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QuickBooks gives an option using which users can manage or delete a customer in QuickBooks that they don’t require any more. Doing so will help the accountants manage their books of accounts easily without any disruptions. Moreover, you can also hide the customers if you don’t want to remove it permanently. Also, they can merge the customers to avoid the duplicate entries.

However, if you are hunting for the proper instructions to hide, merge and delete a customer in QuickBooks, we advise you to read the entire post. 

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Reasons Why You Need to Delete a Customer in QuickBooks 

QuickBooks allows its users to add numerous customers to their QuickBooks contact list. However, in certain circumstances, users need to delete some customers that are not in use. There are two different instances when you wish to delete the users. 

  • When you have to add a new contact to your QuickBooks list, the old contacts occupy a lot of space.
  • Delete the customer when you wish to sort your contact list by deleting the unwanted or duplicate contact from the list. 

Stepwise Instructions to Hide a Customer in QuickBooks Desktop 

Despite having the option of deleting the customers, you can make the process much better by hiding them. It is so because when you hide the customers, you can still store that file. But once you delete it, the records of the customers will be permanently removed. Thus, it is best to hide the customers so that if you need them in the future, you can make it into use. 

  • Firstly, sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  • Move towards the Customer Center option, which is present at the top of the screen. 
  • Afterwards, select the Customer and Job present on the left side.
  • Once you get the customer’s list, tap on the customer’s name twice that you wish to hide. 
  • Thereafter, you must opt for the “Customer is Inactive” option. 
  • End the process by tapping on the OK button. 

Stepwise Instructions to Merge Customer in QuickBooks Online 

There might be certain instances when you add the same contacts twice in your records. As a result, these duplicate entries might occupy  unnecessary space. Therefore, by merging the customers in QuickBooks, you can vacant the space while maintaining the proper contacts in the list.

  • Firstly, sign in to your QuickBooks Online account and select the “Customer Center” option. 
  • Afterwards, locate and hit the highlighted “Customer and Job” tab from the left pane.
  • Once you get the customer’s list, tap on the customer’s name twice which you need to remove.
  • Go to the Edit menu, and you can change the customer’s name you want to use. 
  • At last, hit the OK button followed by Yes to accomplish the process. 
  • Different Methods to Delete a Customer in QuickBooks 
  • Here, we have mentioned different methods to delete a customer in QuickBooks. 

Method 1: Moving to the Customers Details Tab 

  • Primarily, launch QuickBooks Online and choose the Sales tab from the left panel. 
  • Soon after this, navigate to the Customer tab, followed by Customers. 
  • After tapping on the customers, hit the Customers Details tab and click the Edit menu. 
  • Following this, tap on the Make Inactive button and the Yes option to confirm your deletion action. 

Method 2: Using the Batch Action Button 

  • Initially, launch the QuickBooks Online application and tap on the Customers tab.
  • After this, you must tick mark the checkbox beside the customer’s name that you wish to delete. 
  • Now, hit the Batch Action drop-down menu and choose the Make them inactive option. 
  • At last, choose the Yes option to give consent for the action of deletion. 

Method 3: Remove Multiple Customers in QuickBooks 

  • Firstly, you must sign-in to the QuickBooks Online account. Then, tap on the Sales option present on the left side. 
  • After this, move to the Customers tab and mark the box beside the name of the customer you wish to delete. 
  • Furthermore, tap the “Batch Actions” drop-down menu and opt for the Make Inactive option. 
  • Now, click the Yes button when you get the pop-up on your screen. 

Method 4: Delete a Customer in QuickBooks Desktop 

  • Initially, move to the Customer Center and tap the Customer and Jobs option. 
  • Consequently, it will launch the list of customers that are included in QuickBooks.
  • You must pick the customer’s name you wish to remove from your records. 
  • Next, hit the Edit option and tap on the Delete Customer Job. 
  • Eventually, it will remove the customer from the records permanently. 
  • Based on the number of customers you wish to delete, you have to apply the same process. 

Summing It Up!!

With this informative post’s help, you can easily hide, merge & delete a customer in QuickBooks. However, if you face issues while removing the customer, contact our professionals for instant help. Otherwise, you can mail our experts and obtain proper instructions to fix the issue.

Are you having a business account with Amazon and want to simplify your accounting tasks? Amazon is one of the best e-commerce platforms, having access to apps and tools that simplify your various business operations. On the other hand, QuickBooks is the prominent accounting software that offers comprehensive accounting solutions for businesses. With businesses, managing cash flow, tracking revenue, and performing monthly financial operations are all simple yet important tasks. But what if you wish to automate your Amazon data with QuickBooks data? By simply performing Integrate Amazon QuickBooks, you can easily review all your data from both applications in one place. In this article, we will provide you with the in-depth, step-by-step procedure for QuickBooks and Amazon Business Integration. So, read the blog till the end to learn more about this unique integration. 

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What is QuickBooks Amazon Integration?

QuickBooks Amazon Integration is a bridge between QuickBooks and Amazon. The integration simply means how the sales data is synced with QuickBooks. It is specially designed to facilitate users to connect their multiple sales channels with QuickBooks accounts. All your orders, expenses, revenue, and payouts are automatically recorded so that no data falls out. Apart from that, this integration allows you to view your current cash flow and monitor your inventories. 

Ultimate process of QuickBooks and Amazon Business Integration

To execute the QuickBooks Amazon integration, you must ensure that you are using a primary admin account for both QuickBooks and Amazon. You can connect both applications via a third-party app. The market is flourish with a wide variety of applications. You can pick any app based on your business requirements. 

Apart from that, you can pick QuickBooks online API (Amazon Market Place Connector) to connect both applications. 

What you will need 

  • an active QuickBooks account
  • an active Amazon account 
  • the admin login credentials of both accounts. 


The steps for the QuickBooks Amazon integration are as follows.

Step 1: Choose the appropriate tool 

In order to integrate QuickBooks with Amazon Business, you must first pick the right tool. The market is full of numerous connecting apps , such as ConnectBooks, A2X, QuickBooks Commerce, and more. You can choose the appropriate tool as per your business requirements. These tools automate the process and save a lot of time.

Step 2: Configure the Connection 

  • Use your admin credentials to log into your QuickBooks account to get started.
  • After that, go to the Apps section and search for the Amazon connector app. 
  • Download and install the app in your system. 
  • Next, click on the Connect option. It will redirect you to the connection tab in QuickBooks connector. 
  • Click on the Connect to Amazon Marketplace button. 
  • Select your region in the new pop-up window. 
  • Proceed by selecting Amazon Marketplace and providing your login details.
  • Your Amazon account is connected to the QuickBooks connector file. 

Step 3: Check Your Amazon Business Purchases

Once all the data is imported into QuickBooks, and it will start showing the Amazon data into QuickBooks, you can start reviewing it. To check all your records, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Foremost, you need to log in to QuickBooks by using your admin credentials. 
  • After that, go to the banking option and select the app transactions. 
  • Next, click on the Review tab. 
  • All your Amazon business purchases are listed with essential information such as purchase price, description, fee breakdowns, etc.

Benefits of Integrate Amazon QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online Integration For Amazon Sellers has numerous benefits. The possibilities are endless. The integration is a great way to save time and keep track of business books whenever you need them. 

There are several ways in which this integration helps your business; these are discussed in this blog post. 

Reduce Accounting Errors

The biggest benefit of this integration is the reduction of the manual data entry process. Since various processes are automated, it reduces the risk of errors occurring. It saves the business time. As the basic information is taken directly from an Amazon account, this integration makes it easier to keep track of your financial data. Additionally, an unparalleled degree of accuracy is attained.

Work Load Reduction 

Even if you are an expert, you will spend hours transferring financial records manually in the bookkeeping software. The QuickBooks and Amazon Business Integration automatically import sales records several times a day. It ultimately saves a lot of time that you can put forward in the growth of your business. 

Easy Handle of Foreign Currencies

Amazon facilitates you to sell your products globally and to touch the unexplored global market. On the other hand, QuickBooks allows you to accept international payments, record transactions, and adjust your records as per currency fluctuations. You can effortlessly manage foreign currencies and create invoices in many currencies by integrating QuickBooks and Amazon platforms.

Product Data Compliance

When the programme uploads your data, QuickBooks automatically divides it into sold goods and determines your net revenue. It depicts a clear picture of your company’s financial health and also identifies the most profitable items. This Amazon QuickBooks integration provides you with real data that helps you in making effective future plans. 

Improved efficiency and accuracy

The automation of data between QuickBooks and Amazon will increase the efficiency and accuracy of the overall business. Since various processes are streamlined, the data in both applications are up to date.  

Real-Time Insights

The QuickBooks Amazon Integration provides you with real-time insights into your business’s financial data. These insights help you in making an effective strategic plan that ultimately increases the business performance. You will get an idea of pricing, marketing, and inventory by understanding these reports. 

Easy Management of your inventories

After this integration, you can easily manage your inventories. Regardless of whether you use a drop point or directly sell your goods, QuickBooks will track your stock and alert you when it becomes low. You will receive the precise inventory valuation through the inventory replenishment sync. It will affect your income statement and balance sheet reports in a positive manner. 

Seamlessly Links with Bank

The integration will sync your bank account with QuickBooks so that you can have an easier business bank account reconciliation.

Final Thoughts:

Small businesses are looking forward to various ways to manage their vast business operations more effectively and efficiently. The Integrate Amazon QuickBooks empowers businesses of all sizes with a powerful strategy to manage their business operations more easily and effectively. This integration helps the organizations to expand their wings. As the integration automates various manual processes, the chances of occurring errors are reduced. It saves a lot of time, keeps the books up to date, and makes the life of SMEs easier. Hopefully, this blog helps you in integrating QuickBooks and Amazon. In case you still feel the need for an expert, you can call us immediately. 


Ans – Yes, you can integrate Amazon with QuickBooks. To integrate a QuickBooks account with an Amazon account, you can use various integration apps like Connex, A2X, and more.

Ans – To integrate both platforms, you must have admin access to both accounts. The complete procedure is mentioned above in the blog. Read the complete blog to know more about the QuickBooks Amazon integration. 

Ans – No, you can not use QuickBooks with your personal account. QuickBooks works with Amazon business accounts. 

Ans – You can connect to our experts easily. There are two connection mediums – via phone number or email. Our experts will guide you to resolve your query.

Ans – You need to create a sales receipt or an invoice for recording the Amazon sales in QuickBooks. It will allow you to record the revenue and fees associated with each sale. 

Job costing is the process of identifying your expenses for a job and comparing those costs to your revenue. Moreover, using the QuickBooks Job Tools, one can identify how much money one utilizes and generate for each job. However, if you also want to track job costs in QuickBooks Desktop, you must go through this entire post. 

Need expert’s help to track job costs in QuickBooks Desktop? Call us at @+1855-603-0490 and get your issue resolved within the shortest time possible.

Simple Procedure to Track Job Costs in QuickBooks Desktop 

Here, we have discussed some simple steps to track costs in QuickBooks Desktop. 

Stage 1: Assign Separate Jobs For Each Of your Customers 

If you have one job for a single customer, set it up as an individual job for that customer for better convenience. Doing so will let the businesses monitor their income and expenses on a job-by-job basis of the customers. Thus, it will make your bookkeeping process much more convenient when you assign another job to that particular customer in the future. 

Stage 2: Allocate All Your Expenses With Your Jobs 

To obtain a clear job cost picture, check that you have included all your expenses with your jobs. Also, you must pick the proper job from the “Customer: Job” column whenever you wish to include the bill, check, or timesheet. 

1. For Billable Time:- 
You have to report the total number of hours you have spent on the job using either the weekly timesheet or a single activity entry. After this, allocate the hours to the customer or job, and then every entry will be checked automatically within the Billable column on the form. 

2. For Job-Related Purchases:- 
You can utilize the bill, check, or credit card charge to report the purchases in your books of accounts. Also, you must include all the items or services you bought on the Items tab. Moreover, verify that you have allotted each item or service to the customer or job within the Customer: Job column. 

3. For Overhead Expenses:- 
You can assign the overhead expenses to specific jobs of the customers. However, if you wish to make any relevant changes to your company file, having a conversation with your accountant is a must. 

4. For Mileage:- 
You can record the Mileage within the Enter Vehicle Mileage window. If you wish to edit the amount of this expense, you can modify the same on your invoice. 

5. For Other Expenses:- 
You can make use of checks, bills, or credit card charges to report these expenses. After this, you must include every expense appropriately on the expenses tab. Apart from this, in the column of Customer: Job, check that each expense is allotted to the customer or job appropriately. 

Stage 3: Add Your Estimates Within QuickBooks Desktop 

  1. The QuickBooks Desktop lets you establish the estimates inside or outside the application. However, you can only report the summary estimates into QuickBooks if you want to generate estimates with spreadsheets or outside a program. 
  2. On the other hand, if you generate estimates outside of QuickBooks but prepare invoices in QuickBooks. In that scenario, you can include the details of your invoice within the Create Estimates Window and turn your estimates into invoices. 
  3. Moreover, you can also make use of some job costing reports without listing the estimates in QuickBooks Desktop. However, adding the estimates in QuickBooks enables you to utilize full range of job cost reports to verify that your project budget is on track. 

Note: If you have added time & expenses on estimates, timesheets, or bills, you must pick any option to shift to an invoice. 

Stage 4: Generate Accurate Invoices 

  • You must check that you have picked the appropriate Customer: Job while preparing invoices. 
  • On the other hand, if you want to generate an invoice outside QuickBooks, you must add every invoice summary into a program. Doing so will add revenue to the Job Profitability Reports. 
Stage 5: Operate the Job Costing Reports

Using the Job Costing Reports, you can recognize which job is beneficial for you and which is not. Moreover, it helps make better estimates and evaluate how well every job is financially going on. Also, it helps determine which job is problematic for you before it gets too late to be saved. 

You must perform the stepwise instructions below to analyze various job reports. 

  • Initially, you must opt for the Reports menu. 
  • After this, you must choose the Jobs, Time & Mileage. 

You can obtain various job costing reports using the steps below for the QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition and Accountant Edition. 

  • Navigate to the Reports menu. 
  • Next, you must opt for the Industry Specific followed by Contractors Reports. 

Ending Note!!

The blog above has covered the complete instructions to track job costs in QuickBooks Desktop. However, if you still have difficulty monitoring your job costs, consult with our professionals anytime via the live chat facility. Otherwise, you can also mail your query and get proper instructions to resolve your issue within no time.

QuickBooks software is designed with the advanced user interface. If you are talking about a gear icon, it contains all transactions. Move yourself to read out in detail about four different options of a Gear icon. QuickBooks software is used to manage business accounts, payroll systems, bills and taxes of small and medium industries.

1. Setting

Setting in the Gear icon is used to make adjustments in the program or hardware. Gear Icon has the setting feature to operate QuickBooks software efficiently with a QuickBooks Desktop. Templates can also be customized with updated company information through Setting. You can also modify the field required for transactions.

2. List

The list is given in gear icon to identify the recurring transactions lists. Various options are available in Gear Icon to take out the transactions list where you can edit or modify the missing details as you require.

3. Tools

The tool is available near the Setting and List options. By default, if bank reconciliation or a budget set-up is incorrectly done, the tool option can be an advantageous solution for it.

4. Company

This option is typically used for managing users and setting-up QuickBooks accounts.

Where Do You Find A Gear Icon if it Disappears?

It sometimes happens that you can’t find a Gear Icon in QuickBooks software after searching it out over the desktop. A Gear Icon disappearance is caused because of a change in QuickBooks features. To get it back, hit the refresh button F5 to refresh QuickBooks page.  If an issue still exists, you must call QuickBooks customer support to fix this problem.

Steps to Get Back A Gear Icon in QuickBooks?

After going through the below steps, you can find a gear icon in QuickBooks.

  • First, open QuickBooks online in Incognito Window
  • Apply few shortcuts to open the various browser in an incognito window
  • Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer –  Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Google Chrome –  Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Safari –  Command+Shift+N
  • Mozilla Firefox –  Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Be sure to check that a Gear Icon came back or not in QuickBooks. If not visible, then clear all the caches and cookies available in a browser unnecessarily.

How to Clear Caches to Resolve the Gear Icon Disappearing Issue?

You should also clear browsing history data with caches and cookies saved in your browser. This problem might have caused a Gear Icon to be invisible in QuickBooks. The steps mentioned below are for deleting all the caches and cookies in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer

  • Open the ‘Internet Explorer’ and go to ‘Settings’
  • Press at the ‘Settings’ tab first and then click at the ‘More Options’ tab
  • Next, select ‘Privacy and Services’ option
  • Press at the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ tab
  • Choose Data according to the time range and then press the ‘Trash’ symbol to delete it finally.

Google Chrome

  • Open ‘Google Chrome’ in the system
  • Navigate browser ‘Settings’
  • Press at ‘More Options’
  • Now, hit at the tab ‘Clear Browsing Data’
  • A box is displayed on the screen and selects the data by tapping ‘All’ options.
  • Check the data you want to delete
  • Finally, press at the ‘Clear Data’ option

You must follow the above steps to get back the invisible Gear icon in QuickBooks. Still, the gear icon is not displaying; you must use the tricks and tips explained on call by a technical expert by dialing helpline number and refresh the page to find a Gear Icon in QuickBooks.

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QuickBooks Payroll Service Connection is a very useful service for employers. It helps them in creating employees’ payroll, salary, and insurance. Besides, it can also keep an accurate track of the leaves, holidays, and other deductions. Payroll service in QuickBooks offers a myriad of advantages to business owners in managing their payroll processes efficiently.

However, when using this service, you may receive various issues. QuickBooks Payroll service connection error is also a perplexing issue in the program that can prevent you from using the program to its fullest potential. If you are stuck with this QuickBooks Payroll error and need to get rid of it, here is an intelligible guide for you. Let’s explore.

What is QuickBooks Payroll Service Connection Error?

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service lets users send data or direct deposits to paycheck. When doing so, you may get an error message on your screen.

Quickbooks Payroll Service Connection Error Message

Payroll Connection Error

When any of the above-stated error messages appear on your screen, you need to look for its possible reasons and troubleshoot them. 

Possible Reasons Behind Server Connection Error In QuickBooks Payroll? 

 The payroll server error can take place due to several reasons as specified in the below-given list:

  • A faulty Firewall configuration can be a possible reason behind the error. 
  • Issues related to Internet security. 
  • Common issues related to the Internet connection. 
  • Sending a file in multi-user mode. 
  • When the security certificate gets invalid or outdated. 
  • Network timeout is also one of the main reasons behind the error. 
  • Make sure that the system date or time is correct, or it may give the same error. 

Aftermaths QuickBooks Server Connection Problem

When the error occurs, you may experience the following issues and their aftermaths:

  • The accounting system becomes inefficient when an error occurs. 
  • You may not be able to continue with the ongoing task. 
  • Payroll stops working, and you may not be able to work with it. 
  • Closing down your system.

Things To Keep In Mind When Resolving The Error

Before you proceed any further with the error resolution, considering the below-given points can make the troubleshooting easier for you: 

  • Also, confirm is your network connectivity is intact or not.  
  • When performing payroll operations, the multi-user mode should be disabled, and you must be working in single-user mode. 
  • Sometimes, a simple restart can fix the error. Try it before you move to more complex issues. 

If the QuickBooks Payroll service connection error continues, move ahead and perform the relevant solutions to get rid of the problem. 

How To Fix Server Error in QuickBooks Connection Service? 

Below are some of the most effective solutions that can help you get rid of the problem and retain your workflow: 

Solution 1: Run Reboot.bat File

In MS Windows, running reboot.bat file re-registers QuickBooks associated .DLL and .OCX files. To do so, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • In the first place, you need to press the Start key.
  • After that, enter reboot.bat in the specified box and hit Enter button. 
  • When the command prompt windows appear on your screen, you will see many different file names.
  • Here, you need to avoid closing it forcefully. 
  • Wait for the reboot.bat file to finish its task, and then it will be closed itself. 

If the error continues, move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks To The Latest Release 

Updating QuickBooks to the latest release ensures that the program is running in its optimal shape. To download the latest updates, follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, close the QuickBooks application.
  • Once done, go to the ‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks < versionXX> \Components.
  • Here, you need to locate the folder with the name – DownloadQBxx,’ where xx specifies the QuickBooks version. 
  • Now right-click on the folder and select Rename. Add .OLD at the end of the folder name – DownloadQBxx.OLD.
  • After that, restart the QuickBooks application to proceed further.
  • Go to the Help menu and then to the Update QuickBooks desktop icon.
  • Now go to the Update Now option.
  • Moving ahead, tap on the Reset the Updates icon.
  • Thereon, click on the Get Updates button, and it will start downloading the latest QuickBooks Update.
  • Wait for the download process to end, then close and report in and click the Install the update icon.

If QuickBooks Payroll service connection error continues to occur, follow the next solution. 

Solution 3: Put QuickBooks Clean Install Tool To Use

QuickBooks Clean Install Tool is a helpful utility in the program that can resolve the common issues related to the QuickBooks installation. To run it, perform the below-given steps carefully: 

  • Go to Intuit’s official website and download the QuickBooks Clean Install tool.
  • Save the downloaded file on your computer at a location wherein you can easily access it.
  • Now click on QuickBooks_Clean_Install_Utility.Exe to open the file. 
  • When you see a permission window popped up on your screen, click the “I accept” icon on license settlement. 
  • Thereafter, choose the Continue tab. 
  • In the end, click the OK icon. 
Solution 4: Fix Common Internet & Security Application Issues

To make sure that your Internet connection and Firewall security settings are intact, check for the below-given points:

  • First thing first, make sure that the date and time in your system are correct. 
  • Make sure that your device has excellent network strength. 
  • Reconfigure your Firewall settings to resolve the issue. 

Ending Words! 

This post elaborates on some best troubleshooting steps to eliminate the QuickBooks Payroll service server error. If you are having any trouble performing the solutions, just connect with our professionals via chat or email, and they will guide you with intelligible solutions. 

QuickBooks enables users to connect their bank to the program so that they can keep track of their income and expenses. Also, reconciling your bank account with QuickBooks helps you know if there are any discrepancies in the transactions. However, there are multitudinous issues related to the bank account in QuickBooks. Bank error 102 and QuickBooks error 105 are some common banking error codes in QuickBooks.

These banking errors can crop up due to multi-pronged reasons. However, these are simple error codes and can be resolved with a few simple solutions. Navigate through this post until the end to know the best troubleshooting solutions for QuickBooks bank error 102 and 105.

Briefly Explain: QuickBooks Bank Error 102

QuickBooks Banking error 102 can take place due to the glitches in the bank’s website or when the website is under maintenance. When the error occurs, you will see an error message on the screen with the error code 102 in it. The error message in the QuickBooks Online reads:

QuickBooks Online is presently not able to establish a link to the website of the bank. 

The error can restrict you from accessing the bank accounts or transactions using QuickBooks. When the error occurs, you should look for the possible reasons behind the problem. 

Briefly Explain: QuickBooks Bank Error 105       

Bank error 105 in QuickBooks Online can take place when there are certain issues with the bank’s website. Sometimes, server issues can prevent a connection between the banking website and QuickBooks Online when exchanging information. An error message appears on the screen that states:

We’re sorry, but we can’t export your data.

The error message suggests an error when uploading your data to QuickBooks Online. You should look for the possible factors that can promote error 105 in QuickBooks Online.

Possible Reasons Behind the Error 102 & 105

The multitudinous reasons behind the bank error 102 are stated in the below-given list:   

  • The error is coming from your bank or the financial institution.
  • When you enter an incorrect username or password to open the bank’s website in QuickBooks Online.
  • If you are connected to an incorrect credit card account when using online banking.
  • Accidental deletion of the downloaded or imported files.
  • When your system is not compatible with the QuickBooks application.

Troubleshooting Solutions for QuickBooks Bank Error 102 & 105

Now that we are aware of the common banking error codes 102 and 105 in QuickBooks, let’s discuss their relevant solutions:

Solution 1: Update Your Bank Connection Manually

In the first place, you need to update your banking connection manually. To do so:

  • Go to your QuickBooks Online.
  • Next, sign in to your QuickBooks Online using your accurate login credentials.
  • Now go to Banking and select Update.

If the error continues, move to the next troubleshooting procedure.

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Solution 2: Check Your Financial Institution’s Website

Sometimes the error can take place when there is something wrong with the bank’s website. In such a case, try the following steps:

  • Sign in to your bank or financial institution’s website.
  • If you are unable to log in, go to your bank or credit card company.
  • Check if you have received any message or notification about the error.
  • The error alerts can tell you the exact reason behind the bank error 102 or bank error 105.
  • Furthermore, look for the possible reasons related to your account pages, account history or transactions.
  • If you are unable to find an error, there might be an issue with the connectivity. Try to resolve it and check if the error is fixed or not.

Solution 3: Check If Your Account Is New 

If your account is new to the bank, you may receive banking error 102. You need to keep in mind that some new accounts do not function properly with QuickBooks Online Banking. In this scenario, you should contact your bank or credit card and get more detail about the error. Besides, they will also tell you the best course of action for the resolution of the error.

Solution 4: Let the Bank Rectify the Error 

If none of the following procedures resolves the bank error 105, you should wait for the bank to rectify the problem. They may try to resolve the issue related to the server. It may take up to 24 hours or more.

Online Assistance

QuickBooks Online Banking issues can disrupt your workflow; however, applying the solutions discussed in this post can help you in the error resolution. If you need assistance from our QuickBooks experts, just give us a call on our QuickBooks helpline number and connect to the experts in no time.

Many times, QuickBooks users face several issues while installing the accounting software, which might interrupt the ongoing work. One of them is QuickBooks won’t accept product number during installation error that mainly triggers when entering the wrong product or service key. As a result, users fail to install the QuickBooks Desktop, hampers the overall business accounting tasks. 

However, it is beneficial to figure out this issue to continue installing QuickBooks without interruption. In this comprehensive guide, we have covered all the essential facts required to fix the QuickBooks won’t accept product number error. 

Getting issues while resolving QuickBooks won’t accept product number during installation error? Call us at @ +1-855-603-0490 and speak with our experts to resolve your issue within the shortest time possible. 

Reasons Why QuickBooks Won’t Accept Product Number During Installation 

It is the utmost responsibility of the users to understand the root cause of the error so that they can easily troubleshoot this error. To make you updated regarding all the possible causes, we have listed some of them below. 

  • You might be adding the incorrect QuickBooks Product Key
  • There might be some issues with the system’s date and time settings. 
  • Sometimes, it may occur when your device couldn’t meet the basic system requirements to run the QuickBooks software. 
  • Another reason may be insufficient admin permissions to log in to your device. 

Simple Procedures to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Accept Product Number During Installation Error 

You can apply the resolution methods below to overcome the QuickBooks won’t accept product number during installation errors. Ensure you apply the instructions in the same manner as written below to avoid further discrepancies. 

Procedure 1: Insert the Appropriate Product Number 

Users might often end up with this error when they have added the wrong product/license key. In this scenario, it is advised that one must cross-check the license key and check that the Caps Lock Key is off while inserting the license number. However, if you are typing the appropriate product key, proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

 Procedure 2: Verify and Modify the Correct Date and Time

 You must reach the screen’s bottom right corner and look for the system’s time and date. If it is appropriate, then proceed to the next resolution method. Otherwise, you must set the correct date and time from the system’s settings using the steps below. 

  • Into the bottom right corner of the screen, right-click on the time shown on the Windows taskbar. Then, you must opt for the Adjust Date/Time.
  • Now, you must determine whether the system’s time and date are appropriate. If not, hit the Date & Time tab and set the time and date. 
  • Once you have made the relevant changes, select the Apply button followed by OK.
  • After this, move to the QuickBooks Help menu and choose Activate QuickBooks.
  • Next, pick the highlighted Begin Activation option.
  • Finally, add the correct validation code and hit the Next button to accomplish the process. 

Procedure 3: Get the Latest Version of QuickBooks Installed

Sometimes, users might face installation errors in QuickBooks while using the obsolete version of the accounting software. So, updating it to the newly launched version is mandatory to resolve the issue.

  • To commence with, exit from all the applications running in the background, including QuickBooks.
  • After this, tap on the QuickBooks icon from the desktop, right-click on it, and opt for the Run As Adminsitrator option. 
  • Move to the Help menu from the upcoming No Company Open window.
  • Furthermore, click on Mark All > Save > Update Now button.
  • Now, you have to place the checkmark beside the Reset Update checkbox.
  • Proceed further by choosing the Get Updates option. 
  • Finally, close and reopen the QuickBooks to verify whether the issue is resolved. 

Procedure 4: Generate A New User With Proper Admin Rights 

  • Initially, move to the Start menu and opt for the Setting tab, followed by Accounts.
  • You must choose the Family & Other Users option within the Accounts column.
  • After this, click on Adding Another User and then Add an Account.
  • Verify that you have marked the Addition of a user without a Microsoft account checkbox. Moreover, you must also select the option that gives you the surety that you won’t have user’s login details.
  • Once it is over, include the correct username and password. 
  • Tap on the Next button to proceed and relaunch your device with the newly created account. 
  • Next, try installing QuickBooks with the product key and check whether your issue is resolved. 
Procedure 4: Perform the Clean Installation of QuickBooks 

If the above-listed procedures cannot resolve your issue, all you have to do is uninstall and install the QBDT again. For that, you must go through the following instructions given below. 

  • Firstly, you have to uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop. For that, you must go to the Start menu.
  • Insert “Control Panel” within the search area and hit enter key to open it.
  • Opt for the Programs and Features or Uninstall a Program option in the following screen.
  • Now, you must pick the version of QuickBooks you currently use from the available options.
  • Once you get your QBDT version, right-click on it and click the Uninstall/Change option. If this option isn’t visible, log out and log in back into your Windows user account with the correct login credentials. 

Wrapping It Up!!

We hope you have found this blog useful in overcoming the QuickBooks won’t accept product number during installation error. However, if you are still experiencing the same issue, consult with our highly-skilled professionals. You can connect with our expert team either through the live chat facility or by sending a mail regarding your query to them.

Create and Record Checks in QuickBooks the checks for your expenses is mandatory so that you can properly organize the checks in QuickBooks. The users are supposed to add a check in QuickBooks whenever they purchase with a hand-written check or they wish to print a new check. As a result, it will help in keeping your account updated and all your business transactions for which it is accounted. 

Further, go through this complete blog carefully to know the complete information to create and record checks in QuickBooks Online

Having trouble while trying to create and record checks in QuickBooks Online? Give us a call at @+1855-603-0490 and have a one-to-one consultation with our experts for quick assistance. 

Why Is It Necessary to Print Checks in QuickBooks Online?

Nowadays, most small and medium-sized businesses prefer to make the payments by check. There are multiple other reasons why users have to print checks in QuickBooks Online. To know about all of them, read the pointers given below. 

1. Large Purchases: 
There are most people won’t prefer to transfer a large amount of money electronically due to the high risk of fraud. Therefore, they prefer to make payments for expensive items through checks. 

2. Security:- 
It has been seen that making the payment electronically is not the safest mode. Whereas, giving the third party a check will help you in giving the surety that payments from both sides are valid. 

3. Timing:- 
For instance, you don’t have cash in hand and you don’t want to utilize the credit. In that scenario, making the payment through the check will give you more time to get the arrangement of the money. This is so because many financial institutions may take up to 2 to 3 working days to clear the check. 

4. Proof:-
By making the payment through the check, you can have the proof of purchase as sending money electronically won’t have any proof. Moreover, you have to represent the canceled check or a picture from an online banking page for giving proof of payment. 

Stepwise Instructions to Record Or Create a Check in QuickBooks Online

Go through the following instructions enumerated below to record a handwritten check in QuickBooks. Moreover, you can also implement these steps to edit and print a brand-new check. 

  • In the beginning, click on the + New option followed by the Check option. 
  • After this, select the Payee option from the drop-down menu. 
  • Now, you are supposed to click on the Bank account drop-down menu and pick the account from which you withdraw money. 
  • Fill in all the mandatory details in the check fields that you require. 
  • Next, choose the Print Check option if you wish to launch the check queue to print now. Otherwise, mark the checkbox next to the Print Later checkbox if you desire to print the check later on. 
  • Tap on the highlighted Save and Close option to exit from the check window. Otherwise, navigate to the Save and New option if you wish to establish another check. 

Note: If you opt for the Save option, it will add the check to your bank register but only send it to the print queue when you choose the Print later option. 

However, if you have made any mistakes while creating the check in QuickBooks Online, you can void a check. Apply the instructions given below to accomplish the process. 

Steps to Void a Check From the Check Page 

Voiding a check through the Check Page will allow you to examine the information regarding the original transaction. 

  • Begin the process by clicking on the Bookkeeping > Transactions > Expenses option. Otherwise, opt for the Expenses option. 
  • Go to the Filter option and then pick the Check option from the Type field. 
  • You must pick the date range in which you obtained your check and hit the Apply button. 
  • Choose the check that you wish to void from the Expense Transaction list to launch it in the Check screen. 
  • After this, opt for the More option and then pick the Void option from the pop-up menu list. 
  • Hit the Yes option to give the confirmation that you want to void the check. 

Detailed Procedure to Print Your Check in QuickBooks Online 

For instance, if you are recording the hand-written check then after saving the check you are all good to go. Whereas, if you have opted for the Print Later or the Print Check option, it means that you can print the checks from the print queue instantly. For that, you must implement the below-listed steps appropriately. 

  • To commence with, move to the + New > Print option. 
  • Now, you are supposed to insert your check into the printer appropriately. Tip: You can initiate the test print on plain paper to verify the alignment so that your checks won’t get wasted. 
  • Choose the checking account from which you have generated the check from the dropdown menu. 
  • Within the field of Starting Check. No, add the check number of the first check within your printer.
  • Tick mark the checkbox present beside every check that you want to print.
  • Moving ahead, opt for the highlighted Preview and Print option.
  • If you see that everything is right, go for the Print option to proceed further. 
  • After this, if you are able to print the checks properly, choose the Done option. 
  • On the other hand, if you won’t be able to print the checks properly, tap on some checks that need a reprinting option or keep checks in the Print checks list. 

Summing It Up!!

Through this post’s help, we hope you have gained immense knowledge regarding how to create and record checks in QuickBooks Online. However, if you need any additional help you can get in touch with our experts anytime through live chat.

Facing frozen QuickBooks Desktop issues? Well, you’re not alone in facing such problems, but thousands of daily QuickBooks users complain about the same. That’s why we have come up with this insightful guide to help you unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop application. A Frozen QuickBooks application is a result of a damaged or corrupted QuickBooks installation. However, many other factors can also lead to this issue. 

Users mainly encounter this issue when they try to enter transactions in the reports. Because of this, the active Windows also stops working, so it’s essential to address this frozen QuickBooks issue ASAP. So, continue reading this post and troubleshoot the issue permanently. 

Are you worried about your frozen QuickBooks Desktop issue? Don’t panic! Instead, contact our professionals at 1-855-603-0490 and ask for further help! We’re just a call away.

What’s the QuickBooks Freezing Up Issue All About? 

QuickBooks Desktop freezing is an issue that results in many further issues for the managers using QuickBooks in their accounting operations. Most users encounter this issue while working on the transaction reports essential for business accounting records. Also, a warning message stating, “Warning: ***-[NSPlaceholderDictionary qbinitWithObjects:forKeys:count:]: attempt to insert nil object from objects[0]” appears on their QuickBooks Desktop screen. 

Are you curious to know what exactly triggers this QuickBooks freezing up issue? If yes, let’s continue reading and unveil the possible reasons. 

Reasons Why Users Face QuickBooks Desktop Freezes Problem

The following reasons are mainly responsible for facing the QuickBooks Desktop freeze problem. Have a look and reach the roots of this issue: 

  • Enabled User Account Control (UAC) settings are one of the reasons for QuickBooks freezing. 
  • Users may face unexpected QuickBooks freezing issues if the QuickBooks company financial file name is too long. 
  • If third-party or other Windows programs apart from QuickBooks have occupied too much space, your QuickBooks may freeze while running. 
  • As already discussed, damaged or corrupted QuickBooks software installation is also one of the main reasons for freezing QuickBooks issues. 
  • The damaged or corrupted QBWUSER.INI file within your computer system is another major reason for facing QuickBooks Desktop freezes problem. 
  • If you’ve used a corrupted hard drive to install your QuickBooks application, you can surely face freezing issues later while working on the application.
  • The exceeded, or enough large QuickBooks company file size can also bring freezing issues while operating the QuickBooks application.

How Can You Notice the QuickBooks Freezing Up Issue?

If you are noticing the following activities in your QuickBooks application or on a computer system, it’s due to the QuickBooks freezing issue. Have a look at the following signs to recognize the error attack and close frozen QuickBooks accordingly. 

  1. Freezing of your Windows for a few seconds is one of the most common indications of the QuickBooks freezing error. 
  2. Crashing of your active Windows programs is also a sign of the freezing QuickBooks Desktop. 
  3. Another obvious sign is the continuous flashing of QuickBooks freezing issue warning messages on your screen. 
  4. If you’re facing repeated hanging and sluggish performance of QuickBooks, of course, it’s an indication of QuickBooks freezing problem. 

Quick Methods to Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop Application

To unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop application, you need to undertake the troubleshooting methods cited in the section below. Perform the methods by following directions and seamlessly removing the QuickBooks freezing issue. 

Troubleshooting Solution 1 – Rename the Initialization File (QBUSER.INI File)

As we have discussed above, issues with the initialization file (QBUSER.INI file) are a prominent reason for facing the freezing issues in QuickBooks. So, undertake the given method and resolve the problem. 

  • Firstly, make sure to close your QuickBooks application and its related windows on your system, and then begin the troubleshooting. 
  • Secondly, hit the Windows + E tabs simultaneously on your keyboard, and by this, you will get the File Explorer window
  • After this, navigate to the My Computer option and select the C: Drive icon to open the same. 
  • Now, click the Search option and type QBWUSER.INI. Click the OK button to get the search results, and once you get the file, right-click the same to choose the Rename alternative. 
  • Change the file name by adding the .old extension at the end of the filename. After this, finally, restart your QuickBooks Desktop application. Still, facing the QuickBooks freezing up issue? If yes, proceed to the second strategy. 

Troubleshooting Solution 2 – Run the QuickBooks Fix My Program Tool from the Tool Hub

Since we are talking about the freezing issues in QuickBooks, the problem lies within the QuickBooks application. Also, the corrupted installation can bring such freezing issues. Thus, running the QuickBooks Fix My Program utility of the Tool Hub can fix this issue. 

  • Make sure you have QuickBooks Tool Hub installed on your computer system. If you don’t have one, get it from the official Intuit website
  • Once you have downloaded the installation file of the Tool Hub, save this file on your computer’s desktop. 
  • Now, open this downloaded QuickBooksToolHub.exe installation file and carry out the mandatory instructions given in the file. 
  • After performing according to the instructions, agree to the license agreement, and hit the Next button.
  • Now, to begin the installation hit the Install tab and wait till the installation procedure is over. Once the Tool Hub installation completes, tap the Finish button. 
  • Congratulations! You have successfully installed the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • The next step is to open this Tool Hub and directly navigate to the Program Problems tab. 
  • From here, select the Quick Fix My Program tool, run the same, and let the tool repair the QuickBooks Desktop freezing problems.
  • Once the repair is done, restart your computer and open the QuickBooks Desktop again.  

If you’re still coming across the freezing problems in QuickBooks, move to the next solution. 

Troubleshooting Solution 3 – Take Help from the QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility 

To close frozen QuickBooks Desktop applications and permanently eliminate the freezing issue, you must fix the data damage issues by running the QuickBooks Rebuild Data utility tool. Undertake the penned-down instructions for the same: 

  1. Firstly, open your QuickBooks application and navigate to the File menu. From here, select the Verify Data alternative. 
  2. On verifying the data, if you find any issue that might cause freezing issues in QuickBooks, again navigate to the File menu and select the Rebuild Data alternative. 
  3. Click the OK button and wait till the tool repairs the damaged data issue. Once the repair process is over, again click the OK option. 
  4. Finally, check the status of your QuickBooks application. 
Need Professional Help?

By the end of this post, we hope you have learned how to unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop. Implement the strategies above, and eliminate the annoying freezing issues in your QuickBooks. However, if you face any difficulty while solving this freezing issue or feel like calling professionals to help you, we are here! Connect with our QuickBooks expert technicians via the Live Chat Support facility and let this problem get fixed professionally. 


A1: From the QuickBooks Tool Hub, you can get help by running the tools below: 

  • QuickBooks Rebuild and Verify Data tool. 
  • QuickBooks Fix my Program utility.

A2: Primarily, the following issues can cause the QuickBooks Desktop Freezes Problems: 

  • Missing the essential system requirements is one of the major reasons for facing freezing issues in QuickBooks. 
  • The damaged QBUSER.INI file also leads to the freezing QuickBooks problem. 

A3: Yes, by restoring your system, you may unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop. For this, restore your system to an earlier state. 

A4: By noting down the following points, you can avoid facing QuickBooks Desktop Freezes problem in the future. 

A5:  Don’t panic! You are free to call our QuickBooks expert technicians anytime for further assistance. Also, you can approach our expert support team via the available Live Chat Support option. 

Users often stumble upon QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15218 while installing the latest payroll updates. Wondering why it happened? It might take place due to the incorrect configuration of Internet Explorer. Other reasons that might end up with this error are using outdated QBDT, and damaged .ND file or using a poor internet connection. Whenever the error occurs, it interrupts the users from utilizing the latest payroll updates. Thus, it leads to a delay in payroll processing and leads to delay in the ongoing business task. 

Read the entire post attentively to gain in-depth knowledge about the causes that trigger QuickBooks Error 15218. Also, we have elaborated on the quick fixes for the error below.

Dealing with QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15218 and having no clue how to fix it? Worry Not!! Dial @ +1-855-603-0490 and talk with our experts to fix the error within the least time applicable. 

Factors Responsible For QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15218

It gets more convenient for the users to tackle QuickBooks error 15218 when they know the actual cause behind the error. Therefore, to update you on all possible root causes, go through the pointers below. 

  1. Issues with the Windows Firewall might give rise to Error Code 15218 in QuickBooks.
  2. Sometimes, it may occur while operating the older version of the QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. The incorrect set-up of the Internet Explorer settings is also the reason behind the error. 
  4. It may also occur due to damage or corrupted network data file. 

How Can You Determine QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15218? 

On the occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code 15218, the users might experience the following signs and symptoms. Go through the pointers given below closely. 

  1. Whenever the user encounters QuickBooks Error 15218, an error code is displayed on the computer screen.
  2. The users might discover that their system gets affected while running QuickBooks.
  3. You might experience poor performance in your computer system. 
  4. Sometimes, your device starts freezing frequently. 

Verified Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 15218

In this blog section, we have described some simple resolution methods to rectify QuickBooks Error 15218. Read all the solutions carefully and apply them according to the cause of the error. 

Resolution Method 1: Link the Intuit as the Trusted Website In your Web Browser

Adding Intuit as the trusted website in your web browser won’t interrupt the users while downloading the latest payroll updates. Thus, helps in preventing QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15218. To do the same, apply the stepwise instructions below. Check them out. 

  1. To commence with, open the newly launched version of Internet Explorer and hit the Tools icon. 
  2. Afterwards, hover your cursor over the Internet Options tab by clicking the drop-down menu. 
  3. Navigate to the Sites section and insert the following websites in their text fields. Then, hit the Add option to proceed further to the next step. 
  4. Exit the window and opt for the highlighted Customize Level option.
  5. Move to the Miscellaneous section and click on the Enable button.
  6. After that, look for the “Access data sources across domains” and hit the OK > Apply button. 
  7. At last, return back to the main QuickBooks screen and get the newly launched version of payroll updates. 

Resolution Method 2: Rectify the Internet Explorer Settings 

Fixing the misconfigured internet explorer settings will help you overcome QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15218. For that, you have to apply the stepwise instructions given below thoroughly.

  1. Primarily, open the newly launched version of Internet Explorer and click on the highlighted Gear icon.
  2. Tap on Internet Options and choose the Advanced button to go ahead. 
  3. You are supposed to click on the Security option and tick mark the “Use TLS 1.0” checkbox.
  4. Also, verify that you have left the “Use TLS 1.1” and “Use TLS 1.2” checkboxes unmarked.  
  5. After making all the mandatory changes, hit the Apply button followed by the Next option. 

Resolution Method 3: Disable Firewall and Network Protection Temporarily 

To switch off the firewall and network protection temporarily, have a look at the following steps. 

  1. In the initial stage, right-click on the Start button and opt for the Settings menu. 
  2. Soon after this, hover your cursor over the Update & Security option.
  3. Furthermore, opt for the Windows Security tab and hit Open Windows Security.
  4. Later on, beneath the Windows Security window, select Firewall and Network Protection.
  5. You are supposed to tap on the Domain, Private and Public Network one after the other. Then, you must disable the Microsoft Defender Firewall with all sorts of networks. 

Resolution Method 4: Execute the Installation of a Digital Signature Certificate 

Sometimes inappropriate installation of the digital signature certificate might trigger QuickBooks Error 15218. Follow the stepwise instructions given below to accomplish the process. 

  1. Firstly, move to the Start menu, and insert “QBW32.exe” in the respective text field. 
  2. Look for the QBW32.exe file, right-click on it and choose the Properties option from the drop-down menu list.
  3. Check that the “Intuit.Inc” is added in the signature list within the Digital Signature screen. 
  4. Afterwards, tap on the Details button and select the View Certificate button. 
  5. Click on the Next button until the Finish button reflects on your computer screen. 
  6. Finally, relaunch your device and install the newly launched version of the payroll updates. 

Final Thoughts!!

So, now we hope that you can easily get the latest payroll updates without encountering QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15218. If you are still you are struggling while getting the latest updates, consult our professionals via live chat for a quick response.

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