You can print several pay stubs at once or one at a time. While print pay stubs in QuickBooks on plain paper, it includes your company name, address, and phone number at the top and bottle of each pay stub. This feature allows you to mail pay stubs from QuickBooks desktop to the employees. QuickBooks print pay stubs are produced as ‘Password Protective Pdf Attachments’. In this blog, you’ll get to know some simple methods to print pay stubs in QuickBooks. Technical challenges can also be deal with by taking help from the QuickBooks helpline number.

Let’s know techniques of printing pay stubs in QuickBooks desktop:

Solution 1 – Print by Bill Payment Stubs

  • Open file menu and select ‘Print Form and select Payment Stubs’.
  • Now choose credit card or cheque depending upon the method of billing from the bill payment dropdown menu.
  • After that, choose the appropriate bank/credit card account from the Account dropdown.
  • Now enter the beginning and end dates in the dated and amp section to list payments from a different date range.
  • Choose checks from which you want to print bill payment stubs and press OK.
  • Now give print command and set up a total number of copies you want.

Solution 2 – Print Pay Stub from Paycheck

  • Open Paycheck in QuickBooks desktop.
  • Now choose the print icon in the check.
  • Then select Pay Stub. QuickBooks customer support can also help you to solve this problem.

Solution 3 – Print through the Paycheck List

  • First of all, choose employees on the left side of the navigation bar.
  • Click on employer name to pay.
  • Now press ‘Pay checklist’ on the employee’s page.
  • Then select ‘Checks to pay’.
  • Look for the check number if it’s applicable.
  • Choose ‘Batch action’ and then ‘Print’ from the dropdown arrow.

Solution 4 – Print Pay Stubs from QuickBooks Desktop File Menu

  • Select file< Print Forms< Pay Stubs< Payroll Bank Account.
  • Fill the date range that has the pay date to be printed.
  • If you want to filter by ‘One Employee’. Select ‘Employee’ from the dropdown of the employee option.
  • Now choose Pay Stubs you are looking to print.
  • You can take the preview of the Pay Stub before printing.
  • Choose preference of company and employee info that will be there on the Pay Stub.

Solution 5 – Print by Pay Stub and Voucher Printing

  • Open QuickBooks and Press ‘Edit’ from the menu bar.
  • Choose preference< payroll and employees< Company Preferences.
  • Now select ‘Full Payroll’ in QuickBooks Payroll Features Section.
  • Then go to the ‘Set preferences for’ < Pay Stub and Voucher Printing.
  • Click on the checkboxes you want to include in the paycheck vouchers and pay stubs print section.
  • If you want your company name on the pay stub, then select ‘Legal Company Name’ and click OK.

With these solutions, you will deal with this problem quickly. If you want further assistance, then you can dial the QuickBooks phone number.

Are you finding difficulty in making payment of the QuickBooks Online Subscription? If you are receiving the email with ‘subscription payment failed’, then it means that QuickBooks cannot charge the billing account for the subscription. It can be because of the card detail information mentioned on the QuickBooks may be out of date, invalid or the card issuer have declined the payment. In order to rectify this error, you need just to update the billing information saved in your QuickBooks accounting software. You can take the help of trained technicians for updating the payment information of the QuickBooks. You have to dial QuickBooks support number to speak with the experts who are available 24*7 round the clock to help you in fixing the error.

Steps to fix “QuickBooks Subscription Payment Failed”

Update Your Billing Information in QuickBooks

  • You need to sign in to your QuickBooks Online.
  • Then select Settings option and then click on Company Settings.
  • After that, you need to select on the tab of Billing and subscription.
  • Now select Edit option for your Payment Method.
  • You need to update your billing info and after doing it select Save option.

Once you have updated your billing information in QuickBooks, it will take up to 24 hours to activate your account. If you still witness any error, then move on to the next solution.

Review Your Billing Information

If even after updating your billing info you still witness issues, then you need to go back and edit the payment method again. Here are a few things that you must check:

  • You need to ensure that there are no special characters or symbols in your billing address as they can cause errors.
  • Make sure that every field on the screen of payment method is filled in, even the Postal code.
  • Then update your billing information in a private web browser. You need to clear the web browser cache before updating the billing information.
  • You should even check in with your bank to make sure that QuickBooks is approved for billing your bank account.

If even after applying the above two solution steps the payment failed, then you don’t have to worry as you can easily take the help of experts. You only need to call QuickBooks customer care to speak with the trained experts so that they can help you in fixing the error from the roots itself.

Reconciling your bank transactions with QuickBooks is really helpful since you have access to all your accounting data on one platform. Connecting your bank account to your QuickBooks software is one of the biggest timesavers for your business because the software automatically downloads the transactions from your bank. However, there are times when users need to call the QuickBooks customer support number because QuickBooks does not automatically update the transactions. This blog will give you a general overview of what you need to do to fix the issue if QuickBooks is not updating bank transactions.

Steps to fix QuickBooks not updating bank transactions

Sometimes users may notice that certain bank transactions are not visible in QuickBooks because the bank doesn’t connect to QuickBooks. When this occurs the best thing to do is to manually upload the transactions. Here’s what you need to do update your bank transactions manually:

Step 1: Make sure you pick the correct date range so that you don’t import transactions you’ve already recorded. Go to the ‘Accounting’ section and open the ‘Chart of Accounts’ to find the bank or credit card account you want to upload more transactions into.

Step 2: Then you will need to sign in to your bank or credit card’s website so that you can download transactions to your computer. Double-check the date range for the download and then save the file somewhere on your computer, preferably on the desktop.

Steps 3: In certain cases, the bank website may give you a series of options for how to download your transactions. As far as possible, QuickBooks recommends using Comma-Separated Values (CSV), QuickBooks Online (QBO), or Quicken (QFX) so that it becomes easy to upload.

Step 4: Once you complete the download you will need to open QuickBooks once again and sign in. In QuickBooks, you will need to go to the Banking or Transactions menu and then select the Banking tab. choose the account you want to upload the transactions into and then select the File upload option.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Browse’ option and select the file you downloaded from your bank. Go back to QuickBooks, click on the drop-down menu, and then select the account you want to upload the transactions into. Follow the onscreen instructions and match the correct banking fields before you upload the transactions.

Once you successfully upload your transactions you can match and categorize the transactions so that it becomes easier for you to manage them later on. Keep in mind, simply uploading the transactions is not enough because you will need to reconcile them so that there are no duplicate transactions. You can call the QuickBooks technical support number and speak to a certified expert to learn how to manually reconcile your transactions. The support number is available 24 hours a day so that you can get in touch with certified QuickBooks software experts to set up, import, and categorize all your transactions without any problems.

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