannot be opened.

This error mainly occurs due to the lack of administrative rights or Firewall restrictions blacking an update process. However, there can be multiple factors behind the error. If you want detailed information on QuickBooks error code 15106, read the full post.

What Is Error 15106 When Updating QuickBooks Payroll?

Windows Installer is important software that helps the install, uninstall and update process of QuickBooks and its update process on Windows OS. However, when it gets damaged or corrupt, you may not be able to update the QuickBooks as it starts giving errors. This QuickBooks error code is closely related to the damaged Windows Installer. Error 15106 crops up on the screen due to a damaged Installer when you try to update the payroll. When the error occurs, you need to take the necessary steps to suppress the possible factors and complete the update process without any obstacles.

What Are The Possible Reasons Behind QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15106?

QuickBooks error 15106 can take place due to a number of the possible factors as stated in the below-given list:

  • Partial installation of the QuickBooks application where the important components are missing, which are required in updating the program.
  • Your WebRoot antivirus program perceives QuickBooks Installer as a potential threat and blocks it.
  • When you try to update the QuickBooks with insufficient administrative rights.
  • Windows UAC settings are set to High, interfering with the update process.
  • Incorrect antivirus or anti-malware application settings can also hinder an update process causing QuickBooks error 15106.

Ways To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 15106

Stuck in the middle of the QuickBooks Payroll update? The below-described solutions can help you in the error resolution when followed carefully:

Solution 1: Login As An Administrator

  • Click the Start button and then select Control Panel.
  • Alternatively, you can open the run window (Windows + R) and type Control Panel, then hit Enter.
  • Next, select User Accounts and Family Safety and then hit on User Accounts.
  • After that, you need to click Manage another account and enter the admin password.
  • You can easily locate the type of account right below the name of the account. If it is an administrator account, jump to the next solution. If not, ask your IT administrator to provide the administrative password to the user getting an error when updating QuickBooks payroll.

Solution 2: Reset QuickBooks Updates

If the error persists after opening QuickBooks with the administrative rights, reset QuickBooks updates by following the below-given steps:

  • Launch QuickBooks and select Update QuickBooks located underneath the Help tab.
  • Now from under the Options tab, select Mark all.
  • Select Save and then go to the Update Now tab.
  • Checkmark the box for Reset Update now and hit Get Updates.
  • If you are still getting the error 15106 in QuickBooks Desktop, move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Repair Damaged Installation of QuickBooks

A partial or damaged installation of the QuickBooks application can also promote error 15106 when updating the QuickBooks application. Repairing the QuickBooks installation can help you in the error resolution.

  • Press Windows + R keys together and type “appwiz.cpl” in the Run box, and hit Enter.
  • When Uninstall or Change a Program window opens, locate and double-click QuickBooks.
  • Select Change/Remove and then hit Next.
  • Make sure that the Repair option is selected and then hit Next.
  • Click on Repair, and it will start the repairing of QuickBooks installation crucial for the resolution of QuickBooks error 15106.
  • If you see an error message “ File in use,” select Ignore and then move ahead with the Repair.
  • Wait until the repair process is complete, and then open the QuickBooks program.
  • In the end, select Install Now; when QuickBooks has recently downloaded an update window appears on the screen.

Final Words!

This post can help you in efficient troubleshooting of the payroll update error 15106 in QuickBooks. For further assistance, you can contact our QuickBooks experts by dialing our QuickBooks helpline number.

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The list of the best accounting software is incomplete without mentioning QuickBooks. Its powerful accounting functionalities help businesses to automate and handle their accounting processes efficiently. Users can store and manage their accounting data using QuickBooks company files. Sometimes, users report problems when opening, or restoring the backup of a QuickBooks company file. These issues in QuickBooks are covered under error code series 6000. QuickBooks error 6123 is also a similar error related to the QuickBooks company file access. Here, you will get to know about the possible reasons and resolution of the QuickBooks error code 6123.

What Is QuickBooks Error Message 6123?

QuickBooks error 6126 generally occurs when a user tries to restore the backup of the company file. The error can take all of a sudden and obstruct the activities of the company file. You may also encounter this error when opening the company file in a multi-user environment. Additionally, opening the data file directly from the network or restoring the backup also gives error 6123 in QuickBooks. When the error occurs, you see an error message on your screen that reads:

Error: -1623, 0 We’re Sorry, QuickBooks can’t open the company file.

The error message prompts you to take a few actions to resolve the issue. However, there are multiple factors that can promote this error in QuickBooks. To get rid of the error, you need to go through this full-fledged troubleshooting guide until the end.

What Are the Possible Reasons for QuickBooks Error 6123?

QuickBooks company file error 6123 occurs due to several possible factors covered in the below-given list:
• When your Windows is damaged.
• Possible damage in the QuickBooks company file also evokes the error.
• Corruption or damage in the data file or the application itself.
• Sometimes your anti-virus security software blocks the QuickBooks communication ports and hinders the smooth communication process.
• Faulty settings of the Windows Firewall can also trigger the QuickBooks error 6123.
• When the network connection to the host server is not intact.
• When a user restores the backup of a company file from an external device.

Before You Start Troubleshooting the QuickBooks Desktop Error 6123

Before you proceed any further with the error resolution, you need to ensure some important points as stated in the below-given list:
• Update QuickBooks to the latest maintenance release. Using the latest release means you have the most error-free version of the program.
• Sometimes, a simple restart can fix a perplexing technical. Restart your computer at least once.
• If your data file is hosted on the server, make sure that the QuickBooksDBXX service is running.
• Update your Windows/Mac OS before resolving the issue.

Troubleshooting Solutions for Error 6123 in QuickBooks

Follow the troubleshooting solutions in their chronological order:

Solution 1: Run QuickBooks File Doctor from QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks File Doctor is an important utility, which is devised to fix the common issues related to the QuickBooks company file. You can run it from QuickBooks Tool Hub, which is home to all the important tools and utilities in the software. To do so:
• First of all, close QuickBooks software.
• Now download QuickBooks Tool Hub from Intuit’s official website and save the downloaded file to an easily accessible location.
• Now go to the download location and run the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.
• Follow the on-screen instructions and wait until the tool hub is installed on your system.
• Open Tool Hub and then select Company File Issues.
• After that, you need to click the green button labelled as Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
• Click the downward arrow and it will open a drop-down list.
• Choose the erroneous file or use the Browse option to find the file.
• File your company file with the extension .QBW and mark the checkbox for Check your file.
• Hit Continue and enter your accurate password when prompted.
• Again, press Continue and it will initiate the repair process.
• Once the repair finishes, open QuickBooks to check if the error is fixed.
If the error is not fixed using this method, try the next one.

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Solution 2: Change The Extension of .ND & .TLG Files

Network data (.ND) and Transaction Log (.TLG) are the important utility files you may see in the folder containing the primary QuickBooks company file. However, if you are unable to open the QuickBooks company file (.QBW), then changing the extensions of network data and transaction log files can prevent your data loss.
• Go to the folder containing the QuickBooks company file.
• Now locate the files with extension .ND & .TLG.
• Right-click over any file and select Rename from the drop-down list.
• Repeat the same procedure for the next file.
• Restart your computer, open QuickBooks and then open your company file.

Solution 3: Run Verify & Rebuild Data Utility

Verify and Rebuild data utility works together to identify and repair the integrity issues in the company file data. To make it work:
• Start QuickBooks Desktop application.
• Next, click File >> Utility >> Verify Data.
• The tool will check for the discrepancies in the QuickBooks company file. If no issue is found, you can drop this procedure then and there.
• If an issue is found, click on File >> Utility >> Rebuild Data and it will rebuild the damaged data in QuickBooks.

Note: Save the backup of your company file before you run the utility, as it may delete some entries from your data file.

Final Words!

The solutions discussed in this post can help you in troubleshooting the QuickBooks error 6123. If you need help from QuickBooks technicians in the error resolution, give us a call on our QuickBooks error helpline number. The experts will help you with the comprehensive error troubleshooting steps.

QuickBooks software has smoothened the business accounting process, but it also has several bugs that can disturb your working with it. You have opened QuickBooks, and it has stopped working or not responding. Such issues can be so frustrating because you have a lot of work pending and the software is also stopped working. To get rid of this problem, you have to go through various methods mentioned in this blog. The error is identified with its multiple reasons that are responsible for its occurrence. An alternate and quick way to fix this error is to call the QuickBooks not responding and get the essential solutions.

What are the Causes Behind QuickBooks Not Responding Error?

QuickBooks not responding is a standard error that occurs because of various reasons listed below.

  • A hard drive is damaged
  • Missing or damaged QBWUSER.INI file
  • Crashed Windows Operating System
  • The company file is long
  • Invalid Installation file
  • Corrupted Program files on Hard Drive
  • Low system resources

Symptoms of QuickBooks Not Responding Error

The following indications can help you to identify QuickBooks not Opening error, and you will start looking for ideal solutions to fix this error.

  • The system is shut-down automatically
  • QuickBooks, not Opening problem repeatedly appears on your computer screen
  • The system is freezing and not responding to any command
  • QB software doesn’t open

Steps to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Not Responding Error

QuickBooks can be problematic and irritative for you to tackle. You will be getting below quick fixing tips to remove this error and make the QuickBooks well again.

Method – 1 Download And Run QuickBooks Refresher Tool

  • First, close ‘QB software.’
  • Next, start downloading ‘QuickBooks Refresher tool.’
  • ‘Save’ the downloaded file on your computer
  • When the download process completes, press the ‘Run’ option to execute the ‘QBRefresher tool.’
  • It will diagnose the running problem of ‘QuickBooks’ and carry out resolving procedures
  • Finally, open ‘QuickBooks’ to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Method – 2 Use Quick Fix My Program From The QuickBooks Tool Hub

Download and Run QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • First, close ‘QuickBooks software.’
  • Download ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’
  • ‘Save’ the downloaded file on your PC to access it easily
  • Open the earlier ‘Downloaded file.’
  • Accept ‘terms and conditions and follow on-screen tips to install
  • After completing the installation procedure, put a ‘double-click’ on the icon to open ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’.

Run Quick Fix My Program From Tool Hub

  • Users have to choose the ‘Program Problems’ in ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub.’
  • Choose the ‘Quick Fix My Program’
  • After this, Open ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ and then open the data file.

Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from Tool Hub

  • Open ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’
  • Users must check ‘Installation Issues’ in the ‘Tool Hub.’
  • Choose the ‘QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool’
  • Let the tool ‘Run’ and it will take up to ‘20 minutes’ or more.

Run Clean Install in QuickBooks Desktop

The clean install tool will assist you in renaming the old installed file. It allows the user to add new files.

  • First, open the ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub.’
  • After this, choose the ‘Installation issues’
  • Next, choose the ‘Clean Install Tool’ and then press the ‘OK’ option.
  • Select the ‘QuickBooks Latest Product Version’ followed by clicking ‘Continue’.

Method – 3 Make A New Admin User In Windows To Fix The Bug

  • First, click the ‘Start’ button and then open the ‘Control Panel.’
  • After this, press ‘Add or Remove User Accounts’ link
  • Once the ‘Manage Accounts’ dialogue box opens up, press ‘Create A New Account.’
  • Then, type the ‘Account Name’ and choose ‘Create Admin Account.’
  • Finally, Click on the ‘Create Account Button’ to create a new user account in Windows Operating System.

Method – 4 Assign A New Name to QB.INI File

  • Rename’ the ‘QBWUSER.INI file’ to fix the internal issue when you try to open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Rename the ‘EntitlementDataStore.ecml file

Method – 5 Run QuickBooks System Repair Tool

  • First, ‘Download QuickBooks Repair Tool’
  • ‘Save’ the downloaded file in the local folder
  • Next, shut-down all ‘existed open program’ followed by installing the tool
  • It will take around ‘20 minutes’ to run a scan in the complete device
  • Once the tool has repaired the ‘Program’, ‘Restart’ the ‘Console’ and go.

Method – 6 Restart the System By Deactivating Antivirus Program

  • First, ‘Restart’ the System
  • Confirm that ‘Antivirus’ is switched-off temporarily
  • Finally, contact the IT department to remove this issue.

Method – 7 Open The File From Another Location

  • Hold ‘Windows+E key’ to open up a new window on your screen
  • Search and find the data file with ‘.qbw extension.’
  • Do a Right-Click on it and choose the ‘Copy’ option
  • Go to ‘C: Drive’ and create a ‘new folder.’
  • Name the folder as ‘QBTEST.’
  • Open a ‘New Folder’ and ‘Paste’ the file in it
  • Open ‘QuickBooks’ by holding the ctrl key.’
  • Choose ‘Open’ or ‘Restore’ an Existing Company option
  • Open the ‘QBTEST’ folder and check if an error exists in it.

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After following the above steps if you can’t log in to your QuickBooks software, you must call QuickBooks support number to troubleshoot this error.


1: What are the various instances of QuickBooks has stopped working?

QuickBooks has stopped working is a common error in the software. You may get various instances of this error on web as stated in the below-given list:

  • QuickBooks not responding when opening company file
  • QuickBooks not responding after login
  • QuickBooks not responding when sending email
  • QuickBooks not responding when printing
  • QuickBooks not responding after update
  • QuickBooks not responding when backing up
  • QuickBooks not responding when updating company file
  • QuickBooks not responding
  • QuickBooks open but not showing
  • QuickBooks messaging has stopped working.

These are some common issues related to QuickBooks program users report every now and then.

2: How to prevent QuickBooks not responding issue from taking place?

QuickBooks has stopped working is definitely one of the most annoying errors that prevent you from proceeding further with an on-going task. Sometimes, all it takes a simple restart to resolve this issue; whereas, sometimes you need to perform proper troubleshooting solutions to eliminate it. However, it is wise to take preventive steps to keep this error at bay. To avoid this problem:

  • Make sure that you are using the latest updated version of the QuickBooks program.
  • Verify that the regional settings in the program are configured properly.
  • The Windows regional settings of the QuickBooks should be configured to US Locale.
  • Use a stable Internet connection to avoid network timeouts.

3: Why is it crucial to use the latest updated version of QuickBooks?

Using an outdated version of the QuickBooks makes your software prone to multifaceted glitches. Intuit release new updates periodically wherein, all the known issues of the program are resolved. Besides, you may also access the improved features by downloading the latest updates. Furthermore, it alleviates the compatibility issues in the program. Using the new updated QuickBooks ensures that you are using the least erroneous version of the program. If not updated, you may get various issues such as QuickBooks has stopped working. There are two ways to update QuickBooks – Manual & Automatic. You can set QuickBooks to download updates automatically and use them when they roll out.

4: What is QuickBooks not responding when printing error?

Printing documents is a crucial part of your business accounting. QuickBooks enables users to print their documents from within the program. However, when printing documents in QuickBooks, you may encounter an error that reads QuickBooks not responding when printing. When QuickBooks stops printing your invoices, your accounting management can be hampered. There are multiple reasons that can lead to the printing error in QuickBooks. To resolve this issue, you may download and run QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool. This tool diagnoses the physical and digital problems and fixes the Qbprint file by renaming it. After this procedure, try to print a test job to check if the error is resolved or not.

5: What makes QuickBooks not responding after update?

The reason for QuickBooks not responding after an update varies in different conditions. Below are some reasons that we are enlisting, and you must check out!

  • There is a corrupted hard drive
  • Damaged program files and/or QuickBooks Desktop installation
  • QBWUSER.INI file might be damaged, corrupt or missing
  • Conflict in some program
  • Installation Error

QuickBooks is accounting software used to manage account records, sales, and other financial activities of small, medium, and large businesses. QuickBooks has a QuickBooks file doctor’s repair tool to detect error and fix the glitches that came in QuickBooks. The application will stop working because of various reasons.

Learn and explore why File Doctor has stopped working and what are the exact possible reasons. There are various resolving steps mentioned in detail form, and you can find beneficial information. If you face any issue in going through these steps, you can contact QuickBooks customer service to fix this error.

Common Causes Behind File Doctor Not Working Error

The most probable cause behind the QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working error mentioned below.

  • If you try to access the incorporated files
  • Try to restore files that are not correct
  • Update the files
  • This error is shown while changing the old version of the company files over a network
  • When missing out some QuickBooks files in the installation phase
  • The QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working if your files are damaged, misused or corrupted.

Simple Procedures to Fix QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working Error

You will get numerous effective solutions to follow step-by-step to resolve this QuickBooks file not working error.

Procedure – 1 Open QuickBooks File Doctor Manually

  • Open the file doctor utility on the system and wait till the screen displays “No Company Open Screen.”
  • Now move to the File menu and choose utilities and in it select Repair File and Network Problems
  • In the dialogue box, click the OK tab. The QuickBooks will restart the application with administrator rights
  • On the dialogue box, an option is displaying on the screen, then press Yes
  • Click at the wrench icon to open the QuickBooks file doctor and then click at Continue
  • Next, log in your file by mentioning login user-id and password. QuickBooks file doctor will now start working and repair the error if detected.
  • Go to the Advanced Settings tab, then choose File Diagnosis Only
  • Select the Next button
  • As the system responds, open your file and check for the errors if repair is needed.

If this option is not helpful to you, then move to the next solution.

Procedure – 2 Repair the Damaged QBW file

Take the back-up of files that helps to replace the damaged files with the saved ones. To do this, move to the below steps.

  • First, open QuickBooks and then click at the File menu option
  • Now, move to the open or restore company option
  • Next, click at the option that states Click Open or Restores a Back-up Copy and move further by pressing the Next button
  • Choose the option Local Back-up and then press at the Next Button
  • A drop-down menu will be shown at which browse and choose the back-up file location
  • After that, you have to choose the file. QBB Extension
  • Now, move further to click at Open and then press at Next button
  • A Save-in drop-down menu will be shown in which you have to choose the location for restoring the files
  • Mention the name of the file in the given space. A Save As file will be shown automatically with the entry of the .QBW file
  • Click the Save button finally to save the file that is shifted from one place to another.

If this procedure is not working, you have to go to the next option.

Procedure – 3 Make Use of Auto Data Recovery

  • QuickBooks files are checked automatically by the auto data recovery functionality. It will take a couple of hours to complete the creation of files. For files without error, the back-up folder is created in the Auto Data Recovery.
  • The back-up will remain stored for 12 to 24 hours as the QuickBooks application is opened.

If this error is still there, then use it to restore the files once the application starts working fine.

Procedure – 4 Not Working Hosting Mode and Configure Antivirus Software

To confirm that the File Doctor tool is running correctly on your system, you have to switch off your system’s hosting mode. Then, change the Security Firewall Settings to allow connections working remotely from your system. If you are using it, then follow below steps

  • Open antivirus software on Desktop window and then click on Web & Email Protection
  • Now move to the Firewall Sections and press on Ports and System Services tab
  • After that click at Add button
  • Now, go to eMule under services name and in local TCP/IP ports, type the TCP data for your QuickBooks application
  • Inside the local UDP port, type the TCP data for your QuickBooks application
  • Next move to Open ports and then, choose All PCs
  • Now, click at the Save button and restart your system.

If you have fixed this error, you have to contact QuickBooks support number to troubleshoot this error.

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